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The emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’ age and the tsunami of robotics that has blown the IT community off its toes have boosted the computer and SAAS sectors. Consider the most straightforward or difficult chores you might complete; from meal preparation to stock markets, there is technology for everyone. With the proliferation of software goods and solutions on the industry, there is a significant requirement for experienced software engineers and programmers to create them. 

Numerous organizations abroad also consider outsourcing software development teams or employing offshore specialist engineers to complete their software development duties. Among them, there has lately been an increase in need for Node js development services as well.

Node.js is expected to overtake Java as the most widely used programming language in the next years. As a result of the growing interest for Node.js engineers, it is critical for human resource recruits and executives to understand the required abilities for a Node.js developer role.

When it comes to hiring Node.js engineers, a hiring business in an IT field should be aware of the required skill sets mentioned below.

1. Must have Skills to Become a Node.js Developer

Must have Skills to Become a Node.js Developer

Hiring developers could be easier than becoming one. Apart from having basic understanding, knowledge, and attributes, a Javascript developer must possess different skills, along with that he must also have basic knowledge about other tools and regularly check on the updates. Regardless, the demand for a Node.js or an open-source developer is increasing day by day. Now not all developers are equal. By this we mean to say that some might be good in regards to experience while others might be more knowledgeable, but irrespective of your position, Here is the list of must-have skills (Node.js developer skills) that one must possess irrespective of their experience.

1.1 Better Get Going with the Basics-

#1 Node.js Architecture – Node.js developers must be well-acquainted with the fact that it is not necessary for every single thread to conduct client requests. The result ultimately depends on the architecture of the single-threaded event loop model. Node.js has an event-driven design. By using it, node.js developers can manage not one but many client requests at a time. 

#2 Installation of Node.js – Node.js is pretty simple to install. Find the latest version from Node.js’ official website and download it. As soon as you install Node, do check the system configurations and then begin your work right on the spot. To use Node.js, ensure that your skilled developers use RAM which is at least 4 GB.

#3 Node Package Manager – Node.js comprises such pre-built libraries featuring their own code to create various functions. Now installing as well as implementing the right library has become pretty much easy, all thanks to the NPM. Not to mention that by doing this, the web development process becomes way easier. 

#4 JSON Files -. As a Node.js developer, you have to create JSON files. In simpler terms, what do these files incorporate? Crucial data in regards to packages and dependencies. All you have to do is open and review them whenever needed. 

1.2 Database Management-

Database management is an important skill set, especially if you are interested in developing business applications that comprise a numerous amount of data.  Handing several databases as well as integrating multiple data sources at once is a must-have skill in a Node.js developer Also, check are they capable enough to maintain database security?. One more important thing here is about creating database schemes that not just support business processes but also ensure all the services that are given from your end are provided right in accordance with their requirements only. 

1.3 Managing Time –

Other than technical skills, Time management is pretty vital. More and more developers require this skill because they are working on multiple projects at the same time. In fact, they must know how to prioritize their tasks and get things done by their deadlines.

1.4  Creating Compliant Code –

Another interesting skill that Node.js developers must possess is to create or write efficient codes that are readable and compliant. So that everything works well in sync and doesn’t possess any threats later on. Non-bloated code written will also help applications run their best.

1.5 API Communications –

You see, no development environment is 100% perfect. You are required to make it perfect. And since every business has different needs and so are their requirements. Not to mention that these needs keep on changing with time.

This is why developers are often asked to understand API communications on a thorough basis. All this definitely results in the development becoming more efficient, saving time and effort.

1.6 Error-Handling Skills –

Make sure that the web developer is well-aware of the aspects such as when to crash when to log an error, when to continue, and when to retry. Error handling is a must-have skill for an ideal Node developer. 

Troubleshooting and syntax manipulation are basic error handling skills that every Node.js dedicated developer or other developers need to demonstrate.

1.7 Use of Asynchronous Programming-

As a Javascript or an open-source developer, you are supposed to have a good grasp of asynchronous programming. After all, non-blocking is what Node.js is all about. With asynchronous I/O, one can reduce the waiting time for requests. As a result, Node.js developers can be more productive since they are able to execute Two or more functions at once. 

However, Without a proper understanding of the method, it is not advisable for the developer to simply just delve in. 

1.8 Knowledge of Front-End Technologies-

Front-end development doesn’t only mean the outcome or what you see as a user. But it’s way more than meets the eye. So, having an in-depth knowledge of front-end technologies can be pretty much advantageous. 

