Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Dedicated Software Development Team

Gone are the days when businesses restrict themselves from taking risks for the progress of their business. Every business is constantly evolving and advancing to become the leading one in the race. There is a spur among businesses that encourages businesses to outsource their in-house services and take leverage of third-party companies like TatvaSoft to gain superiority. It is not one reason for businesses to choose outsourcing but it comes with innumerable other benefits such as cost-efficiency, access to a global workforce, flexibility, and improved business results. Hiring a dedicated software development team is a very important process.

1. Introduction

Undoubtedly, there are many businesses thinking to outsource and take advantage of the dedicated software development team. While doing so, there are many unforeseen complexities that businesses have to undergo. If your business hires an inappropriate dedicated development team then it can cost your business a fortune. Furthermore, several companies fail to thrive while they partner with a subpar online and smartphone app development firm. Often organizations employ the wrong software development firms, and some of their apps are developed incorrectly, costing them a lot of money and time wastage.

Hence we decided to come up with all the factors that make businesses avoid unnecessary steps while they screen their potential dedicated development team. We have curated a list of 10 challenges that obstruct businesses from hiring the right talent. So, let’s get started

1.1 Opting for a Cheaper Option 

It is very obvious for businesses to choose an option that is economical and reasonable for businesses. Since offshore outsourcing is chosen because it offers cost-effective and trustworthy business processes at much lower rates. But it is not right to look for a cheaper option. Instead, your business should look for a potential third-party business that is capable of bringing change to your organization. With good research and constructive planning, your business can end up finding an apt dedicated development team for your business

1.2 Restricting Local Options

In most cases, enterprises like to go local, someone who is easily accessible, communicable, and transparent. This brings local businesses more convenient and easy. But when it comes to talent, you may have to compromise with it.  Local developers are not vicious, but if companies limit their options to local developers only, they will be making a big mistake. Businesses should still have in mind that they want a solid business application, and they should consider hiring an offshore dedicated software development team.

1.3 Hiring Developer Without an Interview Process

Hiring the right talent is very important when you decide to outsource and so it should not be taken lightly. Screening for the right talent is very important and thus there should be a scrutinized process of hiring. Many companies base their decisions solely on the development company’s image and brand, without doing any interviews with the developer who will be working on the project. Furthermore, the production team’s skillsets and expertise have a significant impact on the results of the software application development. Furthermore, direct communication with the team would assist them in achieving their goals.

1.4 Not Verifying Business Portfolios and Background

It is always advisable for businesses to perform extensive research, get insights, understand the service offerings and hire developers. Businesses should never employ a dedicated offshore development team without thoroughly checking their portfolios. So they should thoroughly examine their track record, including how many online or web and mobile applications they have developed and how quickly they deliver the final product. Businesses should contact a development company that is skilled and has a knack for all technologies to create a business application, product website, or mobile app as they wish.

1.5 Not Considering NDAs and Privacy Policies

In a binding arrangement, companies are competing with one another. They help each other grow by signing a legal contract between the two companies. These are known as Non-Disclosure Agreements in the custom software development industry (NDA). Data is a very important part of any business, no matter what circumstances your business should always contract with a company that assures your data will never be leaked under any unforeseen circumstances. Verbal words are not enough, this should be legally documented and only then considered into account.

1.6 Considering Unaccountable Enterprises

When you outsource a process, you outsource multiple other things as well like trust, time invested, efforts, and more than everything their data. Thus, a breach of data or codes will be a breach of several other factors. When you decide to hire a dedicated development team. You must check on all the services the business hold accountable for. If your potential third-party company is not answerable for major aspects, you must avoid doing business with them. Indeed, One pro-tip to this is to include the necessary factors in NDA or software agreement to save yourself from any future disputes. 

