Why Choose .NET Development Outsourcing Company

It’s a great choice that you have chosen Dot net for your app development project. Definitely, .NET has never disappointed its users. There are a gamut of advantages of .NET choosing .net development services offer various benefits for your business such as reliability, interoperability, code reusability and multiple other benefits. However, selecting .NET is insufficient. Because .NET is such a diverse platform that supports a wide range of platforms, technologies, over 60 programming languages, and development styles, you must be certain of the sort of dot net development services you want. Hence, partnering with the right development company is a right choice for businesses.

Here in this blog, we have clustered together a list of factors helpful for businesses to choose a right .net outsourcing partner. 

1. Why .NET?

If we go by the facts, then .NET Core placed high in a web-dominated ranking of development frameworks published by CodinGame- tech hiring platform. This is a clear indication that .Net framework benefits both business as well the software development process. Microsoft developed .NET framework is a platform that helps businesses to develop compatible and sustainable web applications for Windows. There are many programming languages that play a vital role in changing the face of the development with programming languages like VB.Net, C# and others.

The reasons why businesses choose .net is because they are benefitted on a larger scale with functionalities like

  • Userfriendliness-A.net platform is simple to use and can simply interface with many databases. This platform is made more convenient by a variety of .net development tools and libraries.
  • Secure Platform: If you’re seeking to build a scalable software program, you’ll need a secure platform. Character validations, code checks, encryption, and code access security are just a few of the characteristics that make the.net platform so secure.
  • Compatibility- You need a compatible and scalable application that works well for all types of devices, operating systems within your business. 

The preference for .Net is not because of a handful of reasons but because of multiple other factors that enables businesses to create newer applications. There are multiple applications that can be built using .Net framework. Let’s explore them in detail. 

2. Types of Dot Net Development Services

As we know, there are innumerable types of applications that can be built using .NET development services. It can be either .NET based web applications, web services customized business web applications and others. In specific, if we were to describe the types of dot net development services then it is

Web Application Development:

Majority of applications are web based and .Net can build all types of web applications, web forms, MVCs and also web servers. .NET framework is used to develop all types of web applications with a specific development methodology. If there is a custom business requirement from the client that has not been built using .NET then it can now be created using .net web application development services. .NET is now open to almost all types of web app development.

Enterprise Application Development:

While there are generic implementations of.NET that allow developers to create apps for all personal computer platforms, there are more specific frameworks for creating Windows applications and services. .NET also gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating Windows graphical user interfaces. If your program is focused on Windows and requires Windows-specific services, make sure you choose Windows.

Mobile Application Development:

.NET, while not the most popular, provides a number of capabilities that aid in the creation of mobile applications. As a result, you could come across Dot NET development firms that specialize in mobile development. Xamarin and Mono are the two frameworks that can help with mobile development for businesses.

Other Specialized Services:

.NET has a number of features that can help with the development of mobile apps. As a result, you may find Dot NET development companies that specialize in mobile development.

2.1 .Net Custom Software Development

Custom needs can be easily fulfilled using .Net development services. Custom .Net Development helps businesses to compete and grow by deploying its multi-functional features to  develop high-performing, cutting-edge apps and programming solutions. Our dot net development services include Microsoft best practices and clean code standards, resulting in applications that are highly re-usable, extensible, and simple to maintain.

The applications developed using custom .NET development framework allows you to eliminate unnecessary coding blockades and help .net developers to easily use components and reusable codes to make it easier to maintain and code. Apart from this, .net framework is can easily incorporate changes in custom software that are used by developers for developing .NET solutions.

2.2 ASP.NET MVC Development

MVC is model View control, now how MVC can be used in ASP.net  to build apps ? It is possible and most businesses you choose must know to build MVC applications using ASP.NET MVC developers. In this type of development, the user interacts with the user interface in some way and the controller handles the input event from the user interface in MVC applications. The applications built on this architecture provide programmers and end-users with a greater level of freedom. 

When you hire a right team of ASP.NET MVC web developers can create the right solution for you, whether you need to develop a ecommerce website or any other small web portal. This is always helpful.

2.3 ASP.NET Mobile Application Development

When you partner to a company, it should be capable of developing all types of application for you. Not all developers can develop ASP.NET Mobile Application. Since the business is moving towards mobile applications, it is important to develop an application that is compatible on customer’ mobile phones as well for easier and convenient app usage. 

.Net framework allows you to develop highly-efficient techniques. They should also be capable of migrating legacy applications to ASP.NET based mobile Applications. This will enable business to reach a wider consumer base, industries and companies. It can always be customized as per changing business needs. 

2.4 Enterprise Solutions

While there are generic implementations of.NET that allow developers to create apps for all personal computer platforms, there are more specific frameworks for creating Windows applications and services. .NET also gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating Windows graphical user interfaces. If your program is focused on Windows and requires Windows-specific services, make sure you choose Windows.

2.5 .NET Application Migration

Application migration to the cloud from on-premises infrastructure is nowadays one of the important needs for businesses. Thus, this can result in significant cost savings.

The research shows that the Microsoft Azure solution may save you up to 54% in total cost of ownership (TCO) when compared to running on-premises and 30% when compared to AWS.

This isn’t an inclination to using Microsoft .NET, but it clearly showcases how beneficial it is for business to Additional advantages of .net Application migration includes streamlined operations, simpler administration, and closeness to sophisticated cloud services. It’s crucial to evaluate traditional apps for cloud migration and strike a balance between the application’s requirements and the cloud’s potential benefits.

2.6 ASP.NET Web Development

Web development for ASP.Net is one of the key services .NET development companies must know when they decide to help. ASP.NET web development comes with in-built features and widgets hat the programmer can drag and drop and develop a unique application. They don’t have to look specifically on the visual aspects, but .net framework will enable you to create it on its own. Finding an apt .NET development team that fulfills requirements of various business domains is an an easy task.  You might not need to hustle a lot. Specifically when it comes to storage, you don’t have to install anything on the your server. It allows you to take use of Windows Server’s sophisticated administration and monitoring capabilities. The underlying technology includes recovery, caching, and scalability features.

2.7 Other .NET Development Services

There are several sophisticated data access methods available, allowing for integration with nearly any backend data storage. With SQL there is a high level of integration. The use of Microsoft .NET development framework offer a variety of functionalities such as storage, administration, and interpretation of your company data makes enterprise resource planning much easier. Using a database management system, our asp.net development services provide you with an up-to-date picture of essential business operations.

3. Final Thoughts

This blog has a clear approach of helping businesses who want to develop applications using the help of reliable .NET development companies. When you hire a .Net development company, there are a few characteristics your business must look into the partnering company. For .NET developers can help you translate your ideas into developed applications only if you choose the right company. .NET development framework offers business a comprehensive support that improves workforce efficiency and application productivity. 

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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