Top 10 SharePoint Migration Tools

The share of Microsoft SharePoint users has surged and the cloud-based SharePoint users have increased by 19 percentage points in the past years. Talking about last year, around 86 percent of Microsoft SharePoint users have utilized cloud-based SharePoint servers rather than on-premises servers. This probes businesses to make the best of SharePoint migration tools with the help of an experienced SharePoint development company.

This blog is focused on the top most tried and tested tools for migrating SharePoint workflows and understanding which one will fit your business custom needs.

1. SharePoint Migration Tools

1.1 AvePoint DocAve

The first tool in this list of SharePoint migration tools  is AvePoint’s DocAve. This one is the most prominent name with more settled features that blooms the market for the best SharePoint migration tools. One quality that makes it unique is that it can now include modules for the transfer of 14 legacy systems to existing or old SharePoint versions like 2010, 2013, and even the online version.

This one is also inclusive of the other newer features like DocAve Migrators and DocAve Material Manager, which allows users to rearrange content within seconds. When you use DocAve, it provides users a comprehensive SharePoint management, protection, and replication control. All of the modules may be handled using a browser-based interface and tailored to meet the needs of any specific organization.

There are the latest versions of AvePoint which is also announced for advancement DocAve Online Service Pack 1 for enhanced management of Office 365 deployments, including backup and recovery for Exchange Online. Compliance Guardian Service Pack (SP) 1 was launched in June and included the functionality of file shares and web compliance.

1.2 ShareGate Migration Tool

The second one on the list is one of the renowned names in SharePoint migration tools. ShareGate migration tool provides another excellent migration tool for transferring your projects to the ShareGate technology environment. This list will never be completed without ShareGate migration. One of the most cutting-edge features is that it offers one of the most simple and uncomplicated SharePoint migration tools that does not require server-side installation.

Since ShareGate migration steps are now substantially simplified, it is now referred to as quite simple to use. It enables you complete site SharePoint transfer as well as granular SharePoint migration on two distinct bases – phased basis and manual basis – using a drag and drop interface.

1.3 Lightning Migrator

The third one on this list is Lightning Migrator. This one goes as per the name as it is lightning-fast in delivering migration facilities to businesses. It is also one of the simplest tools that would allow businesses to securely and rapidly migrate their data from SharePoint server to SharePoint Online (Office 365). When you use SharePoint Migration tools, you are all set to freely do SharePoint version history migration, selective migration, even put migration on priority, and maintain the migration library.

Lightning Migrator can turn out to be one of the most powerful and productive SharePoint migration tools for your business solutions. Here are some of its most notable aspects:

  • In Lighting Migrator you can easily shift the complete content collection at once.
  • Without the use of SharePoint, designers can still create data views efficiently.
  • There are many other features that include the management of SharePoint permissions efficiently.
  • You may also use sophisticated scripts to automate some of the more time-consuming migration operations.

Thus from this, we can conclude that Lightning Migrator is a remarkable SharePoint online migration solution available for simply moving your tasks from one platform to another.

1.4 Metalogix

Next one on this list is Metalogix Content Matrix. We can proudly call it a popular content migration solution for SharePoint migration projects. The key aspects include a migration manager for quick material identification, it can simply design new site structures, and it migrates content only when the user grants permission.

Metalogix SharePoint migration tool is not popular for simplicity, but there are many more good reasons. This unique SharePoint migration tool- Metalogix Content Matrix can help you connect to pre-existing SharePoint deployments without any additional server-side effort. Metalogix can transfer associated metadata as well as other factors in addition to content.

Here are some crucial Metalogix fundamentals concerning the SharePoint migration solution that you should be aware of:

  • Metalogix is capable of offering a simple setup procedure that does not require server-side installation.
  • There are certain functions like site collection, site migration, rearranging of components after migration, splitting lists, aligning discrete elements, and even merging the lists and their migrations.
  • Metalogix content matrix software transfers Nintex processes. It also has BLOBS in use which can be used externally before turning to migration.
  • Finally, these metalogic components have sophisticated features and capabilities for SharePoint migration and analysis.
  • The Metalogix SharePoint migration tool is a commercial application. However, a free trial version is available for download on the company’s website.

