Top Benefits of Custom Software Over COTS

The discovery of innovative custom software solutions is continuously shaping up the technology sector. Every size of business from to enterprise-level is accustomed to using bespoke software services for each of their smaller processes within departments and their internal business processes. But the question is do custom software development suffice all the specific needs? The majority of businesses will answer No. The reason is every business has unique and individual business requirements. A standardized method will not always be favorable. So, to cater to these individualistic needs of businesses, it is very important to turn towards custom software applications.

It is a no-brainer thing if you want to choose between custom software applications and commercial off-the-shelf applications. Hence, the bespoke software development approach is definite and reflective. It offers you personalization, over and above the cost benefits and business profitability with services from technical experts and professional developers. Let us first understand the meaning of custom software and COTS solutions.

1. Custom Software Application

Custom software development is a process of developing customized software with a personalized approach taking into account all the intricate details and then developing one. Custom software apps are tailor-made software applications developed specifically to address specific business needs with a crafted plan of getting faster and successful results. 

2. Ready-made / Off-The-Shelf Applications

Let us understand what is COTS software. Ready-made software or commercial off-the-shelf applications (COTS) are designed for standardized use and cannot be used in any extended process. It may sound economical but may not be helpful for long-term usage. But off-the-shelf applications can deliver proven results when your needs are urgent and absolute straight-forward. Microsoft 365, Adobe Photoshop and SAP products are few examples of off-the-shelf applications.

In this blog, the key differentiating points that contribute to making businesses more inclined towards custom built software will be discussed. Consequently, after thorough research on the market, competitors and peculiarities of the IT domain, here is a list of 7 main benefits of custom software that would be a view-changer for your business’s roadmap.

3. Advantages of Custom Software Over COTS

3.1 Customization

The word bespoke or custom is not new. It means something which is not produced in mass and is developed with a focused approach. This approach will eliminate the challenges of a specific business called customization. 

An excellent example of this is in the fashion industry, what would you buy if you are given an option of designer wear uniquely customized for yourself or apparel from mass-production. The choice is quite obvious. The same case is in the software industry. When you have an option of developing software products as per your evolving business needs so why not harness the power of customization and take competitive advantage.

3.2 Cost-Efficiency

You can entrust that custom software will offer you an optimized pricing structure. Furthermore, custom software allows you to choose the right fit and without going out of your budget. Instead, you can choose the basic features first that fits your needs as well as budget. Later, you can advance your custom software. This will have a huge implication on cost and you will have an up-to-date software infrastructure in-hand. Custom built systems have lower operating costs and less maintenance costs which will improve your overall business performance.

3.3 Software Ownership

In general, when you go for custom software, you have all the rights of making the software as you desire. Something that fits exactly your custom business needs. So this allows you to have all the property rights reserved by your company as it is drafted clearly in the NDA or the software agreement.

Apart from the benefits of custom software, it makes you in charge of the whole software. The developers follow agile methodology where the changes can be incorporated easily and you don’t need to worry about other problems prevailing due to the update. They give you sole ownership yet manage every change of versions, devices or platform with simplicity and ease.

3.4 Long-term Investment

It is definitely a long-term investment because of the benefits custom software offers. You are always free to make changes to your developed software. Add new versions, make the devices and platform compatible with the latest features and upgrade it. Unlike cots solutions, you don’t need licensing every time, you can just modify the user accessibility and take it as long as you want.

3.5 Improved Operations 

Custom applications are meant to perform specific tasks. This will save the time and efforts needed in streamlining processes. You will now be able to collaborate with companies like TatvaSoft in a hassle-free manner. In general, this will boost the productivity and functionality of apps and the efficiency of employees.

3.6 Easily Scalable

For any evolving business, it is challenging to pace up with commercial off the shelf apps. But bespoke applications offer you a wide variety of options. With it, you can develop all the features that fit your current as well as future needs. It is easy to upscale and neither too expensive to upgrade and maintain. There will be no growing and unforeseen costs.

3.7 Round the Clock Support

You have all the rights to approach your developer and the team whenever you need. A dedicated development team who understands your business needs and performs the task accordingly. There are few companies that allow their developers to work as per clients’ business hours. So, this will provide continuous support and consistent services.

4. Conclusion

Custom software application or bespoke applications empowers your business with uniqueness and personalization. It also gives you a competitive edge to your business with full control and transparency over the development process and mitigates risks. Custom software development companies will eliminate your apprehension towards data security and address each need with an aim to transform business.

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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      This article highlighted all the benefits of custom software which can not be provided by COTS software solutions. If you want to choose custom software but are still in a dilemma then this article can solve this issue.