10 Essential Dot Net Development Tools You Must Know!

Years of experience in dealing with multiple projects all with different languages and platforms is overwhelming. Every app or language you develop, But there is one thing that is not overwhelming when it is not the same when you use .NET framework for building apps. Several third-party development tools have grown quite popular. These efficient tools make jobs like measuring code quality, fixing bugs in .NET code, and other .NET application development tasks easier. To gain first-hand knowledge, you must have knowledge of the most important and effective development tools available in the market. After intense research, you can choose the correct tool. Having dealt with a variety of projects either complex and simpler, different projects and under different priorities, I felt like sharing the essential dot net development tools used most on a daily basis.

1. 10 Essential Dot Net Development Tools That Every Developer Should Know

While working with .NET or .NET Core applications, .NET developers should have a few tools on hand to help you be more productive. Here is the list of essential .NET developer tools that have been used for developing .NET applications by .NET developers. Their own comments, usefulness rating, and top five resources are all included in the collection. Let’s look at the 10+ most important dot net development tools that every.NET developer should have.

.NET Developers

1.1 Visual Studio

visual studio

Visual Studio is a lightweight yet powerful source code editor by far and with the most comprehensive Integrated Development Environment that every .NET developer recommends for developing websites, web applications, and web services. Its IDE offers .NET developers with the most productive and efficient way to get results from all the ones available in the market. Thanks to the well-designed features of Visual Studio Gallery like code completion, code suggestions, easy access to object definitions, and debugging and profiling tools. It also has a user-friendly interface that integrates with many source control systems, such as Git, making it simple to see and the most essential tool to manage branches.

Using Web Essentials in Visual Studio increases several new features that a Visual web developers have never found in many developers’ tools for years.

With Visual Studio extension, if you ever compose CSS, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, or LESS, then you will obtain several beneficial features that will make things much easier for .NET developers to develop projects.

Visual Studio extensions are for every Web developer utilizing Visual Studio and supports many other programming languages apart from .NET.  Also, this Microsoft Web Platform Installer – a free package management software performs it simply to obtain the latest elements of the Microsoft Web Platform.

Its features offer robust built-in support for languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js, as well as a large ecosystem of extensions for additional languages and runtimes (such as C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, and Go) (such as .NET and Unity).

Year of initialization-2012

Compatible on Platforms- Windows, macOS and Linux.

Cost-$14.95/user approx (it may vary with geographies and currencies)

Available in: 13 languages

1.2 NuGet

nu get

NuGet is an open-source software with an easy-to-use interface.It is widely used by .NET developers for developing and browsing NuGet packages. It is developed by Microsoft specifically for .NET platforms  and is the most comprehensive database of .NET third-party components.NuGet is your primary tool for introducing frameworks, libraries, and modules into your.NET applications; however, it is best utilized in conjunction with an extra explorer tool. The NuGet package manager, together with its Gallery, serves as a central package repository for usage with.NET NuGet package allows you to factor in your own code for usage in your own applications. It includes  around 150 thousand distinct packages to develop projects and more than a million users from a variety of other developer tools.

Year of initialization-2010

Compatible Platforms- Windows Vista and later

Type Package management system

Available in Languages- 125 international languages

1.3 LINQPad


.NET is much more versatile in developing various kinds of business applications. Every .NET development company and .NET developer will not deny the effectiveness of the  LINQPad. The tool that makes it possible to. Net programmers can immediately use it for testing code snippets and query databases using LINQ or SQL server express. It is popular due to its extensive output formatting, built-in debugging, optional autocompletion, and helps prototyping with instant feedback. The utility makes it possible. Internet programmers may write and automate in any language. C#, F#, or Visual Basic are examples of .NET programming languages.

