In today’s time, one of the most important decisions that any business organization or an entrepreneur has to make is deciding which web development framework to use for their software solution. To make the selection process easy, business organizations hire web app development providers who can help them choose the best web app development framework for their projects and create an application using that framework. The two most popular web development frameworks that tech experts suggest are Laravel and ASP.NET.

This means that developers can either hire Laravel or an ASP.NET development company to create business applications. But before making this choice, the business owner or tech team of the organization must have some basic knowledge of key features & characteristics of both frameworks.

For this, they must go through the comparison of ASP.NET vs Laravel, their scalability, performance, popularity, market share, speed, and more.ASP.NET is a Microsoft product. It is a server-side web app development framework that is used by web developers to create dynamic web pages. It is a descendant of Microsoft’s ASP (Active Server Pages) and it is based on CLR (Common Language Runtime). Basically, .NET enables the creation of powerful cross-platform enterprise applications. On the other hand, Laravel is a PHP web app development framework. It is an open-source and free framework by Taylor Otwell. This framework is based on the MVC paradigm which makes application deployment, authentication, maintenance, and authorization easier for PHP developers. To know more about these frameworks and go through the detailed comparison of Laravel vs ASP.NET, let’s have a look at this blog.

1. ASP.NET Vs Laravel – A Detail Comparison!

ASP.NET Vs Laravel

Here are some points that will compare Laravel vs ASP.NET in detail.

1.1 Speed and Performance

When it comes to website development, one thing that all the clients demand from the developers is to have a website with good speed and performance levels. And this can be achieved by choosing the best programming language because languages can help in communicating the queries to the database and coming out with the desired output on the browser. This is the same with the programming languages of the two most popular frameworks, Laravel, and ASP.NET.

Both of these web frameworks come with unique features and languages that help developers to create applications that are robust. These platforms have equal access to finding data and images, access file systems, and then display the output on the web server. Therefore, there is a tie between both these frameworks when it comes to comparing them for the performance level it offers to the website. Both these frameworks enable the developers to create speedy websites which every business in the industry requires. For instance, websites like Facebook and MailChimp are created using a PHP framework Laravel and websites like Office365, TeamViewer are created using ASP.NET.

1.2 Cost

The cost of web app development is a very essential factor when it comes to getting a business app developed. And in this area, the Laravel web framework comes with some specific advantages. For instance, it is an open-source framework which means that for creating an application there are now specific tools that need to be purchased which is not the case in ASP.NET. It comes with some monthly hosting charges. And this makes .NET development services more expensive in comparison to Laravel. Besides this, the cost of the application also depends on the business requirements, size of the project, and more.

1.3 Scalability

Another factor of comparison in app development using the two most popular web development frameworks is scalability. Seeing whether the framework is scalable or not is important as it helps in creating an app that has future potential and growth rather than just being better for the present time. Besides this, it is essential to check whether the website will be able to handle increased traffic or not. And this is something that has to do with the selection of the right framework. But, fortunately, both Laravel and ASP.NET frameworks are very scalable.

Both these frameworks help software  development companies in creating robust, scalable, and user-friendly websites that can accommodate growing visitor traffic.

1.4 Usage

Comparing the usage of these frameworks means seeing which framework is used by the web development companies more. In recent times, around 9,258,086 live websites are using the .NET framework from which 34k websites are from India. On the other hand, Laravel is supporting around 1,341,152 websites while India has 12,899 live websites.

1.5 Popularity

If one compares both frameworks, According to Datanyze ASP.NET market share is 7.73% with more than 2597392 companies using this whereas Laravel market share is 0.22% with more than 73898 companies using this.

.NET has a larger market share as it is comparatively an old framework and a product of Microsoft which makes it more popular amongst the developers. On the other hand, Laravel framework is becoming popular day by day after developers and businesses get good output from this technology. This means that the ASP.NET framework may be considered more popular in comparison to the Laravel framework.

2. ASP.Net vs Laravel: Advantages and Disadvantages

2.1 Advantages of ASP.NET

Reduces Coding time

The .NET framework enables developers to create applications within no time as it comes with different types of code reviews, which not only helps in improving the code quality but also makes the coding quicker.

World-class toolbox

The ASP.NET framework comes with a world-class toolbox and this is because of its integration with the Visual Studio development environment. The .NET toolbox is very essential when it comes to creating a framework for the framework. Besides this, it also enables the .NET developers to create applications very quickly. Basically, the toolbox that the ASP.NET framework comes with is very essential and is very popular because of its features like automatic deployment and drag-and-drop server controls.

