Best Programming Languages for Software Development

In the sea of high-skilled software programmers, it is really a daunting task for developers to learn all the programming languages. The technology is changing at the tick of the clock like every now and then there is an update, this makes programmers on their toes with every new functional programming language. For any type of custom software development or web development, you need to have expertise in all programming languages. We can see a rising demand for software developers and the need of being multi-skilled in all programming and scripting languages. If you are a software developer looking to upskill or learn new skills or a  business wanting to know which programmers to be hired then this is it. This blog will be an insightful ride for all those who want to know the brief on how each programming language is different from other programming languages. 

Contemplating the list of popular programming languages that we have well researched and curated, here are the top most in-demand programming languages from the lot in the league. Let us start delving deeper into each one of them.

1. Top Programming Languages for Software Development

1.1 Python

Undoubtedly, the first one in this list has to be Python, because Python is a general-purpose server-side language that can perform all the programming tasks superfluidity. One of the easiest and most simple programming languages to learn is Python and most developers can easily take it up. The reason for simply taking this up is because it is an easy and open-source high-level programming language. 

The extensive community support for modules allows Python developers to easily integrate all processes and web services. Python can be extensively used in making user-friendly as well as GUI-based desktop apps. It is a well-known programming language used in machine learning and other deep learning applications.

As python has been universally declared a general-purpose programming language, it offers many leverages to developers. Being a developer, you can use functional, object-oriented, and reflective software to write programs in different programming styles and break the monotony. As Python is an extremely easy language to learn and use, it is ideal for beginners as well as experienced coders. The language includes a comprehensive library to support regular tasks with commands. There are other engaging features that help programmers easily test the code as they go and reduce the amount of time spent on testing.

Many popular companies use Python to create innovative digital platforms including YouTube, Google Search, and Netflix.

What is Python mostly used for?

  • Robust Back end development 
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Web and Application Development

1.2 JavaScript

Our second most popular programming language is JavaScript which enables the creation of dynamic and interactive content, animated graphics, and other complex web features. There are many JavaScript contributors in the GitHub Community. It supports both declarative as well as object-oriented support.

The most widely used programming language today is JavaScript. Also, statistics state that it is used by almost all types of web browsers and is one of the most simple languages to learn. JavaScript requires very little previous coding experience; until you’ve learned it to implement it right away.

Unlike the other programming languages covered in this report, JavaScript is predominantly a client-side language that runs in a web browser. However, run-time systems like Node.js as well as frameworks are increasingly used in server-side application development. Overall, JavaScript is the finest language to learn if you actually appreciate coding for design aesthetics and user interfaces.

Furthermore, due to the language’s widespread use, there are numerous online communities by experts who offer courses and resources available. JavaScript is the most popular programming language thanks to this support, as well as its excellent usability.

What is JavaScript mostly used for?

  • Development of cutting-edge applications
  • Web Development
  • Game development
  • Mobile apps 
  • Building web servers

1.3 Java

Everyone knows about Java language popularity, it is moreover quite obvious. This easy-to-learn and easy-to-use computer programming language come with excellent security and the ability to handle large amounts of data. Java is an excellent language for all types of online businesses because of its diversified functions. It is mostly used in banking, billing, the finance sector, and the stock market.

Apps written in the Java programming language can be used for a diverse set of usages. This  Object-oriented language allows java developers to create objects with functions and data that can be used to organize programs and applications.

The versatility of the language, on the other hand, attracts learners. Because it runs on any operating system, Java is marketed as a “write-once, run-anywhere” language.

What is Java mostly used for? 

  • Ecommerce apps
  • Finance and App development 

1.4 SQL

SQL is also known as Structured query language is a standard language used for building relationships between databases. Apart from what critics say, SQL is a standard language used for asking queries and manipulating data. It is easy to learn and thus it is a language preferred by most software and web developers. But what makes SQL a choice is a reason to understand. 

SQL is primarily intended to manage data within an RDBMS as a domain-specific language (relational database management system). Simply put, SQL can locate, retrieve, update, add, and remove records from a database. 

SQL in contrast to these languages serves a very specific purpose in relational database communication. As a result, SQL alone cannot be used to create an application directly. As a result, SQL cannot be considered a general-purpose programming language. While SQL is extremely functional, it is better suited to managing small databases than large ones.

What is SQL language mostly used for?

  • It is best at managing Databases
  • Curate Sales reports 
  • Business management

1.5 C and C++

This next language in our list is the most widely used and oldest programming language. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that it is the foundation for many other languages like C#, Java, and JavaScript. C has been first invented and then came C++ as a version of C that has been enhanced. Many developers today ignore C altogether, while others believe that learning C first provides a solid foundation for C++ development. Computer science and programming use both languages extensively.

