Best IDEs Used by .NET Developers for Software Development

There is no secret that Microsoft developed the .NET Platform is one of the most favorable choices among businesses. The reason behind this is that it is a controlled framework for developing Windows Application applications. .NET supported a number of .NET-based programming languages that were compatible through a Common Intermediate Language and ran on the CLR virtual machine (Common Language Runtime). Such a framework has enabled the development of powerful Windows applications that were feasible, efficient, and quick, typically using the object-oriented, C-based language C#. Developers and Software engineers can use the .NET framework to securely manage and deploy their code/applications in a scalable manner via a robust development platform.

However, you must know how .NET is a must fit for all your business needs by looking at its features and functionalities. Net Core platform has many features, and languages like C#, F#, and Visual Basic (VB) which helps developers to develop a suitable integrated development environment (IDE) to create apps within.

1. Best IDEs for .NET Development

Keeping this in mind, we’ve selected some of the top .NET IDEs and coding environments for.Net professionals.

1.1 Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

The one and only most popular .NET IDE inexperience of most of the developers is Visual Studio. Everyone in the business knows Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio are at the top of this list. There are Microsoft products as well that top the game and are most popular among .NET developers but which one benefits users the most is what we need to find out.

It is still one of the most popular .net developer tool, offering an advanced environment for .Net applications. Microsoft Visual Studio is a programming environment for creating websites, web services, web apps, and mobile apps, among other things. It includes world-class tools for writing and debugging code, as well as collaboration between .Net professionals.

The Visual Studio features are light-weighted, open-source, and 100% easier to use. Visual Studio comes with intelligent features that allow a .NET developer to smartly execute the functional definitions, modules, or variables. In addition, it also has in-built GIT Commands, robust plugins, and other extensions and customization features.

One of the most considerable reasons for using Visual Studio Code is because it is a lightweight IDEs on the market and can be used with a variety of popular languages. The fact that Visual Studio Code relies on a powerful plugin system to activate and disable various features and languages is one of the reasons for its tiny footprint and efficiency. You can turn Visual Studio Code into the exact IDE(Integrated Development Environment) you need with our plugin system. With time, it has become an ideal choice for businesses to develop any .NET framework

1.2 A Fully-Fledged IDE From JetBrains- Rider

A Fully-Fledged IDE From JetBrains- Rider

Rider by Jet Brains is another pioneering IDE in the list which is used by all types of proprietary features that comes with a 30-day trial .NET IDE is still quite new. On Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, it supports .NET and.NET Core applications. Rider’s rapid performance, broad platform and runtime compatibility, version control integration, and extensive decompiling features are highlighted by reviewers.

Jet brains developed rider is most popular among Windows and MacOS users as it allows cross-platform coding facilities and coding options. It is used by majority or .NET core applications to perform unit tests for all types of projects like multiple platforms performing projects or mono-based projects. Its most key features include code analysis, code editing, refactorings, unit code runners, cross-platform ide and debuggers, databases and other code base actions.

Rider is compatible with a large range of ReSharper and IntelliJ Platform plugins. Plugins that enable Markdown, in addition to the supplied plugins (such as those for VCS, F#, and Unity support), are available separately.

1.3 Codeanywhere


Codeanywhere is a Great option in our search to discover the best cloud IDE. It is a cross-platform cloud IDE that enables you to build an environment, import or design a project and then perform in the same environment.

Once you enter, you are required to generate a development environment. You can practice one of the current stacks from the menu of options. 

When the build loads strongly, you can choose between importing a Git project or creating a bare repository of your own.

With a rich-text editor, you can build, edit and store files. Following, you can manage any code that you have generated or saved through the monitor by operating the relevant command.

Codeanywhere provides help for syncing with Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, in extension to GitHub and BitBucket through version restraint. 

Moreover, you can also correlate to your environment by FTP clients to transport files to and from other places. Codeanywhere also has a connection with DigitalOcean to combine with DO droplets.

1.4 DevExpress


DevExpress develops feature-complete UI controls, enterprise-ready recording systems, automated web testing devices and business application frameworks.  It is also critical for of DevExpress Universal v21.1, the award-winning software development program for .NET and Visual Studio developers. 

