How to Hire Offshore Developers for your Business

Nowadays, when any business organization wants to have a digital platform, they prefer hiring an offshore software development company. And this is because offshore development companies offer experts who have enough engineering capacities and experience that can help any business meet its requirements. But one of the concerns every organization has is how to find the right offshore team that has the expertise in tech and domain one requires, which one can rely on, and fits the budget. 

To get answers to all these questions, we will take you through this sure-shot guide on how to find and hire an offshore development team. 

To get answers to all these questions, we will take you through this sure-shot guide on how to find and hire an offshore development team.

1. What is the Hiring Process for Offshore Development Team?

Hiring Process for Offshore Development Team

Of course, the aforementioned reasons seem to be enough to convince you why you must consider hiring offshore developers right away. Here are some of the best practices to conduct offshore software development projects. So without wasting any time, let’s just get started with the hiring process.

1.1 Define Your Goal

Well, first and foremost do you know that software development is an ongoing project? I mean hiring an offshore team is not like checking in for a day or two. It’s more like you have rented AirBNB apartments. So if you think your work is just assigning the tasks and you are done then you are heavily mistaken. It’s all about focusing on the big picture.  Offshore Developers have this tendency to work seamlessly and in an innovative manner.  So do choose a reputable offshore software development team that has solid fundamental knowledge and expertise in carrying out projects. Dig in deep, try to delve in as much as you can! And nothing can stop you from having the best of software engineers on board.

1.2 Evaluate the Skill Set

Another crucial factor to take into consideration is evaluating your skill set. Once the business goals have been defined. It’s time to know your business a bit more. The more you know your strengths and weaknesses, abilities, and limits the more easily you strike down your competitor. Evaluating your skill set should be done before you even begin to hire an offshore development team. Not just evaluate but try to fill in those gaps here. Once you have identified your potential and flaws, it is pretty easy to find out loopholes, and gaps and try converting your weaknesses into your strengths.

Also, be open to constructive feedback. No matter how experienced or elder you are, being open to criticism means you have a high scope for improvement. Additionally, choose an offshore development team that comprises programmers or software developers who act more positively on feedback and criticism as well.

1.3 Create a Budget Plan

Again this factor must be considered before you begin to hire offshore developers. Though price shouldn’t be considered the only prime factor. However, it should at least be one of these factors.  Since you are already a business person, we don’t think there is a need to remind you of the significance of deciding on the budget especially before beginning any venture, and hiring offshore software developers is pretty much alike.

Not to mention that creating a budget plan and being adhered to it makes one seen as sharp-witted as they have already saved themselves from those unavoidable financial pitfalls and hindrances.

When you begin to hire offshore developers or even look for potential software development companies overseas, ensure to be precise with your budget. Here at this point, it is advisable to choose a company that quotes forefront prices and has no other evil intentions such as additional costs or hidden charges later on.

1.4 Check the Offshore Locations

Now what happens is when you begin hiring offshore developers for your project all you do is simply focus on the outsourced team- their knowledge, their experience/expertise, skillset, and nothing else. Of course, these prime factors must be taken into consideration but apart from these even you must possess some adequate information on the offshore location.

Of course, with the rise of software development outsourcing, several countries are now termed popular outsourcing destinations such as India, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Philippines, Vietnam, Germany, China, Melbourne, Perth, Latin America, Egypt, and African countries, and so on. 

2. How to Find an Offshore Software Development Company?

By now your conscience must be flooded with ample questions. What to do? How to begin looking for offshore developers? How to Build Trust? Do these long-distance partnerships (technical though) ever work? Where to look for a reliable offshore development team? Well, we won’t be answering all the questions since we don’t have all day long. But yes, we can definitely give a solid start, i.e. Where to look for a reliable offshore development team?

2.1 Go Through the Technical Directories

One of the finest ways to hire offshore developers is by considering technical directories. To be precise, here we are referring to popular platforms such as Clutch, Good Firms, Upcity, and IT Firms where you can find the exact tech partner overseas in no time. In fact, here you can consider narrowing down your search. For example, you can choose in regards to location or budget, technology expertise, industry-specific, online reviews and ratings, and whatnot.


2.2 Visit Freelancing Sites

Another option to take into consideration is to start looking for relevant freelancing websites. Yes, you don’t want to hire individual experts, we get that but sometimes even these Minecraft do comprise of diamonds. Who knows where you might get in touch with a reputable company featuring a dedicated offshore development team?

Some of the common online portals to consider include Upwork, You team, Toptal, freelancer, LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, etc. 

2.3 Use Google Search Engine

Of course, you know this one! This seems pretty obvious but you have no idea what wonders can be achieved by simply shooting a basic query on the Google search engine. “Best offshore developers” “Hire offshore software developers” or “Offshore software development services” must be used in your queries. You will get an accurate result. Just make sure that before you hire offshore programmers, do not forget to check for referrals or recommendations here.  

3. How to Hire Offshore Developers for your Company?

How to Hire Offshore Developers for your Company?

Offshore outsourcing can be extremely frustrating if not done accurately. Fret not, further here we would like to mention certain tips and tricks to consider before even thinking of hiring developers. These tips will ensure that your hiring, as well as the development process, turns out to be bulletproof. And in the end, you have no regrets. 

3.1 Conduct Technical Tests

See, you are hiring a tech partner, and to be honest, there are millions and billions of options around. To find a team of the best offshore software developers, it is advisable to examine them on technical grounds. After all, you are looking for a tech partner who is an expert in cutting-edge technology.

Even though you are non-techie, you can seek assistance from numerous platforms such as codilty or hackerrank. These coding platforms are available online where your potential offshore development partner can prove their capabilities.

