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In this cutting edge digital era, the companies require various factors to shine in the market and one of them is web presence which has become a necessity for a thriving business. 

However, the real challenge is creating an efficient and top-notch quality website at an affordable price on time. So, more people could connect with your business. 

And that is where a dedicated development team model comes into the picture. The ever-green software landscape is thriving to establish a dedicated team model, as many business enterprises have expressed a great length of interest. 

It has become the reason for businesses to rely on it for the software development process. Entrepreneurs opt to hire a dedicated development team for technical aspects and then focus on their core business.  

The dedicated team model is most popular among corporate businesses, which deal with offshore development partners for dedicated developers. 

It’s best for enterprises to outsource a dedicated development team, who has the ability to enhance the quality of their software project. 

In this post, we have narrowed down the essential benefits of hiring a Dedicated team model along with how this development team works for your business. So let’s dive in!

Table of Content

  1. What is the Dedicated Development Team Model?
  2. How is the Dedicated Team Unique in terms of Scope, Time & Cost?
  3. How Does the Dedicated Development Team Model Works?
  4. Advantages of the Dedicated Team Model for the Website and App Project
  5. Wrapping Up

1. What is a Dedicated Development Team Model?

A dedicated development team means long-term business partnership for medium to large software projects with outsourced software development companies. 

The said company assign you a dedicated team (Though you are the one who picks each member of the team), the company build an admirable infrastructure comprising a team of these dedicated proficient to work on your project:

  • Digital marketer
  • Project manager
  • Sales team
  • Developers
  • QA managers
  • Designers

The dedicated team consists of essential members for your project, which makes it a flexible team, you can customize the team as per the requirements of the project. 

Also, the professionals solemnly are committed to your project, they will not take another project into their hand.

2. How is the Dedicated Team is Unique in Terms of Scope, Time & Cost?

The dedicated development team is the most suitable when we talk about scope, time, and cost. As it is one of the most flexible models that work at your convenience. 

  • Scope: The flexibility of the Dedicated Team model allows you to decide the scope and workload as you aspire your project to be. 
  • Time: Dedicated team has transparency, which lets you and the software development company agree on the same deadline, recruitment of professionals, negotiations over the partnership, etc.
  • Cost: The last term is— cost, which is no doubt one of the most crucial factors for outsourcing. With a Dedicated team model, your cost is much clearer and trackable, here the software company does not change it or make any variation without your knowledge. 

3. How Does the Dedicated Development Team Model Works? 

The dedicated development team has the answer for every type of unique software development issues and they gather the team of experts that you might not find individually.

These are the procedure of the Dedicated team: 

  • The first thing first, the enterprise needs to outline the client’s key goals, the essential technologies, methodologies, skills and experience in the project’s domain, along with their preferred team size.
  • The next step for them to pursue is to conduct a thorough analysis of the demands, classifying the expertise and rendering the client their preferred candidates and commitment options that precisely match the project specification.
  • After the candidates’ interview, the next process is to decide the management process, meeting schedule, the stack of technologies, communication methods, etc. Once all of it is final, you are set to go further with the project.
  • The last part of the dedicated development team expects the client to take over full control over the dedicated development team, including their time and tasks assignment and let the outsourcing company manage marketing and other maintenance aspects of the project.  

4. Benefits of Dedicated Team Model for the Website and App Project

This dedicated business model is most suitable for long-term projects, especially when you have a long list of specific and customized functions, where scope changes often and the project needs to be scalable, so there is a way to modify whenever you need.

These above stated are a few standard benefits, here we have listed the major advantages of the Dedicated development team. 

1. Dedicated Team is Cost-effective 

The first and foremost benefit is cost and what could be better than DTM for working the project under your budget. 

There are no two ways when it comes to the expanses of in-house hiring that are quite exotic. Apart from the hiring process, there are other factors that require your time, effort, resources, and team, so instead of investing in an in-house team, you can hire a dedicated development team. 

A dedicated developers team is affordable and provides high-quality software services. 

2. Fast Development Procedure for Client

The problem with in-house or freelance developers is that they slow down the project. So when you outsource a project to a dedicated development team, you have the ultimate choice to get the speedy development procedure. 

The expeditious development process is because of the experience, skill and expertise of dedicated developers, QA specialists, project manager, designers, and other members of the team. 

Their way of outlining the project comes in handy, and all of them work in a perfect synchronization that builds a successful project in a limited time. 

3. Effective Business Collaboration

We have established that the dedicated team works in sync. They are a project-focused, trained, and fully equipped team that plays a huge role in the success of the development project.  

The communication among the team is efficient and clear that makes the business project output excellent, and the whole focus of the team will be on one client.  

The collaboration of these professionals enhances the quality of the project and gives various perspectives to the project which benefits the solution in the long run. 

4. Excellent Staff Management

Management is one of the essential factors for a successful app if the management is not in the right direction the product will certainly go downhill. DDT provides a team with proficient team management.

A dedicated team has the experience, ability, knowledge and teamwork which is an essential factor. The trained team doesn’t need to learn how to mingle in a team, they are very-well cooperative with other members. 

5. Focused Approach

The best and one of the biggest benefits of the dedicated team is their whole focus is always the hand-on project. They are completely committed to your product, they don’t take another at that time, practically becoming an internal part of your organization. 

A dedicated team gets through your enterprise or region’s culture, procedures, values, and aspirations. 

The team works as per your required management procedure and methodologies. Completely at your order, the dedicated team is converged on your business solutions. 

6. The Team is Culture Adaptive 

The dedicated team becomes the biggest part of your company’s success, once they start working on your development app. 

The time zone difference, the region or any geographical area doesn’t stop them from working on it. They significantly contribute to the company’s success. 

The team is trained to be adaptive to pick up the working environment of the client, they find a common ground to work upon so they could satisfy the client as well as the customer by combining the client’s vision and their expertise.

Their connectivity with the outside of the country or even nearby area depends on these tools:

  • JIRA
  • Redmine
  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • Skype
  • Google Meet, etc.

7. Flexibility 

The best thing about the Dedicated development team is the flexibility, it becomes significant when you have to reduce or increase the size of the dedicated team according to your project’s necessities. 

The flexibility lets handle the sudden meshes that might lead to the downfall of the entire development solutions by avoiding or efficiently the unwanted issues. 

The flexible approach makes the task of building a project and team easy and matches the requirements of the specific project without limiting the comprehensive workflow.

8. Full Control 

One of the best pros of a dedicated development team you will gain is full control and access to the product workflow. You can make the modification and changes in the products at any time without increasing the workload. 

Dedicated team members are always prepared for requests and ready to manage devices. Also, you can plan business solutions and development as per your requirements. 

Wrapping Up

There is no surprise that selecting the right team is the first part of successful development services, but before that, you need to decide which dedicated team is most suited for your business.

If you are looking for a strong and long-term business partnership, where your inputs are needed to be implied and you want full involvement, the dedicated development team is the right choice for your enterprise. 

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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