How to Set up a Dedicated Development Team?

Building a software development team is definitely not a cakewalk for all businesses that want to harness the power of custom business applications and software. This makes most businesses suffer in real with their fuming market needs, lack of skills, and lack of expertise to build that application. If you start to think of hiring a dedicated software development team with experts planning, executing your plans, and bringing success for your business.

1. Introduction

However, for the perfect team, you need to comprehend the two most involved and essential parts of a software project: Customers and Providers.

In a software development team providers are essential for:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Administration
  • Talent acquisition
  • Office space
  • Team building
  • Paperwork
  • Employee privileges
  • Payroll

What customer helps to build a perfect software development team:

  • Team effectiveness
  • Team effectiveness procedure
  • Company culture
  • Project vision

Now we know the responsibilities of each one of them, let’s find the answer to the biggest question — how to do it and where to start.

The answer is through these 5 steps, will help you build a perfect software development team for your software project. Leading software development company TatvaSoft can help you in this process.

2. Steps to Set up the Perfect Dedicated Development Team 

The main reason for hiring a dedicated team is to work with the professionals on a software project. So that you won’t do or don’t want to build an in-house development team.

Various researches have proven that a dedicated team is best for outsourcing, and to get that kind of team, follow these steps.

2.1 Gather All the Requirements 

In brief, to gather all the necessary information you need to conduct sessions with team members, project manager, project owner, stockholders, and other essential parts of the project.

Accordingly, they will discuss and decide what is there to add to your project and prioritize tasks, and technical tools that will be required for the improvement of the project.

2.2 Finding the Right Team Members

Each member of the team is the essence of the development project and finding them is the task that will make you sweat. So, once you know what you want in your project, then the next thing for you is to find the finest professionals for your team.

You need a team where they can share similar beliefs, opinions, and qualities with each other, respect the work the other member does, and are always ready to help one another whenever it is required.

To build this type of team, then find the applicants who fit your requirements such as skills and experience. Also, you need to have professionals, who are efficient and focus completely on your project.

Though what you most need is believing in your team, it helps you to avoid micromanagement and will save your time as they will individually make technical decisions for the project without bothering you.

2.3 Hunt Down the Talented Team 

During outsourcing a software-dedicated team, the toughest task is to find suitable professionals for your project. It is like finding a needle in a haystack, there are so many qualified candidates you will find in the sea, but the game is fishing out the right one.

To find the right one, the HR team first needs to study their background, tech abilities, their presence of mind regarding the situation in the project, English fluency, and soft skills alongside their skills as per the project requirements.

Once the HR team finds the candidates, who fit the criteria then they need to shortlist the best among them, so you can interview them.

This process is applicable for hiring individual team members for the project as well as a software development company that renders the service of a dedicated team.

Through the initial contact, you need to take a company through a strong and effective interview process. During outsourcing, the interview process is conducted via video conferencing, and you will get to know their culture and its ability to meet your requirements.

Points to Consider While Interview

However, it will be great if you are clear about these points while interviewing them for the role in the software development project.

  • First state what are your demands and goals, and proceed through every tiny detail of what you aspire the product to be. And listen to what they think about the project outcomes, and take notes of each candidate’s suggestions and recommendations that might never cross your mind.
  • It is always good to have a fresh mind and new perspectives to look into your project, there is always something you might not notice the first time, also this way you will know their expertise in the domain, and it will help you to determine the project quality.
  • After that, discuss the applicable technologies and methodologies, if they are updated with the latest tech stacks in the market then the applicant is perfect for the job.

The task of finding fantastic potential dedicated team members is through conducting a hard interview procedure with the right amount of questions and technical tests to get the best one in the market.

2.4 Integrate New Experts in an On-going Project

Integrating the development team members afterward into the project means adding the experts as per the project requirements. Sometimes the integration goes as per the management approach and the tools your enterprise wants to use.

When you pick the team members with a proper procedure, the chances of your dedicated team becoming a success is way high, also, your involvement affects the project a lot.

After integrating new members into a team you need to set up a regular meeting and a follow-up as the project progresses, in this way, you will be aware of your software or application status.

2.5 Track the Progress

And last but not least—- Tracking the progression. Well, while developing software as the owner of the product, you need to know what is proceeding.

Sometimes the experts working gets carried away with the project, and it gets out of line, that’s where your involvement becomes significant, You being in the loop means you will be alarmed when the product will be out of track.

Keeping with the progression helps you understand from the other end of the perspective, where you could provide the essential concerns, feedback, ideas, or suggestions that will improve the project and be on the track to which you aspire in the beginning.

Also, track progression helps to comprehend the professionals; their working patterns, and the approaches they take to resolve any problems.

3. Final Thoughts

Eventually, if you are building a team from scratch then all of these steps come in handy, even if you hire a software development company, that has an established team, still, you need to follow up on these steps. Whether it is a new team or a well-trained team, these requirements will never be sold, as when you have a team in this pattern, your work of developing the project easily.

This type of dedicated team ensures the clients will have nothing less than a devoted team, who is dedicated to investing their energy and effort into the project’s success. We have years of experience in providing IT services to our clients therefore, we have developed an eye for high-quality experts talented in different IT areas.

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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    1. Eloise Andoh

      When it comes to the hiring process of dedicated developers there are two parties involved in it i.e clients and service providers. This blog clearly covers all the points right from gathering requirements to tracking the progress of the project which simply streamlines the process of building a dedicated software development team. And I must say I found points to consider while interviewing a dedicated development team very much helpful.

    2. Sean Stark

      A dedicated development team has brought a lot of positive results to the tech industry. But assigning correct roles and responsibilities and setting up the dedicated team in the right way is the key factor in the success of a project. I found the 5 set-up steps for the dedicated development team to be very precise in order to outsource your work to adroit dedicated developers. Thank you so much writer for this useful content.

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      If a business decides to take on a software development project then you will need a dedicated software development team. And this blog has perfectly mentioned the steps you need to follow to hire the dream dedicated team. But I would suggest adding the content which explains who all are part of the dedicated team such as developers, designers, testers, project managers and how to make the right team. It would help a lot for clients in simplifying the process of choosing members for their team.

    4. Vishal

      I am so glad that I came across this blog. Many clients do not form their dedicated software development team with the utmost care. I believe that if clients overlook these 5 steps they would end up messing up with the project as of right and skilled developers with correctly assigned roles and responsibilities is very important for a project's success.