Top Software Development Tools To Increase Productivity

Software and systems are spreading everywhere at a lightning speed, all you have to do is choose the right option! Now we are sure that none of us would have imagined that by 2020, there will be 5.11 billion mobile users. Today every business, every individual is found making the most of software, irrespective of their reasons. Some use it for transportation purposes while others use it for entertainment, nuclear plants, and other functions that offer the basics of life. The following post focuses on top software development tools to keep in mind. Each one of them is chosen on the basis of reliability, efficiency and popularity among the best application development service providers.

1. Why Software Development?

Well, the significance of software development cannot be ignored at any rate. After all, this is something that helps businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Moreover, when done it right software development project can not just enhance client’s experiences but bring more feature-rich and innovative products to market, and make setups more safe, productive, and efficient.

Since online marketing has become a must-do thing for any and every business, owners are found seeking around for new ways via mobile apps and online platforms to have a high impact on their end customers.  Top benefits of software development –

  • Enhance your business
  • Improves sales and services
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Improved marketing
  • Seamless Communication

2. Define a Software Development Tool

A software development tool or a programming tool is basically a computer program used by software developers to enhance other platforms and applications in regards to creating, debugging and maintaining.

It doesn’t matter whether you have just started your journey as a software developer or an experienced professional, utilizing the right tools of the trade is pretty much essential. Now you must be wondering what kind of tools are used in software development. Well,  any utilities or computer programs that focus on a certain aspect of software development work and facilitate the conception and realization of a final product.

In other words, with optimal usage – they will bring multiple benefits to your business, too!

Oftentimes software are pretty much complex in nature, as a result, even software developers find it difficult to understand an entire program at once. Fortunately, we have software development tools or programming tools that enable programmers to find bugs in the programs they are working on and allows them to avoid creating new bugs when they are extending a program. Also, these software development tools can also be used to increase the software development productivity.

In fact, such software development tools enable software developers to properly envisage different kinds of information about the program they are working on.

Programing tools or software development tools translate a program from a human-readable source language into a language that can be executed by a computer through a user interface.

3. Types of Software Development Tools

1. Integrated Debugging Environment (IDE)

The IDE is such a kind of software development tool where more web developers love spending time. It’s more like killing two birds with an arrow, a code editor and a debugging interface. In fact, an Integrated development environment also here acts as an integration point for several other types of software development tools around. 

2. Build Tools

Build tools include not just the compiler and link editor that translates the human-readable programming language statements into machine-executable instructions, but also the capabilities of managing dependencies.

3. Tools to Support Methodology

It may quite interest you to know that software development methodologies lend themselves to tools that make it easier to conform to the rules and guidelines imposed by the methodology. For example, tools exist that allow teams to organize use cases or user stories into time-bracketed sprints and track progress in addressing them over time.

4. Source Control

Now managing access to the source code of the project can turn out to be extremely critical at times. In fact, web developers are always set for managing concurrencies so that one developer’s changes don’t overwrite other developers’ work. Also, source control is extremely useful for creating branches/variations of the source and merging changes between the branches. It also provides versioning and archive access to the source code as it changes over time.

5. Testing Tools

Another interesting bunch of software development tools fall under the testing realm. The key objective here is to meet the end requirements and is free of defects. Tools exist to assist in many different types of testing, and can often automate or partially automate the task of performing each test.

3.1 How to Choose the Right Software Development Tool?

Well much like every other decision, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration while seeking for best software development tools for building software solutions. Also, one must remember that not all tools are necessarily appropriate for a given project, while others might be critical.

  1. Usefulness – This is an extremely important factor after all, what’s the point in choosing software development tools that lack in terms of usefulness. The primary factor when deciding on whether to use a type of tool and which implementation of that tool is the usefulness it will provide to the overall completion of the project.
  2. Adaptability – Another crucial aspect of best software development tools, is how adaptable it is to the existing environment. Not all tools apply to all environments. For example, a Windows desktop application will have no use for a web deployment tool.
  3. 3 Developer tools – To some degree, almost all software has a learning curve. The selection of specific tools can be influenced by the level of experience developers may already have with it. That specific experience can also be used as a resource in deciding whether a tool might be useful in the project or not, as developers usually form strong opinions on such matters and are usually not shy about expressing them.
  4. 4 Well-Integrated – As the point implies, how well a tool integrates into other development tools can greatly impact the value it adds to the development teams and the project management.

