Why is Java so Popular Among Developers and Programmers?

There is no Java developer in the entire world who would deny this fact: Java is one of the most flexible and lucid ways of development and one of the best programming languages. If we look from the advancement perspective then Java has marked its silver jubilee in 2020 by completing 25 successful years of being the most preferred programming language. Java is widely used as the server-side language for a wide range of development projects, including  Big Data projects, Machine Learning projects, software development, and Web and Android development. Both aspects clearly state that java is a consistently evolving language. Java is quite popular and widely utilized around the world by almost every software development company. After Java, a slew of new languages appeared.

One of the most vital reasons that make Java the most popular programming language is its independence. Java adds up platform independence to the java program that runs on it. It has a unique runtime environment called JRE- Java runtime environment where programs are performed seamlessly.

Java as a structural language has Classes that are used to build objects in Java programming, and they define data properties and behaviors (specified by methods coded in the class). It also provides features such as abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance, as well as best practices and built-in packages, which make writing Java code easier. Java code doesn’t require any external references because Java objects don’t require them. Java frameworks have also made coding easier, but choosing one from the list is challenging. 

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There are many reasons behind Java being one of the most preferred languages among businesses and software developers. These are some of the points which should be brought into the limelight when compared to other languages. 

Let’s know Why java is popular by quora answer:

Why is Java so Popular?

2. Reasons Why Java is Still Surviving Even After 25 Years:

Java is an object-oriented programming language. Because Java objects do not include any references to data outside of themselves, the code is extremely robust. We use Java to build full web applications that can run on a single computer or across a network of servers and clients. The basic strength of Java is that it is simple to write and run. You can practically run the Java-based app anywhere and any time with this programming language.

Why Java is the Top Most Choice?

It would be incorrect to say that Java has not survived 25 years, but the fact is it has excelled in every way.

  • With Java, you can find libraries and Java APIs that can do practically everything.
  • The default AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit) and Swing libraries are inferior to Java’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) technologies.
  • JDBC allows you to connect to databases (Java Database Connectivity).
  • It has a large community of over 10 million Java engineers who are quick and skilled at handling any problem.
  • Java has shown proven results by developing some of the top real-world Java applications.

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There are several other reasons that make Java the topmost choice for businesses to develop apps in an integrated development environment by building cross-platform applications.

2.1 Open Source/ Free Programming Language

Java is a popular programming language that offers a broad array of app development facilities. It is open-source which means free to use. Any developer can master Java and develop apps using this free platform. The Java Development Kit is also free to use for all types of users whether intermediates or matured ones. You can use two versions of JDK- Oracle JDK and the latest OpenJDK.

One of these two versions is open source. The open-source variant of the Java programming language is free for the learning and development of applications. You can build all types of applications using it.

If you are a business, you must acquire Oracle’s commercial contract support, and if you want to receive continuous security patches and upgrades for JDK or Long Term Support (LTS).

2.2 Enriched with Multi-Features

Java is a general-purpose versatile programming language. It can be used on mobile phones, desktop computers, and large-scale industry servers and applications because of its stability and scalability. Some of the essential characteristics of Java are what make it so popular. The key element that makes every programming language popular is its unique and valuable features. Right?

The object-oriented notions that Java follows, the convenience of use, cross-platform applicability, and so on. Other features of Java include the bytecode which can run on any platform, and the virus-free security aspect of Java because of high-level concurrency tools. Java developers can use open source libraries and develop all types of Java applications. The architecture is natural and supports building android apps, ios apps, and other apps that can be written in java.

These are some of the key aspects of Java that have helped it become one of the popular programming languages.

2.3 Backed Up with Legendary Community

Another important factor for Java’s current popularity is its widespread legendary community support.

We will almost certainly obtain a response if we search for anything in Java. You may simply study Java online if you are a novice. or else if you’re a seasoned Java developer looking for answers to questions or a solution to a specific problem, there are a plethora of websites that may help.

One of its major online Java communities is Stack overflow and there are others like the Java community by Oracle or other platforms which offer real-time help and help businesses overcome their technical flaws.

2.4 User-Friendliness Java Runtime Environment

User-friendly Java offers multiple options that make the development process easier. For an intuitive user experience. Netbeans IDE of Java is supportive of various languages such as core Java, HTML5, PHP and C++, and others. The three most popular Java IDEs are NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA. The IDE is also compatible with all other operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other UNIX-based systems. Facilitating all the features in a single platform through software tools it creates a scalable and high-performing application.

For enhanced compatibility, Open-source libraries for Java include Google Guava, Google’s android API Apache Xerces, Apache POI, Apache Commons, OpenCV, Gson, and more.

2.5 Meticulous Documentation Compared to Other Programming Languages

Javadoc is a program that comes with the JDK and is used to generate HTML-formatted Java code documentation from Java source code that requires documentation in a certain manner. Java web applications are built with the infinite support of developers from around the world to develop all types of applications from business apps, enterprise apps, scientific applications, or any amateur learning Java and developing apps.

The online support community is growing, leading to businesses and developers developing apps on their own. Hence it is vital to have meticulous documentation so as to use it for reference in future java programs.

2.6 Versatility

The Java platform is one of the most popular programming languages and is compatible with almost all types of languages. Java developers can write java code once and use it anywhere. The application programming interface of Java gets completely integrated with other desktop applications and web apps. The Java platform also allows you to employ coding methods that range from tens to thousands. Java is therefore platform-independent language, adaptable and accommodating to a programmer’s various coding concepts.

Everything else is learned after a developer begins working with Java’s utility function. When a large corporation employs a network of computers, the most difficult task is to keep all of the computers in sync so that the software runs smoothly. But with Java, you can easily create multi-functional apps that are compatible apps. With the help of Java’s PATH and CLASSPATH, you easily manage the distribution of networks across various platforms. Advanced Java enables you with powerful development tools to seamlessly work with futuristic technology like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, IoT, and other technologies.

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which coding language is most versatile?

3. Conclusion

Java has been a buzzword, then, now, and in the future as well (as per the predictions). There have been instances when Java has been compared with other languages and it has truly shown higher success rates for all using it. That is the reason why so many developers think that Java is the first programming language that a developer should learn. This is because Java suits all business types and domains. It is continuously progressing allowing all its users to reap the benefits of its programming capabilities, robust code backups, and reliable performance.

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