Best Vue Component Libraries

Vue has been a universal choice among businesses when it comes to developing progressive web app/s and high-performing desktop applications. Vue has always been a point of consideration when it comes to using JavaScript as your programming language. Vue.js is a popular front-end progressive JavaScript framework for breaking down a website page into several pieces.

Top 10 Global Companies using Vue js

Vue JS has been gaining a lot of popularity, owing to the ease of development with which it can be learnt. You as a business can create multiple applications. Vue works equally well for all types of needs. Like whether you are an experienced developer wanting to convert your inhouse apps to Vue or a beginner who is not sure of which tools to use....

What is Vue js? The Pros and Cons of Vue.JS

The most promising JavaScript development frameworks are just not limited to React and Angular. Vue is equally demanding and popular among front-end developers. Vue becomes a priority when you want to develop lighter, flexible and high-performing apps and its tools offer it all. Developers who have been using this will have different reasons to use Vue for their development needs....

What Does a Software Development Service Company Do?

Every business now needs incredible, robust software, and there are no second thoughts about it! While that’s true, it’s also becoming outdated. The dynamic changes in the software market demand businesses to innovate and make the best use of software for their business. As we know, Software is such an obvious part of doing business that everything you do revolves around different types of software....

Top Software Development Tools To Increase Productivity

Software application development is one of the pivotal reasons how businesses can go digital, enhance their software development process and grow their customer reach. Ideally, software development tools also mean software development libraries and executable software elements such as compilers, linkers, subroutines and other linking computer programs. Therefore we see many businesses turning towards software development tools wanting to make the best of it. Software developers utilise a Software Development Tool, to create, edit, administer, manage, maintain, and troubleshoot other applications, frameworks, and programmes.

Software Development Metrics Used To Improve And Measure Productivity

Once the software product is developed with the help of software development metrics we can judge the performance of the developed software product. The following post focuses on the software development metrics considered by reliable software development services providers around. Before we proceed any further, it is very crucial to know why it is crucial to understand software development metrics....

How to Select a Software Testing Services Company?

When it comes to developing a website or a mobile application, the majority of the businesses prefer software development companies that are great at testing. Without a perfect testing team working on the project, the outcome of the project wouldn’t be as expected which means that the business owner would be paying more money for a lesser service. But there are many software testing companies in the market to choose from and this confuses business organizations. Therefore, to help them make the right choice, in this blog we will discuss everything about software testing and what are the steps to select the right software testing company.

A Complete Guide to the Software Testing Life Cycle

The life cycle means a series of changes that goes one after the other and this is the same when it comes to software testing. In software testing, many entities go through a sequence of changes from the very beginning till the end of the process. Basically, the software testing life cycle (STLC) is a process that executes various activities while performing testing on any solution....

Best Software Testing Tools

Every software must be tested perfectly to ensure its quality and to make sure  that it is bug-free. For this, it is important to have a perfect test plan that can easily incorporate both during software testing and after the software is prepared. Besides, with the evolution of agile methods in QA,...

What are the Types of Software Testing?

The quality of a software product is always a priority for business and not an option. So ideally, when a business is considering maintenance, you must place the best software testing strategies in place. Making quality and performance an indispensable part of a quality assurance program brings software testing services in focus for many businesses. There are multiple types of software testing like agile testing, automation testing, unit testing, usability testing, acceptance testing, security testing, sanity testing, smoke testing, compatibility testing, ad hoc testing, integration testing, performance, and several other types of software testing too. It is time to explore all types of software testing and get to know which one will help us resolve which type of flaws. So, let’s get started.