How to Manage a Software Development Team?

Managing a Software development team is a cakewalk or should we say it is moreover a daunting task. Well, considering both sides of the coin, it can be concluded that managing a software development team is definitely not that easy task. Specifically with programmers, when the project is at its peak of delivery or there is a lack of resources, the management gets fussy and the tasks get even more complicated.

What is an Offshore Development Center?

As the global need for software development rises, the number of offshore software development centers has grown steadily in consecutive times. If you are employed in the IT sector, the phrase "offshore software development center" is likely not foreign to you.

Spark vs Hadoop: A Detailed Comparison

Apache software foundation is a pioneering company with the sole owner behind two popular products of the business market. By now, many of you would have guessed from the title which two products we are talking about here. Apache’s two most popular products are Hadoop and Spark. Both these open-source unified analytics machines are capable of bringing major changes within the business ecosystem. ...

CRM Implementation – Strategic Steps

Customers are at the top of the game when it comes to building applications and so development of any application depends purely on customer choices and preferences. How to know and manage the choices of hundreds of customers? Well, in that context is the discovery of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) made....

Low Code vs No Code : Key Differences

The world of software innovations is snowballing with lightning speed web apps for more convenience for customers. There is a prediction by Gartner that by 2024, there will be more than 65% of app developments dependent on low-code application development platforms. If we were to look at this prediction, there are two large built segments that come to your mind: the low code and no code industry....

Web Developer Vs Software Developer: A Complete Guide

The web developer vs. software developer contrast is particularly perplexing for many pupils. Not to mention, the variety of available job prospects in the tech industry may make it difficult to pare out post-graduation career options. Given that the majority of computer programming professions overlap in some way, it's critical to grasp the similarities and distinctions across tech vocations in order to make an informed career choice. If you’re also passing through the same confusion, read out this article to rescue yourself!

What Does A Software Developer Do?

In the absence of software developers, the world will be a very different place. However, what does a software developer do? Let's take a closer look at the growing industry to discover further about software developers' daily tasks, their talents, qualifications, compensation, career prospects, and more. This article discusses the life of a software developer, including employment prospects, income considerations, and their responsibilities towards work. Additionally, you can read about common daily tasks, educational qualifications, and job categories below to assist you in determining whether a future as a developer is suited for you.

How To Become A Software Developer?

Software developers are the technology sector's hidden superheroes. It is because of those abilities that modern gadgets can surpass and become the indispensable instruments that have been ruling the world today. Well in short, Software developers develop, design and test software applications.

Different Types of Software Bugs

Mistakes are expensive and businesses at different stages realize that they can not take risks of making mistakes.  Businesses cannot afford to make mistakes and then correct them in this fast paced world. Most of the time, not analyzing mistakes at the right time will make them pay unnecessarily and irrelevant amounts for their business....

What is Software Development?

Software development is a process that software development companies follow in order to produce application software—be it accounting, hotel booking, or entertainment. Mastering the software development processes opens up several ways in business driven by technology.