Why is Fintech Growing?

For at least a decade the fintech sector has been growing. It became the reason behind reshaping the payment and banking system. But since the pandemic hit the world, the acceptance of fintech products and services has increased and more businesses have started adopting this approach.

What is Regression Testing : Types and Techniques

The main purpose of software testing is to find bugs and fix them in the developed application before delivering them to the clients. For this, every software testing company follows different types of testing approaches. Regression testing is the most popular process as it enables the QA team to make sure that once the bugs are fixed in the software, no other problem arises and the software works perfectly fine.

Digital Transformation in Banking

With time, every industry is moving towards digitalization and the banking sector is one such major industry that strives to adopt modern approaches and integrate digital technologies to have digitized processes for the customers. Though this is a complex approach, the use of modern technologies can make it easy for any bank to transfer its legacy system to digital channels.

Components of a Software RFP Template

In the past years or some decades back, the bidding process was different than it is now. To make the process more solicit, RFP templates were introduced to this bidding process for the development of software projects.

Top 10 SharePoint Migration Tools

The share of Microsoft SharePoint users has surged and the cloud-based SharePoint users have increased by 19 percentage points in the past years. Talking about last year, around 86 percent of Microsoft SharePoint users have utilized cloud-based SharePoint servers rather than on-premises servers.

Digital Banking Trends To Watch Out

Nowadays, the majority of mobile users regularly use online banking solutions. They also purchase goods & services using online payment systems and transfer money to others through mobile banking apps.

Top 18 Vue JS Interview Questions and Answers

Interviews are crucial stepping stones to new jobs. When going to attend a Vue interview, it is vital to prepare enough. In other words, if you answer the vue.js interview questions correctly, you will have a greater chance of landing the job. This post will walk you through the 16 most often asked Vue js interview questions in order to improve your abilities and self-assurance.

Vue 3 Installation Guide and Features

Vue.js is an open-source front-end framework for creating single-page apps and user interfaces that is rapidly rising in popularity. Vue.js has grown in prominence and gained new subscribers since its first release, because of its development-friendly language, ease of use, and well-known documentation. The new Vue version, Vue 3, was launched in September 2020.

Top React Interview Questions and Answers

React is a very popular open-source JavaScript library that enables web app developers to create fast, simple, and scalable solutions for clients. It is the most flexible and efficient Javascript library in the IT market. Facebook's expert software engineer, Jordan Walke created it. Initially, Facebook used React for its news feed section but with time Instagram also started using React, and now every small or big company uses or wants to use React for their applications.

Best React Project Ideas for Beginners

React is known as one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for creating impressive and intuitive applications. There are many interesting React projects in the market that are created by developers using React app development best practices like the use of database and API, authentication, React router, and more.