LINQPad is specifically designed for the .NET framework, but it comprehensively provides support to all types of Frameworks, Objects, and XML 

Year of initialization-2010

Compatible Platforms- Windows 

Cost- Freemium

1.4 ReSharper


JetBrains has created this extension of Visual Studio called ReSharper  to help developers in .NET coding. It is one of the tools for .NET developers which offers the ability to assess code quality and rapidly discover and repair problems. It also has a lot of shortcuts for rapid refactoring and navigation. Resharper allows users to provide unparalleled support to all technology languages from C#, , XAML, JavaScript, C++, TypeScript, JSON, ASP.NET MVC, XML, HTML, CSS, Protobuf, NAnt and MSBuild scripts including comprehensive cross-language functionality.

Resharper is a code productivity tool whose main job is to offer performance optimization of codes through performance. It helps developers to monitor profiles to eliminate memory leaks. It is a unit runner, a decompiler which gets free on its own. The Resharper Ultimate subscription also provides dotCover (a .NET unit test runner and code coverage tool) as well as others like dotTrace, dotMemory, and dotPeek.

Year of initialization-2010

Compatible Platforms- Windows 

Cost- Freemium

1.5 Chocolatey


Chocolatey is a Windows package manager that is completely free to use. The advantage of this tool is that it is compatible with all current programming establishment innovations. Chocolatey enables the creation and deployment of software packages using tools that you are already acquainted with. This software management solution supports a variety of Windows operating systems as well as cloud platforms such as Azure and Amazon AWS.

NuGet and PowerShell technologies have conjointly created Chocolatey. The purpose of packaging programs into “packages.” Aside from NuGet, Chocolatey makes use of PowerShell (a cross-platform task automation and configuration management framework) to provide functionality that aids in the installation and updating of packages. Every odd developer tends to work with MSI database documents utilized by Microsoft Installer, it is remarkably recommended for installation on Windows. Chocolatey leverages advanced PowerShell to provide automated software management guidance.

Year of initialization-2009

Compatible Platforms- Windows 

Pricing- Freemium

1.6 .NET Reflector

.NET Reflector

.NET Reflector is a well-known .NET decompiler, and static analyzer. It is also available as a Visual Studio extension  and is one of the most useful tools for .NET developers. The benefit of using the .NET reflector tool is to debug your program and discover issues. It can even step into third-party code written in Visual Studio. It should be mentioned that the.NET reflector might help to simplify things.

Red Gate, a software development company has .NET Reflector that has been taken over to provide all types of software development services in .NET development services.

Year of initialization-2008

Compatible Platforms- Windows 

Cost- Freemium

1.7 Postman


Postman is an Indian origin company that enables developers a collaborative platform for testing of APIs. It basically gives a good testing environment for http requests to any API, whether local or distant. Use Postman for the most basic tasks, such as executing rest calls and arranging requests into folders for each service or API. However, Postman has a lot more to offer, such as multiple automated testing options, environment variables, and even a command-line interface.

APIs have become indispensable in modern software development, and developers are searching for tools like Postman that make working with API development simpler. Because of this, our community has developed organically, particularly on GitHub, StackOverflow, Twitter, and Reddit, and some of our greatest supporters often highlight how Postman has revolutionized their API processes.

Year of initialization-2013

Compatible Platforms- Windows 

Users-50 million active Postman

1.8 NDepend


NDepend is a Visual Studio extension that helps in static .NET managed code analysis used by a .NET developer. The application enables for the measurement of code quality using multiple code metrics as well as the visualization of its design. It also provides a bird’s-eye perspective of the application’s and code’s organization. NDepend provides a specialized querying language for examining the application’s coupling as well as the ability to assess how effective code adhering is.

The program also compares code base snapshots, graphics and quality criteria. LINQ queries may be used to create user-defined rules. CQLinq is the name of this feature. In addition, the tool includes a significant number of preset CQLinq code rules. In Visual Studio, code rules may be verified automatically or during continuous integration.

Latest update-2020

Compatible Platforms- Windows 

License- Commercial and propriety 

1.9 SQL Complete

SQL Complete

Devart developed another popular and effective tool called SQL Complete that contributes to improving developer productivity. SQL Complete can help you produce high-quality SQL server management studio code with proper formatting  and the most valuable and useful developer tools out there. SQL Complete is an add-in for SSMS that allows you to speed up query authoring, format your SQL query, rename tables, columns, procedures, and functions, and obtain information.