These tests tend to show the results in real-time. Make your shortlisted remote development team apply these tests and observe the way they approach certain roadblocks, how they document such procedures, etc. Most important of all, do not choose the one who gives up so easily.


3.2 Check Communication Skills

Another tip to take into consideration is the soft skills of your remote team. Yes, even though you are choosing tech-savvy geeks, one must carry proficiency in at least English. Effective communication is extremely important. You see one small glitch in the process can disrupt the whole project to a great extent. Fortunately, we have a bunch of high-end tools such as Skype, Google Meet, Zoom meetings, Whatsapp, emails, and social networking sites to ensure that we can keep communicating effectively with our tech partners without any hassle.

Apart from communication skills, try keeping a keen eye on the attitude of your offshore developer. Yes, do notice how he or she reacts while handling any stressful situation. Are they adaptable to new and emerging situations or are they rigid in their behavior? Considering their problem-solving attitude and communication skills is extremely important before making a choice.

3.3 Project Experience

This goes without a shadow of a doubt, if you are spending so much time, energy and effort then it’s pretty obvious that you choose nothing less than the best. Apart from being knowledgeable regarding the existing software development industry, these professionals must carry an immense amount of expertise and experience to conduct your project successfully.

Here for business process outsourcing, it is advisable to choose programmers who have already worked on similar projects like yours. By this, you can be assured whether they know how to carry out success or not. Do they have a proven track record? So choose the offshore team on the basis of project experience, previous client reviews, and not just technical know-how.

3.4 Check Their Cultural Compatibility

Apart from technical compatibility, it is advisable to consider language as well as cultural compatibility prior to choosing talented developers. After all, if you are hiring an external team, it is very crucial to hire developers who can gel well in a short span of time. If there is no uniformity in regards to culture then enough rapport won’t be built between software development teams and your existing employees. 

3.5 Acknowledge the Developer with the Benefits of your Firm

This one is extremely important and still not much talked about. Yes, while choosing high-quality offshore developers you also need to make sure that you give them a solid reason to work for you. If you are considering countries like India, Vietnam, and the Philippines, where competition is always high, you won’t be able to lure top tech talent unless you don’t provide them with a solid reason.

Hiring remote employees is not a one-way street! It works when both parties are happy to collaborate. In today’s ever-changing IT industry, picking up the right choice and making them pick you at the same time is extremely difficult. Try to make them realize the fact that it would be a privilege for them to work with you.  

4. Why You Must Consider Hiring Offshore Developers for Business?

Why You Must Consider Hiring Offshore Developers?

4.1 Cost-Effective Option

Maintaining an in-house team can be pretty challenging and costly at the same time. By outsourcing software development or when you hire offshore developers, one no longer is compelled to invest in creating his very own infrastructure and waste time in building up a software development team including developers, designers, and testers who might not be in use for the rest of the year. While offshoring, you can pay for the only work assigned. Pretty cost-effective, isn’t it?

4.2 Wide Pool of Developers to Hire

Another advantage of an offshore development team is the global talent pool. You get to hire a wide range of talented and skilled developers, and programmers for your business. Successful survival asks for continuous innovation and quality work and this is possible only when you gather a bunch of the best developers, software engineers,  experts, and programmers and brainstorm, something unique will take place.

If you want to test your boundaries within the resources that are available to you, an Offshore software development team is the best way to consider.

4.3 Increased Flexibility and Productivity

Another interesting advantage of hiring offshore developers is the enhanced amount of flexibility and productivity. In most scenarios, organizations often prefer to hire offshore developers and leave everything including all project management-related duties to their offshore development team, so that they can focus on their core competencies.  As soon as you hire an offshore team you are eligible to choose from designer to project manager.

5. Conclusion

When you account for all the offshore software development benefits, the competition seems to be pretty much fierce and it’s more like now or never. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to test the waters beforehand. Time to consider a reliable offshore development company featuring a team of offshore developers who aren’t just knowledgeable but well-versed and experienced in conducting projects to fulfill your core business needs in a short span of time. In case, if you still have any doubts regarding offshore development as a concept feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

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    1. John Woods

      Hiring Offshore Developers is the most critical when you are outsourcing software development services. All the steps mentioned by you are correct. However I would like to add some of mine too -- check the reviews, success stories of the offshore development team, size of the company as small sized vendors can't provide complete resources and has years of experience in the industry.

      1. Collin Wales

        Nice steps John, here mentioned by you for hiring offshore developers. This blog mentions complete process from how to find offshore developers, how to start with hiring process and things to be kept in mind during hiring, which I believe would be of help especially to startup companies. For Startup companies, the main hiring process criterias should be client's proven track period, don't go for cheap quotes, focus on frequent meetings, etc.

    2. Theobald Jones

      Hiring Software Development companies includes many stages like vendor qualifications, industry experience, technical knowledge, budget, and the same stages and criterias we need to keep in mind while hiring offshore developers. Thanks for this blog. It gives complete layout from start of hiring process to things to keep in mind during hiring. Good article!

    3. Kevin

      Offshore is the trend in the market nowadays. But problems arise once you have hired a team which doesn't matches your expectations. These is even bigger problem if you have a startup company. For people who has startup company, they need to go through this steps of hiring offshore developers so as to avoid any mistakes. Offshore software development if done properly can become boon for the organizations. Thanks for sharing this quite essential info.

    4. Charmi Shah

      Hello, Thanks for sharing this information with us. Due to covid times, organizations are forced to opt for offshore software development whether they are small, medium or large enterprises. And hiring offshore developers is the vital part of this process. Each and every step for hiring third party vendor should be precisely planned.

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      The article provided practical tips and highlighted the benefits of offshore development, which helped me in making an informed decision for my business. Overall, it was a well-written and insightful piece that I would recommend to anyone considering offshore development for their business.