What are the advantages and disadvantages of using educational apps?

Education industry has seen an explosion of technology suddenly after the global epidemic took place. The complete industry is uncovering newer changes with technology by its side. It is not that technology is newly introduced in the education sector, it existed but the usage of education apps was limited. It was an alternative and now it has become a necessity. This accelerated use of educational software development using mobile apps and helped businesses reach new heights especially in this educational sector. Technology tools and platforms  that enabled teachers to connect with their students, monitor their learning progress, or share their courses were obviously in high demand during required distance learning.

Unquestionably, education and learning through technology has just made the process faster, easily understandable and convenient. Many institutions have made it a necessity for their teachers and students to make the best use of apps. This has given a rise to many educational apps to be the first choice and make a difference in the education sector. With increasing use of elearning platforms, the institutions can aid benefits such as lower cost of operations, higher efficiency, easier management, and other many business benefits. Not many of you would know what believe that the education sector is the third most popular category in app development. This makes us think that education technology is definitely powerful and beneficial for kids, college students, teachers and other stakeholders of same industry.

In this blog, we will see all the benefits that education technology is capable of offering and also the reasons that restrict other businesses to adopt such a revolutionary app facility. So, get yourself ready to know some new facts on educational apps.

1. What Does eLearning Mean?

If we split the word elearning wisely, it says electronic learning using technology . This has a completely new phase compared to traditional classroom environment. Yes elearning is a process of gaining education from anywhere through the internet and apps. Speaking of today’s world, mobile learning is quite common. Mobile learning, often known as eLearning, is a novel approach to gain access to a wide range of internet information using a mobile device. Mobile learning is the most convenient option for students to obtain assistance.

Many schools, districts and institutions have accepted the idea of eLearning and mobile learning. They provide their students the access to cellphones and laptop computers and urge them to utilize them for educational reasons. Although mobile learning may be enjoyable for kids but if it is utilized correctly, it can also be incredibly valuable for students of all ages and even adults.

The incomparable aspect about mobile learning has made so many global resources available online. So, if you don’t receive what you want from one platform, you may look for it somewhere. Look for some other platform. Even if you are using the app and do not understand something, you can easily give feedback and discuss your issue or suggestion with the app developer or app producing firm.

Now that you know what mobile learning and other learning apps is, so let’s talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

2. Advantages of Using Educational Apps

2.1 Convenient Accessibility

The concept of elearning is already clear in our minds. It has given a clear indication that this way of education will allow you to access the information from anywhere, at any time. With the access of mobile phones or smart devices, the possibility of downloading any app becomes convenient. This type of software offers agility in two aspects: first, it allows for the implementation of educational apps regardless of the location of teachers or students. The second way is the utilisation of cloud storage solutions allows for easy access from many devices.

You can avail all the features of the educational software on your phone and get benefits from it. 

The apps will allow you to communicate with anyone globally and learn the best from them. You can access this facility from anywhere anytime where there is internet. In fact there are few apps that also allow offline app access.

2.2 Permanent Source of Education

In comparison to prior years, information technology use was concentrated on fixed devices and for fixed usage. However, at this level when the technological creation and growth is blooming, they demand continual access to the knowledge base. Mobile devices are frequently situated and owned by the same person, they make the educational process continuous. Unlike traditional teaching methods, the students may complete work at any time that is convenient for them, and teachers can shift the passive share of instruction beyond the classroom. Also, mobility mobile phones are always available with significant benefits that lets you have handy materials, social interaction and using facility in case you have internet connection. Mobile apps allow for continued training in regions of military and even catastrophe zones, demonstrating a clear embodiment of continuity.

2.3 Improved Customer Engagement

Unquestionably, the kids like using educational applications. They are energizing and entertaining. Teachers may struggle to persuade students to pay attention in class, but they seldom struggle to get them to utilize a computer. Physical classes are easy because you can go to the place of the student and make them understand. While in such classes, all you need to do is make class more entertaining which will entice students to automatically take interest in the class. Normally also, these classes are entertaining. Still there are students who may not always be engaged in a lecture, they may get interested in a certain subject as a result of an app. 

Using educational applications might help students become more interested in subjects they might otherwise avoid.But overall, the app itself is so engaging with interactive images, story tellings and ppts, videos that make users engaged with your app. 

2.4 Diversified Content

For a fact, we know there is a lot of content available online. So are the options available for users to choose from their favorite platforms. Since there is a vast diversity, it is quite easy for individuals to gain access to it. They can choose whatever they want.They can also influence a large number of people from all over the world to gain access to it for various themes or issues.

With the availability of a broad spectrum of content, there is a chance for you to stand apart from the crowd. Your content can be unique and your app innovative. This can only be done by using the latest frameworks, programming language that suits your app the best and takes up the whole show up of the developed application.

2.5 Interactive Learning

One of the primary benefits of educational applications is customization. Personalization is one of the most interactive methods of learning, motivating students to connect with the app more and more. Interactive apps do not force you to get connected; instead the sessions are so interactive and collaborative that you might feel the need of it later. Educational apps are quickly becoming the preferred method of instruction for students since they allow them to learn at their own speed and in the comfort of their own homes.

