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Top 10 Java 10 Feature Listing

Oct 24, 2018

Oracle announced a new version of Java which turned out to be the speediest one for its release, till now. It has decided to promote Open JDK binaries as primary JDK which reduces the hassle for the big companies to shuffle from the current system every time, a new version is enhanced. Few of the prominent features are listed below: Local Variable Type Inference It is the newest feature for the developers in Java 10. Type inference is Java compiler’s ability to look at...

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Introduction to SonarQube & SonarLint

Oct 16, 2018

What is SonarSource? Sonar is an open source platform used by developers to manage source code quality and consistency. It covers a wide area of code quality checkpoints ranging from styling errors, potential bugs, and code defects to design inefficiencies, code duplication, lack of test coverage, and excess complexity.   Poor code quality leads to low team velocity, application decommissioning, production crashes, bad company reputation. SonarSource provides the...

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Importance of code quality

Oct 8, 2018

Now a day’s quality of software code is really important. If one declares “Hey, I have implemented a software!” It’s a good thing but if you say “Hey, I have created a quality software!” then it will impact a lot. Writing a good quality of code is not a time-consuming and tedious monotonous task. It will be like you are planting a seed which definitely gives you various benefits later on and results in a fruitful outcome.   We as...

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What’s coming with SharePoint Server 2019

Sep 21, 2018

As Microsoft is on verge of announcing SharePoint Server 2019 on-premises, the team has completely focused on team collaboration, UI across devices, and how the cloud can be brought closer to existing on-premises capabilities with the new launch. Keeping that in mind, SharePoint Server 2019 will deliver new features in three important areas: Modern and attractive user experiences familiar to SharePoint Online Content engagement across all browsers and gadgets Powerful...

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Serverless Application – An Era without Backend

Sep 14, 2018

Serverless architecture relates to the applications which depend on the third-party service (backend as a service) or container (function as a service). In serverless architecture, application owner does not have to purchase, rent or maintain the servers. Third party provides all management work of the servers. Even though it sounds serverless, but it does not mean that application runs without the server. Third parties like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft etc. provides the...

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