C and C++ are the backbones behind many successful languages. Compilers also have a wide range of platforms available for C and C++ programmers. This makes applications written in these languages which are largely portable and integrable. C and C++ are high-performing languages. As a result, they’re commonly used in client/server applications, usually, commercial products like Adobe and you can also see them used in the gaming industry where C and C++ guarantee performance.

What are C and C++ mostly used for

  • Mobile desktop and embedded apps

1.6 PHP

The next one in our list of desirable programming languages includes PHP. It is one of those languages which came into existence after C and C++ in the 90s. It is also an open-source programming language. Well-known websites including Facebook and Yahoo are also created using PHP. This makes it very important for other developers too to learn about PHP.

PHP has never been more suited to the internet age, where quickly adaptable and efficient operation is essential. Programmers can use PHP to create server-side scripts. You can do a lot using PHP, if you use advanced PHP coding skills, you can use this language to create command-line scripts and also other desktop applications.

Also for beginners, the developers will find PHP to be a relatively simple language to pick up. PHP developers have access to a number of online communities where they can get help and get answers to their questions.

What is PHP mostly used for?

  • Web Content
  • Embedded platform
  • Cross-platform apps

1.7 C#

The next one on our list is C#. All of you will assume that this programming language is a derivative of C and C++. Well true, C Sharp is part of the object-oriented programming language family. Microsoft introduced C# in 2002 and was rewarded as one of the most popular upgrades of the C++ programming language.

C# has a large community of programmers that supports newbies. As a result, learning C# will be less challenging as it comes from one of the well-documented languages. C# is also ideal for the development of avant-garde popular mobile apps and games. This language will undoubtedly be useful in the coming years.

C# is becoming more popular as a general-purpose language. You can see them mostly used in the development of web and desktop applications. There’s no denying that it is one of the most in-demand coding languages for web and desktop applications. C# is most popularly used in the development process of Android, Windows, iOS, and also other types of integrated applications. C# is also behind Bing, Dell, Visual Studio, and several other enterprises for app development.  

What is C# mostly used for?

  • Innovative Game development
  • Desktop/web/mobile apps 
  • AR VR applications

1.8 Go

Go is also known as Golang and this was designed for programmers working on large projects. Golang is also preferred because of its simple and modern structure and syntax. There is a lot of attention to the Go language among many large IT companies. Companies like Google, Uber, and Dropbox are just a few using Go as their programming language. Since it offers agile process and performance, you can use Go for all types of custom app development solutions.

What is Go mostly used for?

  • Big data analytics
  • System or Network related programming
  • Audio and Video focused apps

1.9 R

This list cannot get completed without R. R is also an open-source programming language that is essentially a very modified version of another language known as S. The majority of the code that is written on S will be compatible and implemented on R without much modification.

More about R would be heard along with Python. Both these programming languages are generally heard together and learnt also together. Statistics processing apps that are written in R include both linear and nonlinear types of modeling. It also makes calculation, testing, visualization, and analysis an equal part of R. When you develop R-based applications, you can connect a plethora of data sets, processes, or even functions

Though, there have been developers claiming that R has a not-so-simple learning curve. This means it is not as simple to learn as some of the other languages discussed in this blog. R, like other open-source programming languages and so it offers a variety of features and functionalities for vibrant online developers. They are also backed up by a community, which is always beneficial in learning new coding skills.

What is R mostly used for

  • Back end development 
  • Data Science 
  • App development

1.10 Swift

Swift is the last one on our list of most desirable programming languages. Nonetheless, it is one of the most secure ways of programming. So since Apple did not have an upper hand in programming languages it started off with Swift. Swift was developed by Apple in replacement for Objective C as a compiled approach. This general-purpose multi-paradigm programming language will serve all the duties that Objective C is supposed to perform. It is again an open-source programming language that has all functions similar to that of Objective-C.

Swift is a programming language that would not demand you to learn high-end coding skills, unlike other above-mentioned languages. It is closely inclined to work with frameworks like the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch from Apple. Swift can easily integrate with existing Objective C code. Some of the Popular iOS apps like WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, and others use Swift.

What is Swift mostly used for?

  • All types of App development use the iOS operating system.

2. Final Words

If you are a business or developer, this one is for you. This blog has covered almost all types of Programming languages that a developer must learn. It has also covered a few aspects of their history, who developed them, their applications, and finally where they are used mostly. We hope you find insights from this or this to help you in anyways to advance your tech career.

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