Interactive learning has been there in classes as well but with virtual learning, this process has been enhanced to a greater extent. In addition, go to the next level of difficulty based on personal preferences and gained information, independently assess your accomplishments, and complete extra activities to solidify the content. Furthermore, a mobile phone allows each student to study the information in the most suitable format for them. You will find all the best ways of learning through these elearning platforms like PPTs, videos, gifs, storytelling and many other interactive ways.

2.6 Round the Clock Availability

Users of this program can use it anytime. Unlike traditional schools, if a student has missed a period, he or she will have to take notes from someone else, But in online classes, they don’t have to be concerned if they miss any online classes. Because recorded lectures are available, users may return and replay any lecture that has been taught whenever they choose. 

Infact, they also have an option to download the lecture and refer to it again in future. This allows students to learn in a relaxed setting with no time constraints. They can always find a way to manage their work, life, and education, even if they don’t want to.

2.7 Cost Effectiveness

The cost factor is one of the prime reasons why businesses go online. Not that they realize that it is cost-effective which results in many questions in their minds. Like how much cost is involved in this process? Or will it be more costly than the traditional way of teaching? How should we save costs? And many similar questions.  Well, to answer that, we would say Online learning is already a cost-effective process, you get to save cost in many aspects. Nowadays, this has been the talk of the town, very few businesses actually have physical classes, everyone has moved online. This translates to a business strategy which showcases monetary benefits with fruitful results. So, when you decide to opt for an educational app, be rest assured that the app offers cost-effective results and would accelerate overall business efficiency. 

2.8 Systematic and Improved Learning Ability

Mobile learning applications are more environmentally friendly than traditional learning techniques that use a variety of papers, pencils, and pens.

Smart and Systematic learning are both supported by education applications. The whole information on an education app is well-organized to encourage students’ desire to study more, and this is done in a methodical manner.

A high-end education software allows pupils to follow a logical and seamless flow without much effort. Furthermore, these learning applications enable consumers to easily download reference notes for them. Furthermore, mobile apps offer quicker & effective ways of learning.

3. Disadvantages of Using Educational Apps

3.1 Unexpected Software and Hardware Issues

Moving online also has some of the drawbacks. Technicalities of the applications are only known by an engineer or an education app software developer. They are the ones who can solve this problem. Software is a program that runs on a device in accordance with the instructions that are encoded in the software at the time of coding. Even if the life of software appears to be smooth, there are other extrinsic variables that impede its smooth life span. 

Sometimes an update can cause changes in the app, device change or any other factors. Some of the external forces can also influence IT developments. Some of the issues that impede the operation of the software, such as software compatibility issues, failure to upgrade to a new version, and frequent system crashes, are listed below. These are some of the issues that cause vulnerability to the software. Thereby it also disrupts the smooth mobile learning experience.

Another influencing factor to this is hardware that is connected to the learning app. Connected means interlinked by some other means. Hardware, as opposed to software, is dependent on physical devices. Physical gadgets might wear out over time. These devices can also deteriorate because of overuse, dust, and hard handling of the device. Apart from that there can be other factors as well that might cause them to wear out. The disadvantage here is you would not be able to identify what went wrong and some of the elements might interfere with the smooth operations.

3.2 No Physical Interaction

If you are someone who believes in personal interaction then such apps are not for you. We do understand their thought-process that personal interaction with a person is priceless. And we’ve all understood this when dealing with a pandemic. There is a growing alienation seen in the society and their changing preferences for technology and social media has resulted in greater mental and emotional health issues. So, for people thinking that virtual interaction is not that effective may find this not useful. However, educational applications reduce real-world and social connection, which causes discomfort.

3.3 Restricted Feedback

Feedback is a major motivator for every student’s growth. Studying from an online teacher frequently appears to be a hindrance to this development. The teachers in this situation provide feedback but do not have enough time to deal with each pupil individually and explain everything in depth. As a result, some students may fall behind owing to gaps in their knowledge, resulting in a failed completion of their course.

3.4 No Direct Response

Software apps main purpose was to address multiple people’s problems through a single application. But this has backfired them, with hundreds of people available online, it is challenging for teachers to get back to all students’ concerns at once. For a human it is not possible to get back with all queries at once which indirectly points out no proper response to problems. Students always need direct response to their problem or else with time the problem fades away. So, when the app is unable to address it, it becomes non-useful. 

3.5 Lack of Technology Knowledge Leads to Disparity among Children

If there is no knack of technology then it will always result in lesser usage of  technology. For everyone, technology knowledge is not created equal. Children who are more comfortable with tablets and computers have an edge over those who are not. In fact this goes to parents as well, if they know less about it their children will suffer.

 In general, children from higher socioeconomic situations will have greater access to digital equipment and will be more competent at using them. This gap raises the idea that educational technology contributes to learning inequity. Furthermore, the issue arises: does progress on an education app genuinely reflect a kid’s mastery of the subject matter or does it examine if a youngster has technological expertise?

4. Conclusion

Learning has been made more enjoyable and convenient by incorporating technology in it. Since students now have access to a new platform as well as the ability to study from renowned instructors located around the world. We can also call it a long-distance education. These educational technology apps aid many benefits that we have discussed in the blog. We must consider ourselves lucky to be able to use live teaching apps and help make the world a better place. 

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