Enterprise Application Development Trends

Today every business dreams of creating apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, which turn out to be the best in the market in a short span. Hence the need for becoming a multi-dollar venture compels these organizations to come up with quick applications that aren’t developed to perfection usually cause problems like sluggish performance and frequent ANRs (App Not Responding). Slow and smart wins the race here! Let us find out how! The following post acts as a quick rundown of the app development realm. It features  why these enterprise application development services are so much in hype these days, and what are the potential challenges one could face while conducting such enterprise app development projects. Also, if you are willing to make a mark in the current age of the tech revolution, simply read away!

1. The Rise of a Mobile App Development

Applications especially mobile applications or enterprise apps aren’t just created as a sidekick. Today they have gone mainstream changing the demographics to a great extent. An app works wonders in several ways; for businesses, a mobile app can assist them in understanding their customers whereas, for customers, a mobile or an enterprise app can assist by offering quick services.

It’s no longer just the availability of information, it’s more like how conveniently your customers can access information. So if you want to grow your brand, you have to avail as much information to your potential customers as possible. Having an enterprise mobile application is one sure way to connect with your audience and give as much information about your business.

Now, why is today’s app development market on the sudden rise? Well, you are the answer. I mean a recent survey revealed that we spend an average of almost three hours a day on our smartphones. So if we multiply over a month, this adds up to over half as much time as these people spend on their full-time job during the same period. Do you really think as a businessman that it won’t be profit-spinning? After all, the numbers are just going to add up!

By now I have observed that several companies irrespective of their size have already begun to appreciate the internet’s benefits. Now, they need to understand the value that mobile app development and enterprise application development offer over more traditional ways of connecting online.

The first and foremost point is you can gain an extra 240 hours of work per year when your employees use enterprise apps. Apart from this, drive efficiency, streamline processes and engage their employees are few more reasons for considering enterprise mobile app development. Other pointers include:

1.1 Better Workflows

As I said before, the number of time people spend using apps is almost half as much as they spend at work, businesses also need to understand that much of this increase stems from people who use mobile apps at work. Companies of all sizes have found that mobile apps for employees can offer greater efficiency and flexibility.

Some of the most popular examples to consider here include project management, sales, business intelligence and inventory control.

1.2 Increase Revenue

Long before, marketers thought that people used their phones for research and then waited until they got to a larger computer to buy. With the rise of mobile app and enterprise apps, things are changing and will change in future. It is assumed that companies without mobile apps to collect transactions may find sales dwindling just because they don’t have an app.

1.3 Improved Engagement

Can you tell me how many times you swipe your mobile screen every day? Businesses with an icon for a mobile app on a phone will give their customers a daily reminder of their brand. They can gain even more attention by sending well-segmented, periodic notifications and offering direct communication and even a loyalty program through their business app.

Some of the vital features found in mobile apps include:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Biometrics
  • Camera Capability
  • Virtual Reality

2. All About Enterprise Application Development

An enterprise application development or enterprise software development is said where a company develops bespoke software or mobile tech to enhance their business. By conducting a bespoke app development project, you will be able to control every aspect. Moreover, you can do things like enforcing secure log-ins on your users. You’ll also be able to restrict background processes, block jailbroken devices and prevent access to the phone’s clipboard. As a result, you’ll have much more control over your company data.

An enterprise app development has to be built according to certain business logic, after all, it is aimed to solve specific tasks. Enterprise mobile apps are integrated into a company’s existing IT infrastructure and sync with other systems in it.

Some of the best examples of enterprise applications include Google hangouts, Evernote, Skype, Trello, and so forth. Deploying enterprise software applications not only helps in increasing employee engagement but also boost customer satisfaction, improve the decision-making process, boost productivity as well as proffer many more benefits.

2.1 It Boosts Productivity

Productivity more or less depends on a crucial factor, communication. By conducting enterprise app development, businesses can enable mobility to their employees. This mobility ensures increased throughput and process streamlining. You get an easier way of communicating with employees. Though all this may sound like a simple collaboration task, the ability to access important data even whilst offline can certainly make work easier for many employees, leading to increased motivation and better results.

Enterprise mobile application development will help to integrate the business processes. The enterprise software applications provided by the enterprise software development companies help in their data management. With an increased number of mobile users at the workplace, it enhances the work performance of employees while they are on the move. The emerging trends in enterprise software accelerate the business to adopt digital transformation. One of the major enterprise software development trends is Micro apps which helps to improve enterprise software by linking individuals to all of the information and resources they require. An enterprise app ensures the productivity of the employees by gifting you these three parameters:

  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility
  • High flexibility
  • Ease of inter-communication

2.2 Saves Time

Do you think it is easy to access the data stored on your laptop and desktop even when you are not even present there? The employee is required to be at their desk when asked for any report or data. This consumes the time of an employee which could have been productive in some other way. Now how enterprise app development can be beneficial here? You may ask!

For example, you have 100 people working under so ideally it would take at least 10 minutes or even more for an employee to get back to their respective desk, recoup the report and share it with others. And all this whilst shifting the employees’ attention from the job he was working on. This would hamper the 1000 productive minutes of the whole organization on average.

