How to Hire a Node JS Developer?

If your business project requires to be progressed using Node, then recruiting and selecting a Node JS developer might be challenging, but it can be done effectively with the appropriate approach and planning. 

Node is being widely used among IT specialists due to several benefits. However, for a perfect web solution for your business, you’ll require a reliable Node js development service provider to smoothen the development process and automatically increase the number of projects that can be developed.

In this post, we have discussed all of the essential factors that make the procedure of acquiring Node JS developers fruitful and efficient. Therefore, let’s determine how to augment your team with engineers who are well-suited to your business and its requirements.

1. Responsibilities of a Node js Developer

1.1 Working with Agile Methods

Node.js is widely used and is commonly chosen for projects with dozens, if not hundreds of developers on deck. Then using agile methodology becomes mandatory to deliver a product in any reasonable timeframe. Scrum and agile approaches are used in the IT-sphere due to their democratic ways of handling the development process. 

The agile methodology helps to organize everything from requirement gathering to design, development, and testing which greatly simplifies the whole development process.

1.2 Writing a Clear Code

All developers must write efficient and clean code that can be easily readable by other specialists. Writing clear code means that your developers have delved into it easily and they won’t have any trouble working with it. 

When senior web developers develop applications using Node js having more experience, allows them to write efficient and high-quality code that is understandable. The code written by your candidate should be object-oriented and must use a uniform format. Make sure they follow the standard practices for continuity. The code written by your developers is reusable and laconic, which will help their colleagues to understand what is actually going on and prevent essential parts of the code from being removed.

1.3 Working on Security Features

For every organization, security is the main factor and thus it is something that you don’t want your developers to overlook. Security is important and programmers need to work with security features to protect the software they create.

There are various security options Node.js developers must know; for instance, limiting concurrent requests, eliminating module loading, extracting secrets from config files, preventing query injection vulnerabilities with ORM libraries, HTTP response adjustment, etc. Also, developers have to focus on sensitive data such as payment details and must be aware of GDPR rules and terms.

1.4 Front-end Provision

As we all know, Node.js is a backend technology but frontend developers also deal with it pretty often. You cannot imagine a project created without using Node.js tools. Node.js development platform is used for creating Gulp tasks, NPM scripts, automating routine tasks like concatenation and compression of images, web pack configuration, etc. 

Node.js in the frontend makes it possible to automate the process of creating and running test code. In the development of single-page applications, Node.js developers apply the Angular web development framework to build the UI of the app that offers various ready-made elements of the front-end that can be applied quickly. By the way, full-stack developers are usually paid higher rates compared to backend specialists.

1.5 Bugs Detection

As we discussed earlier, writing clear code is important, and here is another reason why. When the job of the developer is finished, quality assurance engineers start working on software testing and bug detection. During the testing process, if a QA detects any problem, then developers have to fix code that was written by other programmers.

However, bugs should be limited, since Node.js developers run auto tests as well as perform unit tests in the software development process. 

1.6 Third-party Services Integration

Running businesses like eCommerce required third party integrations from service providers like PayPal, Stripe, or Braintree. If a Nodejs developer is working on ecommerce projects then a developer should be able to use Nodejs integration functionalities for third party integration services. This is advantageous for both developers and product owners, as the primary objective of Node.js developer hiring is to locate a candidate who can create a website or software function effectively with minimal code lines.

1.7 Working with Databases

To offer customized information, it is required to keep the relevant data someplace. Applying Node.js in conjunction with databases, software developers configure the data storage procedure. Typically, databases include Node.js drivers and NPM packages, which expedites the configuration procedure. The most common database management system for Node.js is MongoDB, which enables database manipulation and data addition.

1.8 Keeping Up with Technology

Several times every year, Node.js upgrades are constantly developed and published. Therefore, the development team must be prepared to migrate to the most recent version, which includes several enhancements, security patches, and new features. In addition, because the Node.js platform is utilized for both front-end and back-end programming, it is essential for the professional to get familiar with additional Node.js developer tools.

2. Skills That the Node JS Developers Must Be Aware Of

Regardless of the fact that Node.js is continually evolving, the general prerequisites for developers stay the same. However, they vary based on the developer’s skill level.

Must-Have Skills As A Junior Node JS developer

  • Understanding of the basics
  • Business development expertise or a whole pet project
  • Middle Node JS developer
  • Expertise of the fundamentals of the technology
  • Capability to do both dynamic and static coding
  • Utilisation of design pattern techniques
  • Competencies for using the framework
  • Mastering software design and unit and integrating testing concepts

Must Have Skills As A Senior Node JS developer

  • Familiarity with cloud technology
  • Expertise in the creation of many initiatives
  • The capacity to quickly answer abstractly phrased issues and come up with nontraditional solutions
  • Expertise with heavy workloads
  • The aptitude to resolve performance issues
  • The capacity to assist developers below-grade
  • Knowledge of software development methodologies, protocols and data formats as well as design strategies
  • Considering the interplay between microservices and other factors.