1.7 Slow and Technically Old-Fashioned

Your business should not consider companies that are technology laggards. Analyze the skills and technology expertise before you decide to outsource to a third-party company. Businesses should seek out tech firms that specialize in custom software such as smartphone apps, desktop apps, front-end, eCommerce web design, CMS web design, and so on. Furthermore, enterprises can seek out tech firms with experience creating personalized online and smartphone apps on a variety of platforms. 

1.8 Non-Transparent Process and Dedicated Developer Team

Trust is a very important factor when you decide to outsource and if you do not have trust, do not outsource. Many third-party companies are non-communicable and nontransparent which leads to business miscommunication. If your potential business is not providing real-time updates about app development, then think twice before you decide to outsource.

1.9 Geographical Constraints

As we know outsourcing can be done in three ways- offshore, onshore, or nearshore but not all businesses are ready to take leverage of offshore talents because of geographic constraints. Most businesses prefer either onshore or nearshore outsourcing with the thought that they can communicate and collaborate easily. Businesses should check on the talent irrespective of where the dedicated developers are located. Trust will bind talent and business together.

1.10 Exceeds Budget and Underperformance 

When it comes to recruiting a mobile app production firm, it is human to make mistakes and make the wrong decision. Continuing to make the same errors, though, is a cardinal sin. If you’re not happy with the final result, you can employ a competent team. Attempting to improve and update a product with a flawed basic framework is pointless.

2. How to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team?

When you’ve narrowed down the search field, it’s time to move on to the recruiting process, which may be much more perplexing. The next move is to determine which team is the best after filtering the list of teams that meet the business’s criteria and needs. Interviewing is the one way to go, and we’ll go through the most critical facets of the process next and make sure it runs smoothly. 

  • Start with basic research on your needs
  • Filter out the companies with their years of experience and expertise
  • Check the geographies and company location
  • If they have a local office, pen down your requirements and meet the required person
  • If they don’t have a local office, start with sending emails or getting in touch with a business representative
  • They will tour you through their services
  • Communicate your desired outcomes and plans to the company
  • Make sure you avoid the above-mentioned mistakes
  • Check on all of these points and sent budget estimation and plans
  • The last step is to assign a Project manager or take up a project management tool to get real-time updates on projects.

3. Wrapping Up

With this blog, we brought light to some important aspects that contribute to decision-making and businesses fail to record that. Resulting from that, occasionally, enterprises employ incorrect dedicated development teams to create their business applications. They charge a lot of money, and the companies lose a lot of money. Now your company can follow the top 10 tips mentioned above when recruiting an offshore dedicated production team in India to create a custom business application.

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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    1. Daphnie Bartlett

      Hiring dedicated developers is the new trend among entreprenuers. In fact, I appreciate all the benefits offered by the dedicated development team model. But along with the advantages it can also be a major disbenefit for a business if you dont hire a dedicated software development team wisely. From all the mistakes covered in the blog the most important mistakes to avoid from my perspective are opting for cheaper resources and ignoring NDA and security policies.

    2. Jenna Stone

      A Dedicated team is a cost-efficient and time-saving method for getting customized software solutions developed according to your business requirements from a team of experienced and expert developers. But before making the final decision regarding the right dedicated development company you need to make sure about certain points and I agree with most of the mistakes that are mentioned in the blog. It is very well covered and a helpful piece of article. I would definitely give it a share.

    3. Aakash

      Thanks to the writer for mentioning most of the mistakes that are overlooked by the clients while hiring a dedicated team that can lead to future consequences. I would suggest adding one more point which is - Expecting fast project delivery from developers, ignoring this mistake may lead to an unwanted project with lots of bugs and might need the after support so rather than that one must choose a reliable software development firm who plans and carries out the software development process.

    4. Lisa

      Well, I agree with all the ten mistakes that are pointed out in the blog however generally clients usually do not take any interest in figuring out which team you should hire as a part of your dedicated development team along with their roles and responsibilities. Ignoring such a crucial point can make your project suffer. This blog was really helpful to me.