1.5 CodePlex

CodePlex comes under the hood of a popular brand called Microsoft. It is an open-source project hosting portal. You may build projects to share with the world, collaborate with others on their projects, and get open-source software. All of this is offered by CodePlex. It is not required for you to log in to their site in order to access these projects. Nonetheless, it is a recommended practice for all CodePlex users.

There is no bid hustle while trying to use CodePlex. It makes things easier, you can log in with your current Microsoft office account and access the CodePlex features. The workspace can be used to build and test SharePoint services, among other things. There are several exporters/importers in the download space, but none for SP 2013.

1.6 Dell

Dell’s SharePoint migration package is one of the best SharePoint migration tools available in 2019. It has two major benefits: it reduces the likelihood of downtime and data loss during SharePoint transfer. Using Dell’s SharePoint migration package, developers can be ensured of data protection. Dell Quest Migration Suite is a SharePoint migration tool that does not require an agent. Your SharePoint installation may include several components such as –Files, Folders, and so on.

The following are some of the most important features of Dell Migration Suite for SharePoint:

  • To begin with, Dell Migration is designed to provide a smooth transition to any type of SharePoint document.
  • Furthermore, the console is easy to use and makes the transfer process much easier.
  • Additionally, the availability of Azure Turbo-fast enables faster cloud migration.
  • It also employs an intelligent approach to metadata upgrade.
  • You’ll also get migration project management simplified.


The PCVITA SharePoint Express Migrator also appears on the list of SharePoint migration solutions for 2022. This is due to the fact that this instrument possesses a diverse set of characteristics. It gives you a graphical migration capability to help you easily carry out your corporate SharePoint migration plan. PCVITA SharePoint Migrator software can move your files to a SharePoint environment much more efficiently than standard SharePoint migration tools and software packages.

While performing granular SharePoint transfer, it keeps the metadata and permissions intact. You can use this tool to transfer data to SharePoint from the sources listed below —

  • File System for Documents
  • Outlook Email Messages
  • SharePoint
  • The Public Folder

1.8 ProvenTeq

Proventeq is a content migration expert that provides consulting services as well as technology to businesses looking to migrate their data. It can migrate data from any content repository into any corporate CMS and provide best practice recommendations based on what the organization is looking for.

Proventeq is not a SharePoint migration expert, but due to the importance of SharePoint in the workplace today, it spends a significant amount of time dealing with both SharePoint 2010 and 2013, as well as Office 365.

It can also migrate content from older SharePoint versions to newer ones, as well as to SharePoint Record Center. Its most recent update, Office 365 Migration Accelerator allows for the migration of internally hosted apps such as file sharing.

1.9 HarePoint

Harepoint, created by MAPILab Limited, aids in SharePoint Workflow migration for large corporations and enterprises. Furthermore, it is one of the free SharePoint migration programs that can be tried before paying. So, whether you manage a small business or a large corporation, you can quickly move your workflows from one SharePoint environment to another. Furthermore, SharePoint workflows serve as the foundation for large and enterprise-level organizations to carry out project management and process management responsibilities related to their business initiatives.

Having powerful tools for SharePoint workflow transfer enables organizations to easily and quickly migrate all of their projects from one SharePoint environment to another.

1.10 MetaVis

MetaVis’ main product in the SharePoint market is its Migration Suite, which allows for the transfer of data between SharePoint editions as well as the migration of file-sharing or Google content with a single tool.

File Manager for SharePoint, Migrator for Google Apps, and Migrator for SharePoint are all included in the Migration Suite. When using the SharePoint API, businesses do not have to rely on IT to deploy server-side controls. It not only supports bulk uploading of material into SharePoint libraries in all editions, but it also supports bulk uploading of files and folders into a SharePoint library, providing metadata and assigning content types as it goes.

2. Conclusion

The list is endless and thus this brings us to a point that there are many other types of tools used to migrate SharePoint server workflows. This isn’t just it. We have an endless list of tools that SharePoint Professionals are using for each migration project with a different version of SharePoint. This will help you get insights into each tool easily and help you to sieve out the best for your business.

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