How to Hire a Node JS Developer?

The popularity of Node.js demands the question about hiring Node.js developers. Before we move ahead, let’s have a closer look at why use Node.js and why it is a good idea to hire Node.js developers. Thus, if you are planning to hire a Node js developer that will perform work on the highest level and help to achieve all your project goals.

Table of Content

  1. Why Hire a Node js Developer?
  2. What Are Your Requirements?
  3. Responsibilities of a Node js Developer
  4. Skills The Developers Must Aware Of
  5. Ways to Hire a Developer
  6. The Verdict

Node.js offers utility libraries that can be used during execution. As it is an open-source and free web development platform, it is used by thousands of web developers around the world. It offers numerous benefits and features to the table, making it a better choice compared to other server-side platforms like PHP or Java.

Nowadays, how to hire a Node.js developer is a popular question. It has become widely used among IT specialists due to several reasons. However, for a perfect web solution for your business, you’ll require Node js consulting and assistance to smoothen the development process and automatically increase the number of projects that can be developed.

Node.js is a combination of the framework, libraries, and other web app development tools and resources that streamlines the development of web applications and allows you to work effortlessly. It has a perfect reputation in the software development arena and most companies have included Node.js in their development services. 

1. Why Hire a Node js Developer?

When it comes to using Node.js for web app development, a whopping 51% of web developers take advantage of it because of speed and multi-user proficiency. It makes the development process easier and scales real-time network applications that can work across various devices. Node provides the ability to create your web server which can handle HTTP requests to run the Node.js application. The best web servers include Nginx, Apache, and Microsoft’s Internet Information Services. Other web servers include IBM’s family of Domino servers, Novell’s NetWare server, and Google web server.

According to Stack Overflow, JavaScript is the most popular language, which is why developers feel comfortable learning it. Many leading and giant companies are already using it and gaining great success, including NASA, Uber, Netflix, PayPal, and many more. 

Hiring Node.js developers can build everything from messaging apps to single-page applications and video streaming sites, all while reaping its numerous benefits, performance, scalability, data streaming, cross-platform development, uniformity in data streaming, rich ecosystem, strong corporate support, and more.

2. What Are Your Requirements?

If you are working on server-side JavaScript languages, then you must be aware of what node.js is and how it helps you to develop effective projects. Before we move further, it is important to draft your requirements and list down all your project needs. Know what your project requires and find a way to map the same to potential candidates. If you are planning to hire a software development company, then make sure these development teams have the following:

  • Know agile and scrum methodologies
  • Must have the ability to code complex designs
  • They can write integration testing codes
  • Have experience in GitHub coding
  • In-depth understanding of the front-end technologies

These are several must-haves when hiring a dedicated development team for your project niche is a plus. According to your project requirements, the team must be well versed in things like HTML, CSS, databases, JavaScript, etc.

3. Responsibilities of a Node js Developer

3.1 Working with Agile Methods

Node.js is widely used and is commonly chosen for projects with dozens, if not hundreds of developers on deck. And then using agile methodology becomes mandatory to deliver a product in any reasonable timeframe. Scrum and agile approaches are used in the IT sphere due to their democratic ways of handling the development process. 

The agile methodology helps to organize planning, design and testing the development lifecycle which greatly simplifies the whole process.

3.2 Writing a Clear Code

All developers must write efficient and clean code that can be easily readable by other specialists. Writing clear code means that your developers have delved into it easily and they won’t have any trouble working with it. 

When senior web developers develop applications using Node js having more experience, allows them to write efficient and high-quality code that is understandable. The code written by your candidate should be object-oriented and must use a uniform format. Make sure they follow the standard practices for continuity. The code written by your developers is reusable and laconic, which will help their colleagues to understand which is actually going and prevent essential parts of the code from being removed.

3.3 Working on Security Features

For every organization, security is the main factor and thus something you don’t want developers to overlook. Security is important and programmers need to work with security features to protect the software they create.

There are various security options Node.js developers must know, for instance, limiting concurrent requests, eliminating module loading, extracting secrets from config files, preventing query injection vulnerabilities with ORM libraries, HTTP response adjustment, etc. Also, developers have to focus on sensitive data such as payment details and must be aware of GDPR rules and terms.

3.4 Front-end Provision

As we all know, Node.js is a backend technology, frontend developers also deal with it pretty often. You cannot imagine a project created without using Node.js tools. Node.js development platform is used for creating Gulp tasks, NPM scripts, automating routine tasks like concatenation and compression of images, web pack configuration, etc. 

