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Software Outsourcing Top software development countries In Asia For Cost-Effective Solutions

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” – Dalai Lama

If you are a wanderlust then traveling to top destinations like Asia would definitely be on your bucket list. A place that comprises all magnifying aspects, emotions and a pure sense of contentment. Moreover, Asia is one of the best continents which is no longer a travel destination but a journey in itself.

Being the other half of the globe, the continent is truly alive and kicking. In addition, here you can get a top and massive business advantage. For example, a strong and large pool of highly educated engineers, marketers and designers with no language barriers, an ingrained culture of collaboration, support and flexibility, and the world’s most dynamic economic region among several destinations.

Do I need to justify why the IT outsourcing landscape is expanding? Probably not! Eastern Europe and the Middle East are the top names in the software development outsourcing industry. 

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  1. Why Software Outsourcing Services is so much in Rage?
  2. Key Software Development Destinations In ASIA
  3. Conclusion

1. Why is Software Outsourcing Services So Much in Rage?

Flexibility and scaling profitability is the new norm for businesses willing to gain a competitive advantage via a strong online presence. According to Statista, software application development was outsourced by 64 percent of respondents showing no signs of slowing down.

The trend of software outsourcing services to off-shore locations has kept on developing significantly over the previous decade as organizations from a heap of enterprises and topographical areas, receive numerous rewards, for example, improvement of administration quality, more extensive admittance to assorted resources, monetary adaptability, highly skilled developers and straightforwardness on expense permitting you to focus on the business core concerns.

Let us discuss the key reasons in detail:

1. Access to a Country’s Large, Young, and Dynamic Population!

Considering one of the leading software development destinations in Asia over a span of a decade, this one is pretty intimidating. With a high population, you will never be out of an option. Of course, partnering with a local software development company or in-house teams does have an advantage but to an extent in comparison to what you can gain from an Asian business partner. You can also find a comparison post between in-house team and Software Outsourcing. Also, notwithstanding the financial emergency, here organizations are actually developing enough to fulfill requesting clients. Low labor costs and high standards in terms of product is what you clearly get here.

  • Meet the pioneers – India, China and Malaysia
  • Followed by – Indonesia,  Thailand and the Philippines

So, you see what I am talking about.

2. Time-Zone Difference

It’s a great honor of having offshore outsourcing software development companies around that offers relevant services based on time-zone difference. Because of long stretches of variety among Asia and Europe, you can complete your work in any event, when you’re snoring. Effective time management, quite a deal, isn’t it?

3. Attractive Pricing

Other than having a huge talent pool, low pricing definitely sets Asian countries apart from the rest of the herd. Mainly known for providing cost over quality solutions, there is a growing demand for offering better quality services.

4. Language is not a Barrier

Many of you may find language as a barrier while conducting software outsourcing. Well, not any more! Asian software development companies are way easier to work and collaborate with irrespective of your project. Here while providing services, professionals are no longer limited to English, they might know German, French, Spanish. It is worth making an effort!

5. Strong Economic Growth & Stability

There is no denying the way that Asia is one of the top outsourcing and exceptional landmasses where a talented bunch of software developers has experienced childhood in a developing business sector setting making them acquainted with the difficulties looked by individuals in rustic and less economically developed regions, contrasted to numerous Western nations. With this beginning up and pioneering environment quickly developing, it proceeds to uncover and build up the next wave of software developers.

Here further below we have created a comprehensive analysis of software development services market dynamics in Asia that will help you to choose your software outsourcing partner.

2. Key Software Development Destinations In ASIA

1. India

Like I said before, software outsourcing is growing in terms of popularity on a day-to-day basis. And the best part here is that Businesses find it extremely interesting and a profit-spinning realm. Of course, there are multitudinous offshore software development companies across the globe but nothing in comparison to India.

It is assumed that the total market share of the software development countries stands at 56%, quite a number! Indian IT industry aims to touch USD 350 Billion in revenue by 2025 from the present USD 150+Billion. What makes this one a cut above in the software outsourcing development space? Well, you name it and they have it! Starting from their humongous talent pool, here you will find a pretty high rate of developers who have gained both bachelors and master’s in the field. In addition, you will find a diverse range of services in regards to specialization, technically competent and industrially experienced.

With the world endeavoring hard to become a global village, language no longer seems to be a barrier. India is home to almost 125 million English-speaking people, making it the world’s second-largest English-speaking software development countries, only second to the United States.

Last but certainly not least, software development services costs are lower in contrast with the rest of the world.  This fairly can be ascribed to blended development.

2. Vietnam

Much like India, Vietnam has been great for travel and tourism purposes but why all of a sudden people had started choosing this as their strategic partner? Let’s find out!

IBM, Microsoft, Intel are some of the big names who tend to outsource to Vietnam. Now, what is it that makes Vietnam so great for software outsourcing? The first and foremost thing is the product development’s labor cost is approximately 90% less than the ones in the states. In addition, Vietnam comprises thousands of graduates with IT degrees make the labor market in the Tech industry in Vietnam so diverse.

Also, Have you heard about Ho Chi Minh city? This has been one of the top outsourcing destinations. Well, it has been evolving with time.  It may quite interest you to know that nonstop investments are being made in education for the new generation. So today, they are all geared up to face the ever-changing dynamic times.

There are several big players in the tech industry such as Intel, IBM, Fujitsu, Foxconn and Canon. Presently, when an ever-increasing number of organizations put resources into offshoring or outsourcing to a software development countries, specifically, the foundation in the nation likewise grows. All you have to do is get up and get going with the ready-made circumstances.

A team of Vietnamese engineers costs 30% not exactly an Indian designer. So in addition to the fact that Vietnam has a preferred education rate over a large portion of the other non-industrial nations, it likewise costs less to move to Vietnam than those nations. This is a sorcery blend for organizations hoping to reevaluate, better ability and lower cost.

3. Philippines

Location does matter! Of course, a couple of years ago the Philippines was not even considered outsourcing. Cutting the long story short, more and more companies are choosing to outsource to the Philippines. Managing a self-owned business has always been this tricky.  So speaking of this country, software outsourcing here has turned out to be the biggest boosters in raising the Philippines economy.

Call centers, SEO, IT Services, Internet Marketing, and Virtual Staffing Solutions are some of the hottest outsourcing markets in the Philippines. Here are the key advantages worth taking into account:

#1 Great Costing – This has remained a constant factor among all three software development countries. Well here it’s not just the cost of labor but you get to save on several areas such as office space, legal and HR costs, latest equipment, taxes, etc.

#2 Neutral Language – Well, when compared to other Asian countries this one does have an added advantage the English accent is quite similar to the US. And this accent and mode of speaking work great for voice-based services such as call centers and virtual staffing.

#3 Strong Government Support – The Philippines Government does have a conscience of the potential growth of the industry and that’s the reason why they have been offering strong support and infrastructure for the IT industry.

Lastly, Accenture, Visa and other global companies have recently opened their delivery centers in the software development countries.

3. Conclusion

However, you will come across a plethora of articles stating that offshore software outsourcing can never be beneficial. On that note, I would just say it depends on your tech partner. Choosing a reliable software development company like TatvaSoft as your preferred option for conducting your next application development project due to the benefit it brings.

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