What is Azure Subscription? An Ultimate Guide

Azure portal, Microsoft's public cloud service, is the optimal answer for the majority of enterprises requiring contemporary cloud services. There are multiple subscriptions in Azure cloud resources. Recognizing Azure subscriptions may save companies time and money. The architecture and functionality of Azure subscriptions must be understood by businesses.

What is Azure DevOps And Its Advantages

Software development firms have the everyday task of establishing themselves in an industry that is both competitive and dynamic. Not only must software be launched on the marketplace more rapidly, but it must also be continuously modified to satisfy the demands of its end users. The Azure DevOps purpose is to provide an efficient way of operation with effective communication and explicit procedures with quick lead times. However, how might these enhancements be accomplished? Let us talk about that!

Popular Tech Stacks for Software Development Project!

Tech stack is the need of the hour for all businesses. To make a fully functional and high-performing steady application, one must have knowledge of popular tech stacks used in the development process of their apps. A tech stack is a data ecosystem with a collection of different tools, technologies, and programming languages that developers use to create a custom application either for mobile platforms or the web.

C# vs .NET: The Ultimate Difference

In the software development ecosystem, C# and .NET are known as the two most popular and widely used technologies. Both of them have their own functions, approaches, and purposes. C# is a very simple yet modern multi-paradigm programming language by Microsoft.

Top 6 .NET Ecommerce Platforms

Microsoft came up with ASP.NET to enable the creation of modern-day web apps and services with the help of the .NET extension framework. ASP.NET is an open-source web framework that allows .NET app development companies to create apps that can run on different platforms like MacOS, Docker, Windows, and Linux.

Advantages of Refactoring in Software Development

Consistent improvement is a way businesses keep their pace and make their way to the advanced business app. Developing an application needs a lot of restructuring, existing code changes, quality improvement changes, and so on, to get the coding right.

Flutter vs Angular for Creating User Interface

One of the biggest concerns of any web app developer while creating a web application or a website for the client is to choose the best cross-platform framework for that particular project. The reason behind it is that there are various web application framework/s available in the market when it comes to web application development.

A Complete Guide to Agile Methodology in Testing

As the intricacy of the software development process continues to increase, software testing methods as a part of mandatory QA services must also grow to stay up. Agile methodology in testing is a modern strategy that emphasizes on testing smartly as opposed to investing a lot of time yet still producing high-quality solutions.

What is Manual Testing? A Complete Guide

Testing is a large subject area. When computer software is produced, it undergoes many software testing phases. The tests may be operational or non-operational, depending on the test needs.

What is Selenium Testing? A Complete Guide

In this article, we will focus on providing an introduction to Selenium that will provide you with a fundamental grasp of the Selenium tool suite, the importance of the tool as a bigger picture in software testing services, and criteria to assist you in determining if it meets your requirements as a tester or QA team.