Top 5 Apps and Websites Developed using AngularJS

Businesses are looking around for ways to make their voices reach the target audiences and web development is the ultimate option to consider. A robust-looking Angular website can behave as a window to your business’s soul. Now, why create a web app built with Angular? Well, this is something we will be covering in the post. Right from top reasons to choose Angular for web development to top examples of apps and websites built with the tech, read carefully you might also discover angular security best practices.

Table of Content

  1. Significance of Angular in Web App Development
  2. Why Choose Angular Framework To Develop Modern Applications?
  3. Apps Made with Angularjs Now Known as Angular
  4. Conclusion

1. Significance of Angular in Web App Development

Developing websites and apps are no longer an option, it has become the new norm for businesses all across the globe. Further below I would like to mention why companies need to invest in web development or web applications services:

  • Easy accessibility via web and mobile
  • Provide credibility and reliability
  • Expand reach through web applications
  • Brand identity can be maintained for a long run
  • Increase traffic and ROI

It may quite interest you to know that more than half of the internet users say that if a business has an unresponsive site, they take that as an indication that the business doesn’t care. And this also becomes a major turn off for them. In fact, several stats prove that hundreds and thousands of leads and sales are lost day in day out, all because of bad first impressions. In short, without a good web and mobile app, your business can fall short of achieving the desired result.

2. Why Choose Angular Framework To Develop Modern Applications?

Introduced in 2009, Angular is so popular around the world today. The JavaScript open-source front-end web application framework comprises of numerous frameworks and plugins like model view controller, dependency injection, two-way data binding, third-party libraries, lazy loading, etc. All of them assist in Create dynamic, large web apps and mobile applications.

Although, the journey of app development technology has not been so easy from creating single-page apps to the web. But today one can proudly say that Angular has played a vital role in the transition front–end development. Further below I would like to mention certain reasons for using angularjs now called Angular for your web or mobile app development project.

2.1 High-End Functionality

The first and foremost reason for the dynamic web technology is its high-end single-page functionality. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that most software developers tend to look up to Angular. And I am not overstating to say it offers out-of-the-box functionality.

Also, with Angular, you don’t have to incorporate third-party libraries in your tech stack for creating basic functionality for your digital product. All you need to do is access its official library,  assuring you of its security and impeccable quality of code. And you know what, all this leads to a reduction in the mobile and web app development cost, time and energy. Just choose a reliable software development company for your project.

2.2 Reusability

Other advantages offered by Angular Frameworks are that any apps built with the tech offer reusability. I am talking in regards to code. Angular promotes code consistency resulting in a strong development environment. Angular CLI (command line interface) and documentation style guide enable developers to create apps like initial projects, perform tests and integrate diverse features in the same project while keeping the entire team on the same page.

In addition, the time and effort invested in creating these mobile apps using Angular are extremely few. Plus, developers can reuse code and simplify the development process to a great extent. Also, it allows developers to include more functionalities with shorter codes, making it productive for the Software development team working on similar projects back to back.

2.3 Extensive Community Support

Supported by one of the world’s leading tech company Google, Angular has a community comprising of skilled engineers of Google+ and Reddit. I must say that the framework has support from both members of the core development team and those who make some fixes or suggest improvements.

In addition to this, you may come across several conferences worldwide where angular developers team to solve the immense amount of discussed various IT queries. Moreover, there are tons of books, information 5 min read and online resources available for free. This clearly means that the developers don’t only get a chance to be part of the huge open-source community, but can also associate with shrewd engineers to get their queries answered.

2.4 When to Use Angular?

1. Enterprise Applications – Gone are the days when businesses were simply looking for mobile apps and web application development services. Today, we have a robust enterprise web app with cutting-edge codes, observing the required guidelines. These applications are created in such a way that they are highly optimized, business-driven, and user-centric, which in turn aids to enhance business growth.

Auto-completion, easy to maintain, advanced refactoring, improvement in navigation features, code reusability are some of the major aspects of ideal enterprise applications.

2. Progressive Web Apps – Imagine yourself in a space where there is no network. I know it sounds extremely scary. But imagine, you want to search for a nearby provision store. Your app has everything you want but it cannot function if you are offline. At every instance, if you lose the network, you face a halt in that application.