Its technologies assist you to create applications, see complicated software with higher precision, develop applications with your productivity of DevExpress UI components for WinForms, WPF, and Delphi VCL. And produce stunning touch-enabled applications for Windows, Web and next-generation even mobile operating systems – without boundaries or settlement.

The ease of application of the DevExpress product and most of their essential functionalities are explained in their documentation. If the records are not clearly defined, then write to the DevExpress support team, and they normally provide answers within a day or two. 

The Maintenance team members are also very experienced such that they can teach from a development point of view and the setup and support. They are also very effective when it comes to fixing our issues, so long as all the essential details are given to them to replicate the problem.

1.5 MonoDevelop


MonoDevelop, is a .NET IDE that was created by Xamarin, includes many of the same capabilities as VS Code and also allows cross-platform development. MonoDevelop allows you to create desktop and web applications fast on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

MonoDevelop has the ability to facilitate businesses with code completion and debugging options. We know Unity- a game engine that has discovered this that is set up using C# as a programming language for advanced programming and videos. It has upper hands-on code templates and strongly supports code folding and code completion for C#.

In the year 2003, there were a few Mono developers who started to upscale MonoDevelop by adding new features by converting it into SharpDevelop. A popular open-source .NET IDE, from System. Windows to Mono. You will also find a rebranded version of this which is Xamarin Studio. This includes proprietary add ins such as iOS and Android.

1.6 .NET Core CLI

The command-line interface tool chain for developing, building, running, and publishing .NET Core apps is known as the .NET Core CLI. The .NET Core CLI (as you may assume) lacks a user-friendly GUI, unlike most typical IDEs. The command-line interaction with the tools you use to construct cross-platform .NET Core applications is the focus of this utility.

After you’ve installed the software developer kit, you’ll need to install the .NET Core CLI, which also includes the .NET Core SDK. The CLI comes with the following commands:

new \restore \build \publish \run \test \pack \migrate \clean \store

.NET Core CLI is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, for developing .NET applications.

2. What All Do You Need Besides .NET IDE’s

In the process of choosing which IDE suits your business aptly, here is a list of other essential elements that would add rewarding results to your chosen IDE. All you need is

  1. A .NET Core runtime environment is a good element to be added while choosing IDEs. This was developed using the same .NET Framework codebase.
  2. Heard of SDK? The .NET Core SDK is a collection of libraries and tools that allow .NET programmers to create .NET Core apps and libraries.
  3. Then comes the dot net driver- These drivers include the .NET Core CLI, and the .NET Core libraries and runtime are all included in it.

This set of elements will help you in the process of installation using .NET core components. Once all of these things are in place, you can directly start with the below-mentioned IDEs whose features entice you and fulfills your business needs the most. These IDEs can help you develop high-performing business applications using the .NET framework.

3. Final Take of IDEs and .NET Framework

This blog was a quick run-through on how different .NET IDEs create a unique environment for businesses. How these integrated development environments make .NET development simpler and easier. We have seen the types of IDEs, their implications, and their features when you want to develop an application. It offers hassle-free management of source code, reduces multiple runtimes, and improves the ability to quickly write desktop applications using other development tools. You get support at every level from installations, usage, debugging, and finally deployment too if you have the right partner to guide you through. Why not think about giving it a try to a specialist who has expertise in using IDEs and developing the .NET applications?

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      There are various tools available in the market which can help assist in code development, quality analysis and debugging for .NET Developers however when it comes to best .NET IDEs I truly find the list in the blog very helpful. Being a newbie in .NET development I was searching for some of the popular options in IDEs and the top 6 would help a .NET development company to build high-quality scalable products.

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      .NET is undoubtedly the most used framework in several industry sectors and hence it has a lot of tools for IDEs. I personally being a .NET developer like using all the mentioned .NET IDE's but I would like to add one more tool to the list that is Rider. It is a cross-platform IDE tool that also supports both the .NET framework as well as .NET Core and supports Windows, Linux, and Mac.