Out-of-the-box Features

ASP.NET is popular because of its enhanced performance and scalability. It is a robust web platform that comes with various features of .Net framework like early binding, just-in-time compilation, caching services, and native optimization. All these features help in improving the app’s performance.


ASP.NET is a very simple and self-explanatory framework that enables developers to perform every task very easily without any hassle. The common language runtime in this framework makes the development process very easy and simple by providing services like automatic reference counting and garbage collection. Besides this, it is a framework that enables the creation of user interfaces that can separate the app’s logic and its presentation code.

Delivers power and flexibility

The languages used in this framework are based on common language runtime, which means that the web app developers can work with all the flexibility that the platform has to offer. Besides, as ASP.NET is a language-independent platform, one can select any language as per the app’s requirement and can also divide the app development process into several languages.

Customizability and Extensibility

.NET comes with a well-factored architecture that enables the developers to extend or replace the subcomponent of the ASP.NET runtime. And this is possible with the help of the custom-prepared components by the developers.

2.2 Disadvantages of ASP.NET


When it comes to creating applications with .NET, there are some security issues that the developers face and this is why the experts need to be very careful and they need to take some extra precautions while creating .NET-based apps.


In comparison to other open source frameworks, ASP.NET is expensive as developers need to purchase licenses like SQL Server licenses, Windows server licenses, Visual Studio licenses, and more. It is a framework where the hosting providers charge extra. Besides this, while working on this framework, the developers might have to work with other web server resources like PHP.

Documentation is not up to the mark

.NET framework offers documentation to the developers to help them create applications and learn new things, but these documents are not very clear. Due to this, while creating MVC applications; the developers might face some issues.

Making changes in the app

Changes made in an application using one version of the framework might not work in another version. This means that the application might work perfectly now but it might face some problems in the upcoming years.

2.3 Advantages of Laravel

Use of New Features of PHP

When it comes to working with Laravel, a popular PHP framework, one of the biggest advantages is that it uses all the new features of PHP. This is not what other frameworks do. But the usage of Laravel 5 enables the developers to use all the latest features of PHP while creating robust applications. Some of these features are overloading, interfaces, shorter array syntax, anonymous functions, and namespaces.

Integration with mail services

For any business web application, it is compulsory to stay in touch with the users and keep them informed about the new offers and deals that the organization has to offer. This framework is the best option for offering such services, as it is equipped with an API rather than the SwiftMailer library. Laravel offers the drivers SMTP, SparkPost, Mailgun, Mandrill, Amazon SES, PHP’s “mail” function, and more which enables the developers to create an app that helps businesses send emails through cloud-based or local services.

Great documentation

 Official Laravel documentation is easy to understand which means that the developers can easily go through the details offered by this framework to resolve their issues and learn new things. Besides this,they offer detailed explanations of coding style, classes, and methods which enables newbies to learn this framework easily.

Packages and resource availability

Developers can take advantage of npm packages and bower packages while they are working with Laravel. This framework comes with very beneficial resources and asset revisioning which eventually helps create the best business online platform.

Supports popular cache backends

Laravel is a web application development  framework that offers one of the most adventitious features which is support for Redis and Memcached.

Reduced product development cycle

With Laravel, the integration with other technologies is very easy and faster which makes it possible for the developers to reduce the product development cycle. Besides this, Laravel has a huge community of developers to support.

2.4 Disadvantages of Laravel

Composer isn’t strong

As the Laravel framework is new, developers find it difficult to work with it and even the composer of Laravel isn’t strong which increases the difficulty levels.

Lack of Continuation between different versions

When the developer wants to transition from Laravel 4 to 5, it could break the app. This means that continuation between the versions of this framework is an issue.

Quality issues

Sometimes developers feel that some of the components of Laravel are not designed perfectly which means that dependency injection becomes complex. And to resolve this issue, the developers need to learn a lot of things about this framework and its techniques.


In comparison with other frameworks, Laravel development is quite slower which affects the work of software developers especially when they are working on high-profile applications.

3. Conclusion

As seen in this blog, ASP.NET vs Laravel, what to choose? is the biggest question in the web app development market. Both of these frameworks are the best in the web app development ecosystem and they enable developers to create web apps that are not only unique but robust, user-friendly, and scalable. Here, if any developer plans to choose .NET for his next project, it should be if he wants to create a cross-platform project or an IoT app. On the other hand, Laravel must be the choice if the PHP developers want to create eCommerce websites or solutions following a rapid development approach. This means that both of these frameworks have their own advantages and they must be used for creating apps where their features are utilized properly.

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