Top Companies Using Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing IT services allows companies to focus on their core business process and operations. By outsourcing with professionals and specialists, businesses may reduce the overhead expenses associated with recruiting people and purchasing software. Even from the earliest stages of your firm, outsourced IT services can be advantageous, just as it has been for the following organizations that have prospered as a result of outsourcing work.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular organizations that take help from software outsourcing companies for the betterment of their business and customer satisfaction.

1. Top Companies That Use Outsourcing Services

Today in the business world, the vast majority of small businesses and large companies outsource. Below we will discuss a few most popular companies that outsource some of their business processes.

1.1 Google

Google began as a basic search engine but has now expanded into a multinational corporation that offers hardware and software offerings in contrast to its marketing services and has workers located all over the globe. Currently, Google is practically synonymous with the internet, and the brand has become a keyword that everyone uses when discussing online searches.

Google is a technological corporation, whose key expertise and source of strategic strength is technology. They are one of the largest firms that outsource and have outsourced administrative and IT services for years.

Google is aware that despite its scale, it cannot do everything. In order to accomplish this, they have large outsourced staff, such as email support for services like AdWords, and more. In contrast to email assistance, Google is now also giving phone help via a global team.  The seamless integration of remote developers and customer support with their in house employees, google offers cost effective and faster services to customers. All of these characteristics make Google one of the ideal outsourcing examples to highlight the benefits of outsourcing IT services.

1.2 Slack

This popular business communication tool’s online interface was mostly created by the design studio MetaLab. MetaLab not only refined the architecture of the practically universal messaging tool for entrepreneurial teams but also revamped its logo and site. Numerous firms, like Brit+Co and Coinbase, have hired MetaLab to produce creative brand content in the wake of Slack’s spectacular rise.

1.3 GitHub

GitHub is among the most significant tools and resources for programmers and engineers. It was released in 2008 and immediately became the repository of choice for developers seeking to record, exchange, and host secret code. While GitHub quickly became one of the greatest methods to share information about whole projects, it was not ideal for sharing tiny code fragments.

This was when the concept of Gist was conceived. After determining what they wished to accomplish and how they desired it to seem, the question remained who would construct it? The creators of GitHub lacked the financial resources to complete the task themselves, so they hired a Git contractor coder as a workaround.

1.4 Skype

Skype was an innovator and pioneer in the internet video industry. With software customers that are compatible with cellphones and computers, practically everybody has used Skype or is familiar with it. Skype, like WhatsApp, discovered that the secret to its popularity was not product innovation. Rather, Skype is required to locate the appropriate people and abilities at a reasonable price in order to continue software development while keeping expenses down.

Skype is another large corporation that outsources; they chose Estonia (Eastern Europe) as a supplier of expertise and hired a number of programmers to operate the service. As time passed and these programmers exhibited success, Skype invited them to become partners, further solidifying their partnership. Microsoft purchased Skype in 2011 for $8.5 billion, demonstrating the effectiveness of Skype’s strategy.

1.5 BaseCamp

BaseCamp is created by a scattered development team for remote teams. After its 2004 debut, the growth of the well-known project management software, an outgrowth of the online consulting organization 37Signals, was gradual. The creators Jason Fried, Carlos Segura, and Ernest Kim outsourced the app’s creation and refinement to freelance designers in order to advance its progress. As it gained momentum, they transitioned to full-time BaseCamp employment and today employ 50 individuals in 32 countries.

1.6 Alibaba

Alibaba also outsources services, except it is based in China, which presents rather distinct outsourcing issues. In most instances, outsourcing strategy could be a cost-driven decision. Typically, this is regarded to low-cost countries such as India, China, and the Far East. Nevertheless, the paradigm transforms when the firm itself is located in the country. Alibaba knew that while they could maintain cheap production and resource prices domestically, the talents they required to develop were not accessible in their region on a large scale.

Keeping this consideration, Alibaba began searching for collaborators and outsourcers immediately in their growth for a variety of projects and discovered many of the necessary capabilities in the United States. By outsourcing apps development to the United States, the site blossomed and expanded at an exponential rate.

1.7 WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a well-loved name in the communication industry. Billions of people throughout the world use it and has lately expanded into payment services to better serve clients. Nevertheless, WhatsApp wasn’t always the corporation it is today.

WhatsApp is a fantastic sample of a company that outsources because it has done so from its inception. In 2012, WhatsApp was a small business with only 30 full-time staff members and 5 part-timers. They recognized that in order to develop their Mountain View, California-based company, they had to keep prices low. WhatsApp’s success may be traced back to Russia, where the company was able to obtain development assets for a portion of the cost they would have incurred in the US.

1.8 Apple

Apple’s name should be at the peak of everybody’s list when considering groundbreaking technological businesses. This corporation, which began with desktop computers, became one of the leading inventors. Later they revolutionized the music and mobile phone industries. Apple’s current market capitalization exceeds $1.3 trillion, and millions of users stand by its gadgets and services.

Apple creates amazing things, but it does not produce or build them on its own. Apple is another corporation implementing outsourced sales since it relies on many partners in the United States, Asia, and the Far East to manufacture goods and provide services. In several instances, these partnerships last decades. By outsourcing its supply chain and production centers, Apple has been able to concentrate on its primary competency — the creation of user-friendly, high-quality products.

However, this partnership serves both parties. Apple obtains the capacity to concentrate on its strengths. Partners also benefit because they recognize Apple’s constant innovation and evolution. These companies understand that Apple will consistently introduce new goods. 

2. Conclusion

By outsourcing a firm or a portion of its operations, you may transcend physical borders and become more scalable quickly. Why therefore concentrate on the domestic talent pool if your objective is to target the global market?

For companies that use outsourcing professional assistance, it all boils down to locating a talented individual or outsourced team that fits the project’s specifications and budgetary constraints. If you do a worldwide search with the assistance of a reliable partner, the likelihood of success is great.

Even if you absolutely have no clue where to begin and how to begin the outsourcing process, TatvaSoft is available to assist you. We will keep hold of your strategic goals, from design to operation, if your company desires rapid and intelligent growth.

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