Node.js in the frontend makes it possible to automate the process of creating and running test code. For creating single-page applications, Node.js developers apply the Angular web development framework to build the UI of the app that offers various ready-made elements of the front-end that can be applied quickly. By the way, full-stack developers are usually paid higher rates compared to backend specialists.

3.5 Bugs Detection

As we discussed earlier, writing clear code is important, and here is another reason why. When the job of the developer is finished, quality assurance engineers start working on software testing and bug detection. During the testing process, if a QA detects any problem, then developers have to fix code that was written by other programmers, so as we discussed above, writing clean and efficient code is crucial. 

However, bugs should be limited, since Node.js developers run autotests in the software development process as well as perform unit testing. 

4. Skills The Developers Must Aware Of

4.1 Technical Skills

Node.js technical or hard skills, therefore, is the first thing employers pay attention to identifying the professional level of the candidate. Here are some questions that every qualified and professional Node.js developer must answer:

  • Explain V8 engine
  • What is a cluster?
  • What is NPM?
  • Explain event emitters in Node.js
  • What are closures?
  • Difference between readFile and createReadStream in Node.js
  • What tools can be used to assure consistent style?
  • Explain Modules in Node.js
  • How to use middleware in Express?
  • Explain: libuv in Node.js
  • What is a test pyramid?
  • What are the steps to set up an Express.js application?
  • Why is Node.js single-threaded?
  • What are promises?
  • What is an error-first callback?
  • How to make use of all CPUs?
  • Difference between process nextTick() and setImmediate()

4.2 Soft Skills

Soft skills are also mandatory while hiring a Node.js developer for a long-time project. Here are some questions that a Node.js developer must know:

  • Describe yourself in two sentences
  • Can you stay motivated during routine tasks, or do you require new challenges?
  • How would you describe a tech-illiterate person about your project?
  • What is your reaction to overtime? 
  • What about crunch hours necessary to hit the deadline?
  • Are you a team player, or would you like to work alone?
  • Do you want to be managed extensively or prefer to have somewhat free reign of your tasks?
  • What is the hardest situation that you have solved till date? How about ones you could not solve?
  • How will you handle the situation when the manager is wrong and doesn’t listen to your reasoning?
  • According to your point of view, what does a Node.js developer mean?

5. Ways to Hire a Developer

Here we’re going to discuss the three different ways to hire a Node.js developer:

5.1 In-House Developer

If you plan to hire an in-house developer, you have to offer them monthly payments and pay all the financial and non-financial benefits. An in-house developer is the traditional hiring model and suitable for companies who want a new addition to their existing development team. You can hire in-house developers to develop your own product that will require ongoing updates and maintenance. 

While hiring an in-house web development team, you have to consider aspects such as the time-consuming hiring process, providing a suitable workspace for your developer, and later pay management. In-house equals ongoing costs that are not present when outsourcing. You can directly access your developers and can monitor how well they are dealing with their tasks. But at the same time, this option is expensive compared to the other two ways to hire a developer. 

Here are the benefits you’ll get by hiring an in-house developer:

  • Access to Developers anytime
  • Good collaboration
  • No language barriers
  • Perfectly suitable for long-term projects
  • Full control of the development process

5.2 Freelancer

Another way to hire Node.js developers is Freelancing, it seems to be the most attractive option with several resources to look through. You can find freelance web developers on various portals, but they can be quite risky because you cannot directly access them and availability can be limited while scaling means higher overall costs. Freelancers work for themselves and may indeed be experienced specialties with various projects under the belt and nice reviews.

However, freelancers are worth paying attention to the fact that you cannot hire one Node.js developer for delivering a feature-rich and highly performant product from scratch. You’ll also require a team of frontend developers, designers, QA testers, etc. which becomes hard to remotely cooperate with a full team. 

So, if you are searching for freelance developers for your project, then have a look at Toptal, Upwork, and Codementor portals to find a suitable candidate for your team.

5.3 Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing companies already have their development team, yet if they lack specific skills or available resources, then they can hire developers from a top-notch software development agency with experienced engineers and professionals. Hiring a fully-fledged development team is perfect when you require a self-managing team that can take over the project and manages it throughout the development process. 

Outsourcing web development companies offer you skilled developers, QA testers, and designers so that you can focus on the core business activities. This option is very popular and widely implemented due to its availability and costs. You can use this approach for both small and large projects. 

Here are few benefits of hiring a developer from outsourcing companies:

  • Low costs
  • Qualitative work
  • Flexible
  • High experience level
  • No additional costs

6. The Verdict

Node.js outsourcing developers help you to create basic applications, eCommerce apps, top-class scalable apps, and whatnot. Everything is dependent on what your project is all about and how you are planning to develop the app. 

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