2.1 Other Technical Skills

Apart from some essential skills, Nodejs developers should also have knowledge about other technical skills. Here are some questions that every qualified and professional Node.js developer must answer:

  • Explain the V8 engine.
  • What is a cluster?
  • What is NPM?
  • Explain event emitters in Node.js.
  • What are closures?
  • Difference between readFile and createReadStream in Node.js.
  • What tools can be used to assure consistent style?
  • Explain Modules in Node.js.
  • How to use middleware in Express?
  • Explain libuv in Node.js.
  • What is a test pyramid?
  • What are the steps to set up an Express.js application?
  • Why is Node.js single-threaded?
  • What are promises?
  • What is an error-first callback?
  • How to make use of all CPUs?
  • Difference between process nextTick() and setImmediate()

2.2 Other Soft Skills

Soft skills are also mandatory when hiring a Node.js developer for a long-time project. Here are some questions that a Node.js developer must know:

  • Describe yourself in two sentences.
  • Can you stay motivated during routine tasks or do you require new challenges?
  • How would you describe a tech-illiterate person about your project?
  • What is your reaction to overtime? 
  • What about crunch hours necessary to hit the deadline?
  • Are you a team player or would you like to work alone?
  • Do you want to be managed extensively or prefer to have somewhat free reign of your tasks?
  • What is the hardest situation that you have solved till date? How about ones you could not solve?
  • How will you handle the situation when the manager is wrong and doesn’t listen to your reasoning?
  • According to your point of view, what does a Node.js developer mean?

3. Ways to Hire a Developer

Here we’re going to discuss the three different ways to hire a Node.js developer:

3.1 In-House Developer

If you plan to hire an in-house developer, you have to offer them monthly payments and pay all the financial and non-financial benefits. An in-house developer is the traditional hiring model and is suitable for companies who want a new addition to their existing development team. You can hire in-house developers to develop your own product that will require ongoing updates and maintenance. 

While hiring an in-house web development team, you have to consider aspects such as the time-consuming hiring process, providing a suitable workspace for your developer, and later pay management. In-house equals ongoing costs that are not present when outsourcing. You can directly access your developers and can monitor how well they are dealing with their tasks. But at the same time, this option is expensive compared to the other two ways to hire a developer. 

Here are the benefits you’ll get by hiring an in-house developer:

  • Access to developers anytime
  • Good collaboration
  • No language barriers
  • Perfectly suitable for long-term projects
  • Full control of the development process

3.2 Freelancer

Another way to hire Node.js developers is Freelancing, it seems to be the most attractive option with several resources to look through. You can find freelance web developers on various portals, but they can be quite risky because you cannot directly access them and availability can be limited while scaling means higher overall costs. Freelancers work for themselves and may indeed be experienced specialties with various projects under the belt and nice reviews.

However, freelancers are worth paying attention to the fact that you cannot hire one Node.js developer for delivering a feature-rich and highly performant product from scratch. You’ll also require a team of frontend developers, designers, QA testers etc. which becomes hard to remotely cooperate with a full team. 

So, if you are searching for freelance developers for your project, then have a look at  Upwork and Code mentor portals to find a suitable candidate for your team.

3.3 Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing companies already have their development team, yet if they lack specific skills or available resources, then they can hire developers from a top-notch software development agency with experienced engineers and professionals. Hiring a fully-fledged development team is perfect when you require a self-managing team that can take over the project and manages it throughout the development process. 

Outsourcing web development companies offer you skilled developers, QA testers, and designers so that you can focus on the core business activities. This option is very popular and widely implemented due to its availability and costs. You can use this approach for both small and large projects. 

Here are a few benefits of hiring a developer from outsourcing companies:

  • Low costs
  • Qualitative work
  • Flexible
  • High experience level
  • No additional costs

4. Interview Questions For Node Developers

Q.1. How many kinds of API methods does Node.js offer?

Ans: Two sorts of API methods are available in Node.js:

  1. Non-blocking asynchronous functions
  2. Synchronized and blocking functions

Q.2. What is the package.json file?

Ans: The Package.json file in Node.js serves as the “heart” of the entire program. This is a declaration file that contains project information where package parameters are defined.

JSON could appear as follows:

"name": "barebones",
"version": "0.0.0",

The name represents the title of your activity (package). If you intend to release your project, the combination of its name and release should constitute a unique identification.

Q.3. Explain how module.exports is utilized.

Ans: Module.exports is a directive that informs Node.js which code fragments (functions, objects, lines, etc.) should be “exported” by this document so that other files may use the exported information.

(If you want to prepare for more, read out the information and top node js interview questions  stated on the blog by tapping on the link.)

5. How Much Does A Node JS Developer Cost?

It has been noted that Node.js developers in the United States are costlier than those in Ukraine and India. But does this disparity in average pay also impact the developers’ competence and skill set? As per Hackerrank’s study, the reply is no.

Specifically, as per Hackerrank’s scoresheet, Ukrainian programmers scored 11th with an outstanding success rate of 88.7% throughout all tech tasks. In contrast, US developers rated #28 (78%) while server-side devs of India placed #31. (76%).

One probable reason for this phenomenon is that U.S. programmers are general practitioners, but programmers from Ukraine and other offshore nations focus their professions on a certain stack. In this manner, the last grow more proficient in a specific technology and surpass their American counterparts with greater tech expertise.

Similarly, these figures suggest that a country’s average GDP has little bearing on the qualities of its labor force. For instance, India and Ukraine are able to deliver reasonably priced, highly qualified coders.

Node.js DeveloperThe U.SUkraineIndia
PayAround $105KAround $67KAround $25K
Time Zone DisparityIdeal for America and Europe.Suitable for Western European and American nations.

Significant time discrepancies exist between Australia and the United States
There are time discrepancies between Europe and the United States. Appropriate for Australia.
Talent/Expertise Worldwide28th Rank11th Rank31st Rank

6. Conclusion

This post examined why Node.js developers have grown so prominent and how this complicates the recruiting process. In order to make this hiring procedure more feasible, we analysed the average salaries and other hiring stages that might be taken under consideration.

Node.js is applicable to a variety of sectors and business scenarios. Node.js is advantageous for programs that demand client-side rendering and need to manage many requests.

To effectively execute Node.js development, you must identify a reliable partner from whom to recruit Node.js professionals. I hope you found this guide meaningful.

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