How to Develop a Fintech App: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wednesday June 01, 2022

With time the financial industry has started adopting the latest technology stack to serve its clients. This has coined a new term called Fintech (financial technology). It means combining finance and technology together to create platforms from budgeting apps to transferring money. Fintech is a very powerful and fastest-growing area in the world....

Best Fintech APIs For Finance Software

Tuesday May 31, 2022

Fintech application programming interfaces (APIs) are known for transforming various financial industries. Financial software development companies adopt these APIs to use them in getting new financial services, applications, and business models into the market. To know more about it, let us go through this blog.

What is Insurtech? All You Need to Know

Monday May 02, 2022 1. Introduction

Nowadays, technology is evolving every day and is coming with some amazing ground-breaking advancements that help various industries to transform and think outside the box to offer better client services. Insurance is one such industry. With innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML), Blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things(IoT) coming into the market,...

What are the Examples of Fintech?

Thursday April 07, 2022

Fintech empowers the world with new-edge solutions for you to use apps to check your balance, seamless transactions instantly and other vital services. Individuals or companies using fintech can do anything from tax calculations to the evaluation of the market, without the need for any prior financial experience.

E-Commerce and Fintech – A Perfect Combination

Thursday January 06, 2022

Financial technology is an industry that is evolving with each passing day and it helps businesses streamline their finances. In the last decade, the number of FinTech solutions in the market has increased and they have helped eCommerce businesses invest in advanced sales, growth, manage financial services, and more. With the help of FinTech, many eCommerce businesses have become huge successes.

Fintech Challenges and Opportunities

Tuesday January 04, 2022

Fintech is a critical component of contemporary finance. The conventional view of the financial services industry has shifted. Fintech options enable people to manage their financial operations more conveniently and quickly. Additionally, it possesses immense potential for enhancing world economic life.

Features That Should be Present in Insurance Software

Monday January 03, 2022

The insurance industry has poised a transformational change in the market by adopting new-edge applications and services. These applications are accelerating the insurance market and its activities by leaps and bounds. A technology-led insurance business that has almost all types of Insurance software features is capable of managing day-to-day business operations more efficiently....

Top Fintech Trends to Watch Out

Monday October 18, 2021

Prior to the epidemic, AI implementation in the banking industry was extremely sluggish. When the world came to a halt, financial firms and their associates throughout the world were finally compelled to automate the remainder of their banking operations and make them truly consumer-centric. What does the world of 2022 hold? Here are some of the finest fintech trends to keep a watch on in 2022!

Importance of Finance Software Development

Thursday October 14, 2021

Financial technology is archaic. Companies that do not link their financial software and operational systems may fall short as enterprise-level financial institutions accelerate their use of fintech. Considerations about cybersecurity and the high cost of software development have kept small and medium-sized businesses stuck in the past.


Best Programming Languages for Finance Professionals

Wednesday September 01, 2021

Finance has historically been a fairly responsive business to new technology. The huge number of trades, the minimal risk tolerance, and the requirement for quick processing all combined to make computational innovation and the internet the ideal power booster for banks.