2. An ideal Node.js Developer

According to several sources and stats, Node.js is considered the most prominent technology. Day by day software developers are found looking for different ways to get a job in reputable software development companies across the globe. What can be done by combining a javascript framework and node.js code? Well, what not can be done, you can create a wide range of apps such as social media apps to online gaming apps, tools for seamless collaboration, etc. Some of the best examples of node apps include PayPal, LinkedIn, Uber, Go Daddy, Walmart, and more.

Technically speaking, Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, server-side, JavaScript runtime environment.  Unlike other frameworks, this one successfully executes JavaScript code, and that too is not within the web browser. It offers an event-driven non-blocking input-output mechanism that acts as pure bliss, As a result, the web application development process gets way faster, more scalable, and flexible. 

Another interesting advantage of using Node.js is that it enhances performance and maintains consistency. Maybe that’s the reason why more and more businesses are found using the framework to create one of the finest single-page apps(or web applications). 

2.1 Top Node.js Frameworks

  • Express.js (foundational framework) 
  • Meteor.js
  • Adonisjs
  • Nestjs

As a Node.js developer or even a team member, all one has to do is write server-side web application logic in JavaScript. Node is a server-side framework, it is usually considered for backend purposes whether you want to create a module or link a particular app to a different third-party service provider, etc. 

Their ultimate objective must be to maintain an impressive amount of efficiency and reciprocation at the time of responding to front-end requests. 

An ideal Node.js developer is one who possesses high-end Javascript-based expertise. Along with this he/she must also have knowledge of various frameworks associated with Nodejs like Hapi, Total.js that will help to expand the basic functionalities of node.js. Such experts won’t keep beating around the bush as they exactly know what needs to be done.  

As a Node.js developer, all you require to do is develop, deploy and maintain network applications. For beginners to learn Node, you must somehow be able to exchange data between servers and users, and not just that it is also advisable to develop back-end components and connect applications with other web services. Fortunately, there are several javascript experts who have offered adequate support in front-end development all they had to do was integrate web-based applications. Web framework-based Developers who are aware of the various frameworks are many, so it is very important to become the best out of the rest. Therefore to ensure success you must possess extensive knowledge of Node. Js-based services, the experience of working on numerous projects, and should also be aware of bug fixes. An accomplished Node.js developer will be someone who can offer a stable, fast, and secure exchange of data.

Are you excited to know about the skills and responsibilities you are going to be handling in case you choose to become a Node.js developer?

3. Roles and Responsibilities of a Node.js Expert

Roles and Responsibilities of a Node.js Expert

Apart from crucial knowledge and must-have skills, a Node.js developer must carry certain roles in their job with. utmost precision and dedication.

  • Data streaming applications and platforms
  • Server-side proxy and applications
  • Must be able to enhance the infrastructure and procedures 
  • Working on PayPal Node JS Payment process management
  • Offer full-fledged Back-end services of customer-friendly graphical user interfaces
  • Wireless connectivity, big data analytics, and many more

Moreover, these developers are also responsible for several tasks –

  • Developing and maintaining all server-side network components.
  • Communicating and Collaborating with front-end developers 
  • Designing customer-facing UI and back-end services developing high-performance applications Implementing effective security protocols, data protection measures, and storage solutions.
  • Running diagnostic tests, repairing defects, and providing technical support.
  • Creating custom RESTful APIs for node.js development.
  • Responsible for coordinating with the software developers (sometimes even with the business development team) regarding software development tasks
  • Documenting Node.js processes, including database schemas, as well as preparing reports.
  • Recommending and implementing improvements to processes and technologies.

Keeping informed of advancements in the field of Node.js development (both for front-end and back-end development technologies).

4. Conclusion

Apart from the above-mentioned skills, there are other attributes that are expected from dedicated developers like understanding project requirements, possessing basic problem-solving skills, getting acquainted with the business processes, being flexible to work with other languages, along with this having a degree in computer science is an added advantage. 

The more experience one has, the more employers will trust the senior node developers’ decisions. It is important to know that becoming a Node.js   web developer has high demand (Job searches for Node.js developers rose by 57% from the previous year as indicated in reports by Indeed) The above-mentioned Node.js developer skills and responsibilities will help you in becoming a better Node.js developer(tech talent).  

So if you have already started looking for a reputable software development company, make sure you find the best one that meets your requirements. And get started with your project today!

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