4. Best Software Development Tools that Software Developers must Take into Account

Well, to make decisions easy for you, here’s a small list curated of the best software programming tools often used to create apps. 

Software Development tools List Goes like this –

4.1 Linx

Mainly used for APIs, automation and software development process, Linx is a low-code development platform used to build and automate backend applications and software projects.

Linx enables to simplify operating systems that enables you to control as well as rewrite data across multiple systems in the development environment.  Some of its astounding features include design applications using prebuilt components to automate workflow, visual debugging, speed up application delivery with the provided programming functions and services, helps to develop event-triggered apps, database apps and much more.

4.2 NetBeans

Are you looking for an open-source software tool written in Java that develops world-class web, mobile, and desktop applications easily and quickly? If yes, NetBeans is one of the best tools to consider. Supports cross-platform and is compatible with different operating systems like smart code editing, writing bug-free codes, easy management procedures, and quick user interface development. More or less, java or any other software application can be updated to its newer editions using the code analyzers, editors and converters offered by NetBeans 8 IDE. Also, the well-organized code in NetBeans allows its new developers to understand the structure of the application.

4.3 Azure

One of the leading cloud tools for software development is Microsoft Azure. Developers use it widely to build, deploy as well as manage web applications. Some of its intimidating features include-

  • Supports a wide range of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks and devices
  • Enables to build apps quickly and easily
  • Rely on the most trusted cloud
  • Azure also allows to manage the app proactively
  • Seamless Mobile applications delivery

4.4 Github

Being one of the most popular software development platforms across the globe, Github successfully serves as a Google drive. It is basically a web-based Git repository hosting service where users can find codes pretty easily.

In addition, Github’s community is pretty big. So it turns out to be an incredible place for anyone looking for collaborative development. GitHub is not a tool to make software but it will help you with the process. 

4.5 Atom

Another versatile open-source text editor that features an astounding, stylish appearance and interface. Most software developers prefer such kinds of tools that are not just flexible in terms of character but also modified in accordance with everyone’s needs. Atom is available for all operating systems including Windows, Linux and OS X. It takes a certain pride that developers doesn’t even need to alter its config file in order to adjust the user interface.

4.6 Jira

Are you seeking out for a project management system that supports agile methodology to a great extent? Jira is the name to consider when you are looking for a tool that keeps a fair track of project backlog, progress towards release, and customize the workflow for specific use-cases such as bug resolution, patches, etc.

Jira not just assists in developing software but also offers requirements and testing management. More or less, devOps teams can condcut software development process pretty easily. The tool has remote APIs and can integrate with most third-party applications to provide a seamless working experience for software teams. It provides a free plan for up to 10 users.

4.7 Jenkins

Jenkins is a self-contained, platform-agnostic,  Java-based program, ready to run with packages for multiple popular operating systems. It provides continuous integration and delivery environments. Also, you may find multiple plugins available at your service. Flexibility, increases build performance, high-end community support are some of the core benefits of this tool. 

 4.8 Node.js

Mainly used to conduct high-end back-end development our next contendor Node.js is highly advisable for  applications that constantly refer back to the server from the browser. Because the front and back end are running the same JavaScript code it is extremely fast at I/O queries.

Whether you want to develop chats, social media or any other online browser-based games, Node.js serves it all!

4.9 IntelliJ IDEA

As the name implies, this software development tool is a java-based IDE for developing Java applications. As a consequence, Java programmers use it more often. Built-in version control, an integrated terminal, debuggers, and other developer tools are all included in this JVM-centered IDE.

Some of its core components include – intelligent code completion, framework-specific support, error analysis, rapid navigation, and in-depth coding aid, enable to focus on developer ergonomics. 

4.10 Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a front-end framework that has been designed for optimizing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Its main task is to make a site user-friendly and optimize it for the web. It has multiple plugins with drag and drop function to take the sweat out of coding.

5. Conclusion

Software developers have different needs and fortunately with so many software development tools around it is possible to work on multiple projects such as developing responsive web pages and cross platform apps at the same time. Of course, you can select on the basis of reviews and recommendations but they have a limit since they cannot exactly mimic your needs and environment. So choose wisely!

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