Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Dedicated Software Development Team

The world of the internet is wide and competitive, especially the contemporary market, which doesn’t make it easy for business unless they are highly activated and efficient, that more and more users will be attentive towards your business.

And to be the best in the digital world, what you need is an enticing and attractive website that stands out with unique and high-function features. In order to get that kind of service, the best option you have is to hire a dedicated software development team.

However, it is easier said than done, the task of hiring a dedicated developers team is quite hard, but it is essential. There is no denying that outsourcing a dedicated team is the best game for your business.

We know that there are certain drawbacks of hiring a team, but the advantages trump the disadvantages. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of a dedicated development team. 

1. Why Does Your Business Require a Dedicated Development Team?

In this fast-evolving digital era, every type of business faces the challenge of creating a top-notch software or application that is user-friendly and less complex that could hold the interest of each age group from 10 to 65+ years old.

And to create an exceptional digital product or an application you need a proficient developers’ team, who has the ability, skills, knowledge and experience to create something extraordinary that will transform your vision into reality. 

The dedicated development team deals with highly complex problems by providing long-durable out-of-the-box digital solutions. 

The dedicated team model has various benefits which make it the best solution for those non-tech business enterprises, that have the necessity to build up a software development team.

So, instead of hiring a dedicated development team, let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages you will attain from a dedicated development team. 

2. Advantages of Dedicated Software Development Team

Now we know why most entrepreneurs prefer hiring dedicated developers for their software projects, it’s time for us to dive deeper into the perks of the Dedicated software development team. 

Let’s explore the benefits of a dedicated software development team!

2.1 Cost-Effective 

One of the most admirable perks of hiring a dedicated software development team is its cost-effectiveness. Hiring in-house development teams mean paying for their maintenance, infrastructure cost, office space, training, expanses of new tools, and other such aspects that need to retain the team for the longest time along with their monthly salary is more than you can imagine.

On the other hand, a  dedicated development team means sparing the expanses of in-house recruitment and having cost efficiency. So, instead of paying an in-house team their salaries with the addition of all the other expenses, you save your time and resources by hiring a dedicated development team. 

You won’t go over budget for your product development. Hire them from a cost-effective and reliable dedicated software development company, that will save you money, time and provide a high-quality digital product.  

2.2 Fastest Turnaround Time 

One of the main reasons to hire a dedicated team is getting your project done in a short time, as we said earlier, the DDT model is best for saving time and money. 

Hence, choosing a dedicated software development team is the most ultimate choice of most tech and non-tech enterprises. And the best thing is despite fast delivery the quality of a project is never compromised.  

2.3 Perfect for Long-term Projects 

Hiring a dedicated team is most likely in favour of your project when we are talking about a long-term project. 

Having a dedicated development team is perfect for long-term collaboration, as it has stability and reliable sources that are best to sign a contract with a dedicated development team. They render winning business strategies and methodologies. 

A dedicated development team corresponds to your skill-set specifications with their hands-on experienced professionals with the essential tech stack.

A dedicated development team integrates the technologies and their knowledge with your culture and vision aligning your business goals that increase your rank in the market.

2.4 Lower Hourly Rates

It is a known fact that with different countries you will get various hourly rates, however, instead of hiring an individual developer, a dedicated team is more profitable and will cost you a less hourly rate. 

Narrow down the list of countries, who provides an affordable project, with high-quality output. 

2.5 Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the best things of a dedicated team, as you will be the one who will take most of the decisions in your projects. Whether to speed up or slow down the procedure is highly dependent on your enterprise.

It helps you to effectively employ the resources at several given points of time throughout the project. Pick up the separate mix of designers, developers, business analysts, product managers, and QA speciality as per the project requirements. 

2.6 Time-Saving 

When you hire the right team to create software or applications, the team ensures that your deadlines are met and the project will deliver the greatest status. 

Apart from that, a dedicated development team saves time and manages multiple developers for various front-end and back-end development factors of your project.

And compared to creating an in-house team, the time and effort invested in finding the right dedicated development team is a much better idea.  

2.7 Expect Efficient Management 

Developing a project requires a robust management system, as it requires a strong team that could deal with the process of software development.

So, when you outsource an external software developer, you hand over the responsibility of project management and handling the team over the software development company.

The whole development procedure will be handled by the hired dedicated development team. That means you are in contact with the team leader of the project. 

The daily or weekly progress reports from the dedicated software team will provide an efficient and productive software development process.

2.8 High-Quality Solutions 

The last one on this list is one of the main reasons for hiring a dedicated development team, the quality is the biggest plus point of every project success. 

Creating an application or software needs a team, who can provide a quality solution because after saving a team or money or resources or any other aspects are useless if the software solution is not quality driven. 

When you get the quality solution, your data and project are extremely secure and finish it within the calculated time and budget.

Also, if you think the lower hourly rate means low quality work, then you are wrong, there are many countries that provide a quality solution at a reasonable rate.

3. Disadvantages of Dedicated Software Development Team

These are a few drawbacks of hiring a Dedicated Development Team, let’s see how it might affect hiring a dedicated development team negatively. 

3.1 DDT is Not Suitable for All Projects

If you think that outsourcing a full-scale dedicated development team is best for any kind of project, then you are wrong. This type of dedicated team is not the most suitable for short-time projects.

These projects need specific requirements, deadlines, and terms, also it doesn’t require many employees, and they work better with fixed-price or time and material models.

A dedicated team is best for those projects who have definite goals and flexible requirements that require more than months to accomplish. It is best for long-term partnerships.

3.2 Expensive for Short-term Software Development Work

The main reason for not using it for the short-term is that the expenses, the cost of hiring a dedicated software developers team is not the best price model for the short projects. 

It’s economically not viable and cost optimization is not one of the best ideas for the team members when you deal with short-term projects. 

So, if you are looking for short-term development projects then don’t look for a dedicated development team, it might turn out costly for your enterprise. 

3.3 Diverse Time-zone is Downside Sometimes

The time zone difference is a blessing in disguise as well as the drawbacks for the project, which depends on your project.

For instance, you want an immediate update on your project at that moment but with the big time zone difference, you can not expect them to work immediately on the project.

Also, when they will have a day off, you might expect work but they won’t be able to do it so it is not always the best factor for you to hire a dedicated team.

3.4 Hiring the Right Dedicated Software Development Team Takes Time

In this part, the main thing you need is, to be completely involved in the adoption of team members’ processes, as it will determine the best software developers for you. 

However, if your project duration is not long and you are in need of fast processing then it’s not the ideal one for you. The benefits of hiring this team will be a drawback for your project. 

3.5 Communication Problems

With a group of software, who possess the expertise in various domains working remotely, struggle with communication and sometimes administrative support.

As the communication method will be through email and or project management tools or other online tools, that means you won’t be able to talk with the software engineers directly about the modification work on your project. 

4. Final Thoughts

Hiring a dedicated team fulfils the tech requirement that an in-house team is incapable to match up. The experienced dedicated team uses their expertise and capabilities to provide the safe and guaranteed result of your project. 

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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      IT Outsourcing can be done with the help of dedicated developers. And I always thought that hiring dedicated developers can be pretty much expensive as we hire an entire team of dedicated professionals for one project. But after reading this content I am convinced that there are many good points for hiring a dedicated software development team you just need to check whether it is suitable for your project or not.

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