6 Common Problems in the Software Development Process

Every industry is driven by recent technology and trends; web development technology is no exception. Previously a computing device was a simple-looking box and today computing devices aren’t limited to those boxes now we have smartphones and smartwatches. In all these innovations and evolution, there is one thing pretty common and that is a software application. The world needs to conduct a plethora of software development projects especially the better ones. The following post mainly focuses on software development problems or common problems faced by software development service providers who excel at developing custom software.

1. Why Businesses Must Consider Conducting a Software Development Process?

The first and foremost reason is that nobody wants to be stuck doing things the old way! This makes your business look “behind the times,” and gives potential customers a negative view of your company. However, individuals and businesses throughout the world use software for many reasons and gain lots of benefits.

What is Software development? Well, it’s a simple process of creating and maintaining applications and frameworks that eventually result in increased productivity. Now you must be thinking, is it just productivity? Nope, by hiring software development teams you can avail a wide range of benefits such as:-

  • Reduced cost
  • Increased flexibility of your business
  • Putting you at a competitive advantage compared to other businesses in your sector
  • Increasing the value of your company by conducting a secure SDLC approach
  • Improving the overall quality of your business

So, you see software development is way more than building just an app or a website. This statement is something that can be more relatable to software developers instead of businesses, right?

1.1 When Choosing the Right Team for your Software Development Project

I am sure you will come across a plethora of development teams or individual software who are lifelong learners, curious tinkerers and creative problem solvers, fascinated not only with their own areas of expertise but the world at large. So how to choose the right team of programmers for implementing a software development venture. Here are a few tips that can surely help!

1. Choose one that understands fundamentals right away!

Learning a programming language is not the same as learning how to program. The ability to identify software development problems and visualize elegant solutions is at the heart of what it means to be a great developer. An algorithm is essentially a logic problem and no matter how complex the solution is, a developer should be able to diagram it on a whiteboard and explain it in plain English to the intern. There’ll be plenty of time to master frameworks, languages and other tools, but any problem should first be able to be solved in the abstract.

More or less, if the software developer is able to recognize that JavaScript and PHP are both object-oriented languages in the first place that utilize first-class functions makes it easier to learn one after having learned the other.

2. Does recognize where technology is growing

Your ideal development team must comprise software developers, designers, testers and project managers, who do realize where the technology is going. Think critically about where tech is going. Platform-specific languages like Swift are hot at the moment, but as apps become increasingly web-based, Swift will probably be relegated to areas like mobile game development, while everything else shifts to HTML5 and other cross-platform languages.

3. Able to focus on the user’s need

It’s not just the business but also the software developer who must come up with a solution by focusing on the user’s needs and requirements. Apart from that, they must be able to solve the problem themself and find an answer using resources that exist. And most important of all, is he acquainted with some of the most common yet crucial software development challenges found across the globe? If yes, implementing a software development project will be more like a cakewalk.

2. Common Problems Faced by Software Developers These Days

Software development initiatives are taken day in day out, as a result, several studies have revealed that 31.1% of projects are cancelled before they’re completed and 52.7% of projects overrun budget by nearly twice as much as originally budgeted. Knowing some common software development problems in advance can definitely help in keeping the project on track.

2.1 Ever-Changing Software Requirements

I have been saying this right from the beginning software requirements do keep on changing but keeping a close eye on them is extremely important. Unclear requirements often result in unwanted mishaps and misfortunes. In addition, not understanding the needs right also leads to a huge waste of time and cost.

Here let me help you with an example, you are planning to buy a new car with some specific turbo engine requirements such as fuel type, power or torque and a lot more. And If you keep on adding to the requirements, your scope changes and so does the development. This will lead to a substantial increase in cost as well as development time.

So what could be the solution here? First of all, before even implementing a software development project just make sure that your developers exactly know what you want. And maybe that’s the reason why businesses are asked to document certain such things in advance.

When you hire a reliable software development company just ensure that they are willing fully interested in understanding your needs and requirements by asking you a plethora of relevant questions.

In addition, try breaking things into small milestones so that you can keep a keen check on your software projects at regular intervals. 

2.2 Bugs and Broken Code

Software testing was once considered an afterthought. This is one of the major problems created by software developers all across the globe. Underestimating the formal quality assurance process during software product development is the biggest issue here.

As a solution, software development and software testing must go hand-in-hand, as this will surely lead to a successful launch. Seek out for achievable small, baby steps or milestones and ask your development team to keep on validating at every stage of your software project.

Treating a problem at the source is much more effective than addressing a symptom. Take the time to consider what the root of the problem is—whether it’s a lack of time, skill, or oversight. This will yield huge savings in time and effort over simply hiring more developers. After all we have been knowing for years that slow and steady do win the race.

2.3 Collaborative Communication

Communication has been one of the major issues especially among the information technology industry. They are coders or programmers, most of them are geeks who might not be able to communicate well. Effective communication is the key here and if not done properly then It might lead to delay of the software solution or even cost you unnecessary money.

As a solution, conducting meetings at a regular intervals or jotting down information, proper documentation brainstorming or web-based communication or choosing any platform that is easy and accessible to all. With effective communication, potential errors can be reduced to a great extent. Also software projects can be delivered in the nick of time.

2.4 Time Estimation

Everyone says time is extremely important and today estimating time is one of the crucial yet common problems especially faced among software developers. You see new technologies keeps on popping every now and then. And as soon as developers gets to know about one aspect the next thing in line they get in dilemma of how to use it in the right time. Choose developers how to make a good estimate.

In addition, give each task a time frame for completion, but try to give yourself a buffer, too. For example, set yourself a buffer by keeping the time frame at 30 minutes if a task would normally take 20 minutes. Because you never know what disturbance or circumstances may occur.

2.5 Security

With so many security breaches happening day in day out, web applications must be fully secured and that’s the duty of your software development team to take care of. So how do you cope with evolving security threats? How do you keep each layer of your software or application secure?

Simple if everyone sticks to their specific roles and responsibility. You see, security is not just the responsibility of the software engineer but also the responsibility of all the stakeholders involved including the management, project managers, business analysts, quality assurance managers, technical architects, and application and developers. Also there are certain best practices that must be considered into account:

  • Look beyond new technologies to improve the security of your software
  • Develop software using high-level programming languages with built-in security features
  • Require security assurance activities such as penetration testing and code review
  • Perform essential core activities to produce secure applications and systems

2.6 Implementation

Of course, planning and plotting is something I am sure you must be very much focused on but all this works when its being implemented in the right way. You see software development is not a one time process or has a push button it can be successfully done by implementing a step-by-step plan.

Choose a software development team that does know how to ideate as well as implement things in the right way. And even after you have a software solution at hand, just ensure that your chosen development team is right there for maintenance and support.

3. Conclusion

So, that’s all for now! Building a high-quality product is the end goal for any organization, but conducting a smooth software development process might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Well, not anymore by avoiding aforementioned software development problems one can definitely hit the bulls eye.

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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