Software Development Best Practices

The following post highly focuses on some of the software development best practices to keep in mind. But Before we even begin! Let’s brush up on some basics or methods. What is custom software development and why software engineering is pretty much in demand?

1. Introducing Software World-Why Software Engineering is Quite a Rage?

Yeah, we are talking about the unpredictable tech space! With the days passing by, this one is leaving no stone unturned in making the market tougher and competitive. You see in some way or the other, technology does impact the preferences of employees and customers both.

As a result, businesses especially small businesses often find themselves under unseen pressure to quickly change according to the new software development trends of the market, without giving them much choice. And more the time a business takes to change, the costlier it becomes for them. Due to which more and more small businesses are calling out loud for custom software development service providers to assist them in building intuitive and robust-looking software projects.

Think of a small company or organization especially the ones that need to undertake some services that could enhance their business to a great extent. So what one could do is, approach a reputable development team nearby, right? The development team will therefore resort to working on the software projects based on the specific requirement. All you have to do is make sure to narrow down all the precise requirements of the end-user. So do you think software development is fit for you? If yes, further below I would like to mention certain reasons to choose a software development team.

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1.1 Increase Efficiency

First and foremost, is the extended flexibility that comes with it. These development processes are not just meant for the final outcome, they do provide you with the facility to omit or include any feature or aspect you like. After all, you will be the mastermind, you can choose to have a feature depending on your desired needs and core values or opt to exclude a component that may most likely fail to serve a key aspect. With the ease of flexibility, Dedicated programmers and developers can quickly institute changes whenever they arise.

Now, most of the custom software development projects incorporate some repetitive tasks with custom applications, and therefore, collaboration within the organization becomes much more manageable. Most organizations prefer custom software development because of increased efficiency and productivity.

1.2 Enhances ROI

The second advantage of choosing custom-based software projects is cost. However, most of the time they tend to remain costly more upfront if you compare between COTS and Custom Made software, but businesses receive more in return for their dollar. Custom software development is a wise investment for businesses typically saving companies money in the long run.

In fact, the best part here is you no longer need to purchase any extra hardware, acquire a license or pay for features included especially the ones which nobody is going to use. On the contrary, businesses that choose custom software development have the opportunity to create personalized software from scratch.

1.3 Security

Security has been quite a concern these days. Today, living in a digital era means, you are living in a complex threat environment and application security is a grave concern for modern businesses, irrespective of the size. The situation is still no better.

By engaging with a reputed custom software application development company , businesses can take added measures to prevent their data from hackers and disgruntled employees.

Now many of you have been wondering what is driving the high demand for software engineers. Let us dive into the details.

  1. Need for innovation – Today small businesses choose custom software, to build applications and websites that stand out from the competition.
  2. The limited life span of code – In the development process, codes keep on changing and updated. Additionally, each line of code typically has a life span of only a few years. On some occasions, companies may choose to discard old software entirely and rebuild it using modern technology.
  3. Complexity of projects – Software engineers most of the time used to complete projects are improving. However, because projects are also increasing in complexity, companies typically hire a number of engineers to deliver exceptional results for customers.

2. Are You Interested in Conducting Your First Development Process?

In any science project, we are often asked to have strict regard for the procedure and adhere to certain practices. Even the same goes while conducting the software development process. Down below I would like to mention certain software development best practices to guarantee quality software development. These practices will determine the outcome of your custom development because, in software development, the means determine the end.

3. Software Development Best Practices Process

3.1 Understanding the Existing Process and Demands

Whenever you start beginning with your very first software development process, it’s vital that you outline the current procedure, elucidate your expectations,set strict guidelines and illustrate sincerely the parameters of success. For the overall mission management certainly defining these factors will permit the business enterprise to embed them in other key strategies.

Before moving on! What is your modern procedure? Do not make any suppositions; it is higher if you ask the professionals who manage work on a daily basis. Another important question, why you need to make those changes. You have to first test the manner of change, get stakeholder feedback and proceed. Do no longer anticipate due to the fact a non-conceivable software program may show detrimental in your plans. There are various methodologies like waterfall development, agile development and extreme programming etc selection of right one is very important.

3.2 Choosing the Right Development company to Partner with

Before you pick any custom development project, it is very important to choose a reliable more importantly, the right development company. Choose a partner who reduces unnecessary complexity, maintain coding standards and keep code simple for unit tests.

As a business person, we happen to look at saving cost and end up choosing the wrong one. Also, this could have drawbacks also. I mean, come on! You already have some duties and pulling them far from their requisite daily work will damage your everyday operations. Also, your technology personnel won’t gain knowledge of or skilled in custom software application improvement.

This one of the easiest as well as crucial software best practices to consider. You must know that software developers or development teams you are willing to work with are very much specialized on given tasks.

3.3 Conduct Testing

The last software engineering practices to consider is as soon as a software application is built, the most crucial stage in the entire development arena. During the course of developing the software, planning manual or automated testing is extremely essential to avoid repeating errors and bugs.  Code review and inspection of code quality is a very essential factor.

Choose a company or software developer, which has a track record of minimum error. Through regular agile approach and testing, this can be achieved as much as possible. Discover problems before clients or end-users do.

3.4 Distribute Your Project Into Smaller Parts

It doesn’t matter even, is a short-term project with simply a few essential features or a particularly large one with loads of multiple factors, you certainly can’t take it all in one go. You need to cut down the project into shorter, more adaptable parts.

As it will assist you in precisely determining perfectly what you are assumed to prepare. You can split it into some of the basic elements and operate on them one after one. 

Have them assigned separately. This will assist you to evade any uncertainty that you may encounter if you operate on all the modules together. Once you are finished with every module and sure that they all run separately, you can start merging them into a whole project.

Momentarily, let’s assume that you are a member of a dedicated development team. 

In the configuration management of one big part, the project needs to be assigned to someone who has to do everything on their own without any help and it will burden them but with the help of someone, the task will get finished soon with a better outcome. 

3.5 Have a Backup Plan

Testing and adjusting things throughout your work is a secure method to lessen editing time later. Although it is also an easy way to take your code coverage on the wrong path, with no clear way back.

Rather, do your work regularly and frequently. This method will always let you rewind to a period where you hadn’t lost in the huge and complex world.

This is a process, one that is pretty much that you don’t understand the importance of till the time is gone. If you don’t prevent performing, you could be supplementing days and weeks to your plans as you seek to determine the mistake, review it, and then begin again on a separate track.

3.6 Use Software Development Standards

Getting an ISO certificate for your business development has various benefits. 

As it enhances your projects, utilising ISO standards have been shown to improve productivity and sustain high-quality working conditions. Therefore, presenting your accomplished projects better.

The second is that it presents you with a worldwide presence, and that enables you to operate with customers worldwide. So, building your rate rises as a developer. A higher value for a developer means more projects and numerous potential advantages from it.

4. Conclusion

So that’s all for now! Adherence to these different stages and best practices will manifest into a custom software; you will be proud you developed. If you have any query, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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