Enterprise apps can help to save this precious time of your employee taking to retrieve a report or data by storing it in the cloud and accessing it anytime without the need of going back to the desk. So choose a reputable enterprise software development firm that has the nerve and confidence to deliver high-end solutions in the predetermined time.

The urge to fill up all the details in a form and submitting the report is a little time consuming and tedious. Instead, an enterprise app with a feature that allows you to auto-generate a report or to select from the drop-down list or menu is much favourable to use. It makes the process of sales, invoice, marketing and other such operations time optimizing.

2.3 Cost-Effective

Multiple tasks are going around in an organization, where at one end you need to deploy different technologies for each development, at the other end you need to focus on marketing and sales and other factors. Indulging too many systems for each operation will require maintenance as well. So what happens is, the cost of employing and maintaining different tools and technologies will drive no core value towards the business.

Building an enterprise mobile application that can be used by all the entities will prove to be cost-effective. Not only that, but it will also help you to make decisions, precisely and faster. The use of papers will reduce which again will lead to cost reduction. Using an agile cloud service to store the data will reduce the cost spent on hardware and other tools.

Types of enterprise application development include:

  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Enterprise Mobile
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Email marketing systems
  • Payment processing system
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Enterprise Messaging Systems (EMS)
  • HR Management

Of course, your organisation is doing great without a custom mobile app, so why should you start now? Choosing an enterprise mobile application development platform is a great place to start the creation of software that is perfectly suited for your business needs. All you have to do is keep these emerging enterprise software development trends in mind.

3.1 Artificial Intelligence

The proven trend for multiple industries in 2020. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), can provide powerful and predictive and several analytical capabilities in the application that helps to deliver a more personalized user experience. Today, several companies are seen using chatbots. For instance, artificial intelligence can offer 24/7 real-time communication with customers.

Machine learning algorithms can offer a fitting solution at a quick pace. AI and machine learning bring intelligence and efficiency to enterprise applications. Additionally, in combination with face and voice recognition, AI can become an important part of the security aspect by checking the identity of the customer in a process  and plays a major role in data security by preventing any data breaches.

3.2 Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality gives enterprises a lot; helps enterprises reduce the level of errors in an industrial setting and increase the speed of task completion. But still, some issues stop companies from integrating VR/AR and enterprise mobile into their business. The increased adoption of Virtual and Augmented Reality among enterprises reshapes industries, economies, and workforces across the world. Advancements in hardware and software help make immersive experiences more available to everyone.

3.3 5G Technology

Well, by combining enterprise software development with 5G, things will work at a much convenient pace. Of course, by now we all must have witnessed how different technologies and their capabilities have been invented, but when it becomes a global standard the mobile apps will be more powerful than ever.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud computing, and the Internet of Things projects will be elevated to an entirely new level with the capabilities of 5G in your upcoming enterprise mobile application development project.

3.4 Big Data

Data is one of the key assets one cannot afford to misinterpret. Fortunately, with the rise of big data and several other data analytics technology, it has become easier for businesses to adapt changes and make decisions at a lightning speed. Also, several operations such as data processing, analysis, verifications and adjustment have been enhanced. Big data is one such trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

3.5 Blockchain

Another interesting trend to consider in enterprise software solutions is blockchain technology. One of the finest ways to store bazillion of information and data. I must say the trend has changed our lives to a great extent. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are found making it extremely big these days. Well, all thanks to the Blockchain technology. 

Other benefits offered by this trend include – disruption via digitalization, identifying management, securing the IoT (internet of Things), enhancing supply chain management, and of course better analytics. 

3.6 No Code or Low Code Development

Another irresistible trend is no code or low code development. This one has been a pure bliss especially for developers worldwide, no two-ways about it. In fact even those programmers with no relevant experience or understanding can be useful here. Of course, there are naysayers of the following trend, in fact every trend I have mentioned in the post but let’s see where things will further move. Will it be a boon or a bane in the upcoming years.  

3.7 Native and Progressive Web Apps

Native apps have been in the enterprise software development space for years and no wonder these are going to make it till the end. I can say why –  it is because of the Progressive Web Apps. Though being a wild-card entry these apps offer a variety of benefits including faster loading time, great capabilities, reduced bounce rate and so forth. It has been already stated that progressive web apps are the future of the app development world. It’s worth giving a try, this might be the right approach for you.

3.8 Cloud Base System

In 2020, we all have already witnessed what cloud computing can offer. More or less, it has succeeded in enhancing a wide range of functionalities for a wide range of industries. Slowly and steadily it has been assumed that migrations require innovative cloud technologies and secured functionalities.Cloud computing has emerged as an effective alternative deployment option for enterprise services. This means cloud computing will be one of the leading trends in the enterprise software development space. 

4. Conclusion

Conducting an absolute enterprise application development project is not easy but is quite a doable job. And with the concept of enterprise mobile becoming so popular, it makes sense to pay close attention to the ever-changing technology and trends.

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