How can Custom Software Development Help Small Businesses?

Technological advancement and innovative digital solutions are no longer limited to large enterprises. More and more small and medium-sized businesses are looking forward to finding different ways to become more competitive throughout all the stages of the business processes including production, marketing, sales, and even post-sales transactions. The following post emphasizes what is so captivating about custom software solutions and why every business should go gaga over it! Also, the post includes certain benefits of using custom software for small businesses. Without any further ado, let’s begin!

1. What is Custom Software for Small Business?

Well, first of all, let us understand the term custom software development. Well, technically speaking it probably refers to a process of designing, deploying, and maintaining business software solutions for the long run. Custom software development is more like a development approach that mainly focuses on clients’ needs and specifications..

As the thumb rule, bespoke software development is mainly considered by narrow industries such as finance, healthcare, online banking and the list goes on. Wondering why, because these organizations are able to receive a specific product in accordance with their requirements. 

Custom software means businesses get the best platform for growth. Of course, on one hand, custom software benefits you but on the other hand, it offers a wide range of utilities like:

  • It supports while data processing
  • Most qualitative results are received
  • Speed is enhanced
  • Savings in regards to time And since it is full-fledged, better support can be expected 

It would not be hard for you to figure out that success is not away.  Choose a reliable software development company that has potential to fulfill all your needs and requirements in no time. 

1.1 Benefits of Custom Software as a Service

Initially, when custom software came into existence, large enterprises couldn’t believe the fact that it could create such wonders. Though this is not being a magic wand but that doesn’t mean it does not have potential to fulfill your needs and requirements.. However, before you begin development for small business investing make sure to ask these questions:

  • Do they adhere to the set of standards offered by the Government? 
  • Does their business possess any kind of security rules? 
  • Data can be simple as well as complicated. How is their optimizing procedure?

Now let us address the most ones right in the beginning. To be precise, let us go through some  benefits of custom software development.

1. Future Proof

Times have extremely changed and not how they used to be? Do you think it’s retrospective, let’s be speculative for a while.

And you know what things will change maybe 5years down the line.  I can say this looking at the present times where anything is possible using an application from ordering food to booking flight tickets, buying groceries/accessories, etc. . 

But a custom software application? As the name implies, the app has to be customized to a great extent. In case, if you don’t like it you can tweak it, you can update it with the changing times and fix security patches within real-time and roll it out again. 

2. Scalable

Custom software applications are meant to be scalable like it or not! This means whether you are running a large enterprise or a small business, it is possible to either extend or downsize your existing team in regards to the project needs.  Let me get into the details by giving an example of a word processor. Imagine what if you get to build your own version instead of buying a ready-made product? I mean you can add a plethora of personalized features according to your needs and what not. 

If you have a severe workflow then you can add functionalities such as  dictation, real-time translation and more but all of a sudden if the work gets reduced than you can turn your processor into a simple document viewer However, there is one benefit of using conventional softwares they do not need high-end tech infrastructure but a custom  software application might seem costly at the beginning as it does require updated infrastructure but for the long-run, this will turn out to be a profit-spinning venture.

3. Support and assistance

Hey! We are talking about small business owners here. Gone are the days when custom software development was considered for big market players, but not anymore! Today software development for small companies is no longer a buzz, it has become the new norm. 

Now the thing is when we work with custom software developers or development companies what happens is we aspire to become their premier clients. This also means, no matter how big or small a business you run, you have the privilege of demanding swift action and assistance when getting stuck.

Now since we have been talking so much about choosing custom software development for your small business. Let’s look at the approach in more detail.

2. How Custom Software Development Helps Small Business?

In any case, at any point in time, you can choose custom software development whether it’s about your business developing one or you need software based on specific business requirements. But knowing when not to opt for a custom software development project is equally important.

Software development for small businesses, shouldn’t be considered among the below-mentioned conditions such as:

  • Lack of time – If you want to launch the software as quickly as possible.
  • Stock solutions are enough – Do you think off-the-shelf platforms are enough for your needs?
  • Limited Budget – Custom software for small ventures is quite a tricky thing to do. Plus the initial cost could be extremely high. So if you have a limited budget simply scratch that!

Moving on! Now let us explore how small businesses can make wonders in the digital space via software development.

2.1 Make Specific Needs for Your Business

Each company is unique and of course, it has certain requirements especially software-based needs and issues to be solved. For instance, you are willing to come up with software that offers the best possible security or there is some kind of functionality that you need to address as soon as possible. So during such circumstances just make sure to choose a customized software for small business that will assist you well in meeting all your concerns and key requirements. Unlike off-the-shelf or a shelf software development for small businesses, this one is no longer implementing a set of general features.

 knowing your goals or requirements is very crucial or else you won’t be able to get anywhere. 

2.2 Reduce Costs with Custom Software Development

Do you know one of the main concerns or should I say disadvantages of using a preferred licensed software? You see most of the time you may find yourself paying for those features which you haven’t even discovered or may never be using in future. For example, shelf software. And trust me, this could cost you an arm or a leg. But when you come up with a custom software what happens is you can create one featuring only those features that are ideal for your business needs. 

As per the cost is concerned, choosing custom software solutions for your small businesses need to know that low cost, in the beginning, doesn’t mean it will not increase in the future. However, with a custom development project it might turn out to be time consuming and costly at the beginning but it’s more or less like an investment.

2.3 Extra Features can be Needed

You see, most of the time, ready to use software solutions cannot provide full-fledged functionality and therefore can be a real problem in future. At the initial level, off-the-shelf products or packaged software solutions may seem like a game changer but trust me, it won’t work in the long run. Businesses need custom software because it offers integration of the latest technologies and enhances business operations.Let’s look at it in detail. Your business grows, so do your needs. By choosing reliable custom software development services, you get a wide range of options to choose from. 

2.4 Secure

Last but not least comes the security! The term security breach is no longer a buzz. Yes, with great innovation comes great consequences. And unfortunately, the security breach is one of those! With the number of hacker attacks increasing year after year, as a business, no one can afford bad guys to gain classified information of companies and personal data of users. Whether you are in the financial sector or healthcare sector, data protection is as important.

If you are looking for a robust solution that acts as an ultra-armed, firewall-protected product, a Custom software is the perfect choice to make. Have you ever wondered why?  Firstly, it is not open-source.  and secondly, special security code and encryption are used.

2.5 Support and Maintenance

Well, I couldn’t end the blog without mentioning how beneficial you could be as small businesses for choosing software development companies near you. It’s high time business must realize that with growing you, the software is also supposed to grow and change with time.

Businesses when using off-the-shelf solutions often become hostages of the circumstances especially when they are unable to solve the problems on their own. Normally, a conflict-resolution procedure usually takes 48 hours, which is no less time. What a Custom development does is, it enables businesses to keep on enhancing and evolving the software in specific direction and determination.. What’s more,you can think of conducting practices for custom software development  resulting in best-of-best solutions at your doorstep. 

3. Conclusion

Bespoke or custom app development is mainly designed for specific business needs, it could be anything related to sales and marketing. The app development approach can help you get exactly what you need. So without any further ado! Just dive in! I am sure you will succeed!

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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    1. Carl Mach

      I think small businesses somehow feel left behind in this age of digital transformation. So It is very important that small businesses should also be equipped with the latest software tools so that they can compete with their counterparts. This article clearly explains how custom developed business applications work more efficiently and can provide your business model the much needed push.