Angular vs jQuery – Key Differences

Having an online web presence is crucial for the growth and survival of any company in the modern day. The user interface (UI), accessibility, content, and time-to-market of the website or web app are all crucial in making a connection with the intended audience.

Patient Portal Development

In today’s world where everything is being digitized, the healthcare ecosystem is nowhere behind. Hospitals and healthcare institutes have started adopting technologies and implementing software solutions into their systems to keep the healthcare records of their patients. This is why the demand for patient portals has increased in the past few years.

Cloud Computing in Healthcare

In today's time, the use of cloud computing in healthcare departments is increasing and since the pandemic, the entire healthcare system has started to depend on various medical applications that are attached to the cloud. Everyone from healthcare professionals to nurses and patients are reaping the complete advantage of the IT infrastructures that healthcare providers have.

Chatbots in Healthcare: Its Benefits, Use Cases and Challenges

Healthcare is the most important industry as here the patients require quick access to medical facilities and medical information. For this, AI is used in the healthcare department as this technology has the capability to offer quick and easy support to the patients in a way that they get all the necessary information within no time.

Difference between Software Testing vs Quality assurance

You can't risk losing customers by releasing subpar software in an era when your rivals are only a cursor click away. Learning about software quality, though, may be difficult. It's easy to get lost in the sea of jargon and ever-evolving technical phrases. To help you out, we'll discuss the “software testing vs. quality assurance” conundrum here.

Top mobile app testing tools

Companies are increasing their investment in the most effective QA services because of the rapid growth of digital transformation. In addition to reducing potential threats, testing your mobile app also improves user satisfaction. As a result, businesses must select appropriate mobile app testing tools to satisfy their consumers' ever-increasing expectations.

Static Testing vs Dynamic Testing

The goal of software testing services is to find any bugs in the program and ensure that it works as intended before it is released to the public. It involves running software/system elements through an evaluation process, either manually or automatically, to determine the value of one or more attributes of interest.

Top eCommerce Analytics Tools for Growth

You can evaluate the success of your brand and keep abreast of the game with the assistance of eCommerce development services and tools. With so many alternatives, it may be difficult to decipher the many capabilities and choose which tool is best for your ecommerce marketplace.

What are the Benefits of eCommerce?

The global eCommerce development services are no longer just a choice, it has become a necessity. The eCommerce market holds a diverse capability of cross-border transportation, international retail, and borderless deliveries. ECommerce has progressed in leaps and bounds exceeding what brick-and-mortar stores were able to offer.

What is Headless Commerce? A Complete Guide

Nowadays consumers have newer ways of using eCommerce and its products by first reviewing, and then placing orders. The credit for all of these goes to the new-edge innovations, intelligent voice assistants, and in-store interfaces that are all set to bring change. The tech world has evolved radically and in other words, we can say most retailers are adopting features to get consumers on their doorstep or say on their websites.