As a result, you will have to wait for a few moments or you may end up cancelling this application. To evade such a situation, progressive web apps are built. With the capabilities to deliver a smooth user experience in those areas where there is no network or links, PWA employs the existing browser technologies. It utilizes the service workers and they act like a proxy intercepting network requests and caching the response.

So now you know why Angular is the best front-end framework. It’s time to cover some of the finest apps and site developed using Angularjs or now known as angular.

3. Apps Made with Angularjs Now Known as Angular

The Google product keeps getting better attracting technical minds and turns out to be one of the hottest discussions. Further below I would like to emphasize top Angular websites (based on a great performance and flawless user experience).

3.1 YouTube for PS3

Of course, Youtube doesn’t need any recognition! Available on Sony PlayStation 3, this one is developed using the Javascript framework. The platform was created with the objective to watch and share videos among millions of users across the globe online. The majority of the content uploaded on YouTube is by individuals. The websites created using Angular frameworks were bought by Google just after a year it came into existence.

Technically speaking,  Google wants to make as many people use the internet because that is how they make money (ads). And to achieve that the best thing to do is help people (engineers, companies) to build good framework-based applications/websites easily. And Angular is such a platform that does exactly that without a doubt.

3.2 Weather

This website has 126 million visitors per month, yes you heard it right! This Angular platform is worth taking a look at! Here you get to see Weather forecasts online, related data and news, interesting facts, entertainment content and such relatable content  that it collects from around the world.

Angular modules stored in separate directories allow independent teams to work on particular elements of the website. Besides, there are numerous Angular-powered features we can enjoy here: integration with multiple maps, real-time broadcasting, HD videos from ariels and more.

3.3 Upwork & Freelancer

Upwork and freelancer is another interesting platform that generates online money. As the popularity of remote work and freelancing rises, freelance marketplace development is of huge potential. The MVP is a short and painless way to launch an initial version of the platform, and once you solve the chicken and egg problem, it will start bringing in money. The service provides brilliant functionality, intuitive design, and data protection for both categories of users. Till now, these companies reported 14 million user profiles in more than 180 countries.

Some of its interesting features include:

  • Seamless Navigation – The framework provides out-of-the-box solutions to upgrade any Upwork website with intuitive navigation and filtering.
  • Just like many other Angular websites Frameworks, Upwork demonstrates high webpage performance.

3.4 Gmail App

This app is one of the best examples of services offered by Angular. With a simple yet intuitive user interface and uninterrupted experience, the app totally stands out among the rest. More than 1.5 billion users enjoy the product, and that’s a good reason to give your preference to Angular JS when planning to build a huge user-oriented app. More than 1.5 billion users enjoy the product, and that’s a good reason to give your preference to Angular when planning to build a huge user-oriented app.

The angular platform was introduced by Google itself so it is quite obvious for Google products to leverage the framework. The important fact to note is that Gmail is a single-page app  that has over 1.4 billion users using this email service around the world. Unlike multi-page websites, the Gmail website renders data on the front-end, enables access to cached data in the offline regime, and embodies many other amazing SPA advantages.

3.5 PayPal

Now we have PayPal. With this app, billions of people can conduct easy online money transfers. PayPal allows transfers of money between individuals and companies. There are more than 305 million active users on the platform. Impressive website performance and the ability to handle high loads strengthen the company’s positions in a ranking of online payment service providers.

Why does PayPal stand out so well among the crowd?

  • On a website, you will notice a simple few-clicks authorization feature for both individuals or businesses(companies) using built-in Angular.
  • Seamless checkout that allows completion of the purchase without leaving the web store is real thanks to checkout.js — an Angular tool.
  • There is tons of information, tutorials, and tips regarding PayPal integrations with Angular websites.

4. Conclusion

However, this is not it there are several other examples of apps available online such as The Guardian  (more than 42M website visitors), Lego, iStock Photo (online portal for royalty-free images), Wix Web Apps, Forbes, Netflix, developed using Angular JS. With 58000+ stars on Github, 100000+ professional service providers on LinkedIn, 3,600,000 technology websites, Angular JS is showing no signs of slowing down.

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