Software Outsourcing and its new Definition

Thursday January 26, 2006 Table of Content
  1. Definition of Software Outsourcing
  2. Why do companies prefer Software outsourcing?
  3. Software Outsourcing and its types
  4. Wrap UP

Top Software Companies India and IT Outsourcing

Tuesday January 10, 2006

Software Companies India and IT Outsourcing has been a need for each other in today’s cost-sensitive world of outsourcing and offshoring. In the field of Information Technology, more and more companies worldwide are trying to get the benefit of the Indian IT industry in one or the other way. More and more MNCs worldwide especially in the IT industry are trying to make their presence in India to gain the advantage of valuable knowledge sources from ...

Offshore Outsourcing and Contract Management

Monday January 09, 2006

The process of Offshore Outsourcing has brought a revolution in the path of the business process worldwide. As it provides lots of advantages to the business along with the cost, all the business industries are moving towards it, whether it is a small one or big giants. This process of offshoring also seems pretty simple and full of advantages....

Small firms need to think big for Offshore Software Outsourcing

Sunday January 08, 2006

Are you a small firm in the world of Offshore Software Outsourcing? Are you thinking too small regarding your business? Are there many more questions related to suit you and your business? Are you dependent on someone else to work for you or your company? Ask yourself all these questions and get yourself known to reality to know the exact footstep you are standing in the market....

India Software Company-Manpower Challenges

Friday January 06, 2006

India Software Companies are now using new methods to plug the brain that has afflicted the country’s High-Tech Industry these days. It is been a long flight from California’s Silicon Valley for the corporate hunters to enter the heart of India and the task proceeds ahead. The India Software Company ...

Offshore Outsourcing and Challenges

Wednesday January 04, 2006

Offshore Outsourcing has been the most preferred way of business in today’s world. Big multinationals in the past that used to stay away from the process of offshoring are now also using this process in every step of the business. The process of offshoring is involved with the number of benefits,...

Succeeding at IT Outsourcing

Tuesday January 03, 2006

Now days, top IT executives tend to keep strategic IT Outsourcing architecture close to home, when a large volume of work provides enough savings to warrant it, they hire outside resources to execute on that work.

The top priority in the IT Outsourcing are software Development coding and data center operations....

Nine steps to Successful Software Outsourcing

Monday January 02, 2006

It looks like Software Outsourcing is the way to go because from the past few years, we’ve been bombarded with news of Offshoring and outsourced call centers, testing, Software Development Outsourcing, projects and entire IT infrastructures. Think and ask a question to yourself, what’s the value of the knowledge your staff members learn in the work that planning to outsource?...