.NET developers and community helps businesses to use all the enhanced features and become next-level SQL developers. You can get access to multiple features and some of them are listed below

  • SQL query formatting
  • Code restructuring 
  • Maintenance of code standards 
  • Simple data retrieval
  • Simple snippet modification and management

Year of initialization-1997

Compatible Platforms- Almost all versions of Windows 

Cost- Freemium

1.10 NCrunch


NCrunch is a comprehensive and fully automated concurrent testing tool for Microsoft Visual Studio. It gathers code coverage while tests are running, displays code performance data, runs many tests at the same time, and prioritizes recent code modifications. NCrunch monitors your code coverage in real time and displays the tested code as markers next to your code. This makes it simple to see where your coverage is strong or weak. Because of its intelligent test execution and inline exemption details, NCrunch is used by .NET core development teams.

NCrunch was created with a vision for large, complicated projects in mind. Optimizing and expanding the NCrunch system to match the demands of real-world systems with millions of lines of code and thousands of tests. Many of the world’s most skilled.NET developers rely on NCrunch to produce test results quickly and consistently. At a glance, below is a list of NCrunch’s features:

  • Concurrent Automated Testing Support
  • Analysis of Code Coverage
  • Metrics of Performance
  • Capable of carrying out tests intelligently

Year of initialization-2009

Compatible Platforms- Windows 

Pricing- $159 and above per company per user

2. The Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Your .NET Toolset

In this section, we will discuss some of the best key factors for choosing some of the exceptional .NET Toolsets, the list of available toolsets will help you to determine what is best for your .NET projects.

1. Project purpose and uniformity: Many .NET experts prefer to be more attentive towards their project’s goals. Hence, the tools are essential,  whichever tools they will use might take time and attention. And they end up spending a lot of configuring them. So, it is better to strive for the tools list as short as possible.”

2. Excellence in routine tasks: Another factor that matters while choosing a toolset is their excellence for the daily task. Professionals look for the tools that benefit them to resolve time-consuming tasks. 

Also, select the tools that will preserve time, programming errors, etc., or whether it accommodates to avoid or automate annoying or repetitive actions throughout the development.

3. Easy deployment: This factor helps the production environment with the least influence on it. As experts say there are a plethora of choices out there, but not all of them will enable one to seize memory allocations without preventing an application from configuring any kind of bootstrap. Also, being a visual web developer helps the development procedure by letting users create their data access layer visually with the help of the right tools.

4. Trustworthy reputation: The next is building up trust with a tool, whether it a beginner or a proficient .NET developer for their .NET programming , trust a tool recommended by an author on the subject more than state a homegrown tool acquired 6 months ago by a casual developer on GitHub.

5. Price: Developing a .NET application is not a piece of cake neither is it affordable but choosing a tool with the best features at an affordable price is essential. As we can do, a price tag or free trial period normally impedes the assignment at hand so quickly move on to free options.

6. Components: The next one is one of the essential key factors., While searching a tool , .NET developers often comprehend onward what features they are looking for. If they are searching for features and a tool is offering then it is best to accept it and use it immediately. Besides, the tool is utilized for mapping data between incompatible data stores.

3. Conclusion

In this blog, finally, we came to explore most of the essential tools required by .NET developers. We aim to bring forward all the dot net development tools that would help them develop a cutting-edge app with code analysis, using the Microsoft web platform installer to develop an application at their fingertips. There are several more tools available, such as ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers), Entity Developer, Web Essentials, Visual Studio extension augments, etc.

All these tools are compatible with Microsoft visual studio for code quality analysis with static code analysis to all types of latest web applications. You are introduced into your code and you do not have to install all of these tools at once. Instead, you can customize the tools as per your project’s requirements, analysis tool, web development needs, budget, and .Net Core developers.

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