How to Hire .NET Developers: A Quick Guide

.NET is one of the most popular development platforms and this is because of its inherent versatility, multi-functional, and ease of use nature. These things make .NET an ideal choice for every software development company for creating different kinds of software and web projects. But every app development or business organization needs to know how to hire .NET developers who have the best knowledge to offer and can help in creating robust .NET core applications for the end users.

This is why businesses prefer to hire .NET development services providers who can help in their next tech project. But to hire a .NET developer is a task and that is why in this blog we are going to learn everything from Dot NET development to what basic skills are required and how to hire .NET developers. So, let’s first start by understanding the concept of .NET development. 

1. What is .Net Development?

.NET platform is a popular software development framework that is created and maintained by Microsoft. The main purpose of this framework is to enable software developers to create desktop and complex web applications with ease. It is a framework that helps speed up the web development process by offering various ways of creating an app with a highly secured approach. This is why businesses prefer to hire .NET developers for their projects and this eventually makes software development companies increase their Dot NET resources by hiring dedicated developers who can help in reducing the app development time and creating dynamic content-driven websites for their clients. 

.NET environment is an open-source, cross-platform technology that supports many languages and is useful in creating web, desktop, mobile, and gaming applications. It comes with four different segments: Dot NET Framework, Xamarin, .NET Core, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The .NET developer that any company hires must have knowledge about these things. To know more about the required .NET developer skills and the hiring process, let’s go through this blog.

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2. Must-Have Skills For .NET Developers

Must-Have Skills For .NET Developers

When it comes to hiring .NET developers, there is some kind of specific proficiency that is required. Businesses or software development companies prefer to hire .NET developers with demonstrable track records and abilities that can be helpful in creating robust applications. The developers must have experience in creating applications for the end-users and they must have easy-to-work-with personalities. 

Basically, when any software development company is looking to hire a developer to increase their resources or when any business owner tries to hire an individual or freelance .NET developer, the most important thing they look for in a .NET developer is that he should be very creative, innovative, and passionate about software development. Some of the common .NET developer skills that are required for being a fantastic .NET developer are – 

  • Ability to read, write, and modify codes easily.
  • Strong command of programming languages like C#, Visual Basic, C++, and others. 
  • Proficiency with Microsoft’s Visual Studio.
  • Experience in working with object-oriented programming languages.
  • Expert in the .NET technology.
  • Excellent cost and time management skills.
  • Great communication skills which also include explaining ideas and points to co-workers as well as customers in plain and understandable language.
  • Better at having a good interpersonal relationship which means that a developer must be able to work in a .NET development team without any issues. 

3. What is Important to Know For Hiring .NET Developers?

When an organization is planning to hire a .NET developer there are a few things that they must know before they start the process. And these things are – 

  • The first thing is that only having programming language knowledge isn’t enough. While hiring .NET professionals, the recruiter must see that the potential candidate has some knowledge about the frameworks and libraries such as Entity Framework or ASP.NET MVC. This is necessary as when it comes to creating a big enterprise application, the use of libraries and frameworks is essential. 
  • The potential .NET programmer must not be rejected because he doesn’t fulfill the list of requirements as the most important thing is the attitude and readiness of the developers to switch companies and work according to the new firm’s techniques. 
  • Hiring a .NET developer with only theoretical experience won’t be profitable as he might only have knowledge from the university and not enough real-life practice in coding applications. Therefore, an organization must hire a developer who has both, proper education and real-world working experience. But this is not a priority when the hiring company is looking for freshers. 

4. Where to Find Skilled .NET Developers?

Where to Find Skilled .NET Developers?

When any software development company is planning to hire a .NET developer, it must want a developer who has proper knowledge and skills in the field. There are many different places where you can find one. But before going through various sites that offer details about the certified candidates, you must have a thorough list of things that you are looking for in .NET programmers. Some of the most famous sites where you can find a skilled .NET developer with ample amount of experience are – 

  • Meetups
  • Stack Overflow
  • GitHub
  • JobBoards
  • Entelo or TalentBin
  • Crew or Upwork
  • LinkedIn

5. How to Hire A Good .NET Developer?

How to Hire A Good .NET Developer?

There are multiple ways to hire a good .NET developer but to find the right fit for your organization, you must go through a standard software developer hiring process. And that is what we are going to have a look at. Here are the steps that can help you in hiring the best .NET developer for your organization –

STEP 1 – The first step to hiring a .NET developer is having a proper understanding of .NET, its frameworks, and libraries. This helps the hiring organization have the exact knowledge of the requirement list which eventually helps in writing a proper job description for hiring a .NET programmer. 

STEP 2 – The next step is to sign up as a recruiter on top online community forums, freelancing websites, and employment sites. You can also collaborate with another professional hiring service such as Chudovo. This helps you in finding a potential candidate and even .NET developers who are looking for a new job can find you job descriptions.

STEP 3 – Step three is to start the process of hiring a .NET developer. Here every software development company or business organization has to go live with their job posting and invite applications.

STEP 4 – After inviting applicants, the next step is to filter all the applications that are received on your job posting. The filtration must be as per the set parameters, telephonic interactions, technical interviews, and background checks. 

STEP 5 – The last step in the process of hiring a good .NET developer is to shortlist and select the best candidates, offer them jobs, and hire them part-time or full-time as per the firm’s requirements.

6. Avoid These Common Mistakes While Hiring a .NET Developer

After having the knowledge of how to hire a .NET developer, any hiring organization must also be aware of the mistakes that it must avoid in this process. Some of such mistakes are – 

  • Creating a requirement list that is too vague, broad, and ambiguous. 
  • Focussing only on the technical and programming skills of the potential candidate and ignoring the required soft skills.
  • Limiting only on a few common sites or sources for job applications.
  • Hiring a candidate without a thorough background check and only looking at his face value. 
  • Relying only on freelancing platforms and community forums to hire a .NET developer.

7. .NET Developer Interview Questions:

The selection of an ideal candidate needs much more attention in terms of skill sets and experience. During the process of interview you must ensure that candidate is a right fit in all the required criterias. For that, we may pose many questions to candidates at various stages of the hiring process to determine whether they are qualified for the role.

For instance, the following questions could be asked:

1. What are the key features of NET?

By responding to this question, you can understand the knowledge of candidates and how they prioritize the same factors.

2. What is the difference between managed and unmanaged codes?

The solution reveals the broader knowledge of the .NET. It can be used to gauge a candidate’s skill level.

3. How should managed code be run?

This is another question that reveals a candidate’s aptitude and manner of thinking. The candidate clearly possesses in-depth knowledge of the .NET platform if she or he can respond to this question promptly and with a variety of answers.

4. What do you prefer to clearly concentrate on the development of well-explained tasks or get into all processes from development, deployment and maintenance?

The affinity for Agile projects is evident in the selection of the answer. The desire to work on projects with set deadlines will also be easily measured. You can hire .NET developers for the project based on these signs and confirm that they can collaborate with the other team members.

8. Conclusion

As seen in this blog, when it comes to finding & hiring a dedicated .NET developer or an offshore .NET developer who is the right fit, proper strategic planning, and professional expertise is required. To carry out the hiring process a software development organization can choose online platforms and community hiring sources to post the job descriptions. Besides, if businesses are looking for the right .NET developer for creating an application for the end-users, they can also directly avail themselves of a professional service of any top .NET development company to get easier and faster NET development services.

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