Top Companies using Node JS

Due to the fact that it is developed in JS, the world ‘s most prominent technology—Node enables the creation of several enterprises. It’s unsurprising that it ‘s become a hugely popular innovation that several businesses have adopted.

By adopting the best Node.js practices, several leading firms have overcome a variety of operational issues. Some are platform-specific, while some are resource-specific. Netflix, Paypal, and LinkedIn are some of the companies using Node.JS, they have all claimed to conserving up to 60% on page loading, as noted via Hackernoon.

Which businesses leverage Node.js technology, and how do companies using Node JS profit by using Node.JS? Look for the answer in this post.

1. Let’s discuss more on Node js

Node.js is a JS open-source technology that executes javascript code. It can also be worked upon cross-platform and is the universe ‘s most prevalent computer language. It is designed for the development of high-performance, extensible and  dynamic web pages and apps. Since its inception, Node.js has been a true godsend for industry titans like Uber and Netflix, owing to the multiple advantages it brings:

  • Extremely reassuring to deal with
  • Excellent scalability
  • Server-side scripting or execution of the code (on their computers or straight in a browser)
  • More rapid application development process or cycles
  • Processing with breakneck speed
  • Open-source community that is flourishing

According to Stack Overflow, Node.js has a 50.4 percent market share in the sphere of tech. What, therefore, accounts for its popularity?

According to the newest Node.js research, this innovation has a substantial influence on biz: it increases professional developers efficiency by 68%, software effectiveness by 48%, and user happiness by 13%. Additionally, these figures appear to be increasing over time:

Nine out of ten backend and full-stack engineers are using Node.js framework. Why do engineers prefer Node.js? To begin, this JavaScript framework  is simple to deal with and supports server-side scripting or code processing. Second, it enables greater versatility and shortens the time of development process. Furthermore, it is the de facto industry standard, supported by a flourishing open-source community.

2. Global Companies Using Node.js

Global Companies Using Node.js

2.1 Netflix

Of course, Netflix doesn’t require any introduction, we all know what it is. After all, it is one of the leading platforms that has reached 130 million subscribers in June 2018. You see, handling 1 billion hours of weekly data video streaming is no child’s play. And nothing works wonders when looking for an extremely scalable solution that could handle all the requests. 

Even though Netflix used NodeQuark infrastructure during its initial days but now it has Node.js. In 2015, Netflix was using Java for backend development that could not catch up with the frontend user requests, which caused higher load time and so the development teams thought of shifting to some other tech stack.

NodeQuark was supposed to handle some data and a large user base initially. However, it wasn’t considered ideal for handling larger amounts of data, which the best OTT platform like Netflix Would need at any cost Therefore,  Node.js came in! Slowly and steadily the platform has gained popularity in no time. To date,  Node js development has remained one of their best choices throughout their growth and development process, especially the UI (User Interface) part of Netflix is build using Nodejs .Also by using Node, Netflix team was able to reduce the startup time or increase the loading speed by near about seventy percent Along with all these it could also handle all the requests on your preferred operating system and supported weekly video data streaming.

2.2 PayPal – Enhanced Performance and Faster Loading Speed.

Another interesting go-to online platform for making electronic payments is PayPal. The platform uses Node.js from Java to develop online payment services. Why Node.js and not any other programming languages you may ask? Simple, because it allows Node Js developers to work seamlessly on server-side and client-side aspects.

You see, back in 2013, it made a decision to migrate from Java to JavaScript and Node.js tech stack. For this transformation, development teams were divided into two, ones who write app layer-specific code and others who write browser-specific code. As a result, today on PayPal a user can expect a 200ms faster response or 35% decrease in loading time, i.e. more than twice the amount of requests that can be handled in a second. 

2.3 Trello

Trello (a project management tool)  is one of the best visual collaboration tools being used across the world to organize business processes. In comparison to Slack and G Suite, Trello takes third place. In Trello, there are numerous tasks handled by the server and to execute it they’ve used Nodejs.  Trello is pretty much in vogue, especially among startups. Also, several sources have revealed that the platform has over 1.1 million users. Also, a lot of open connections and instant propagation of updates are some of its unmatched benefits.

2.4 Uber

It may quite interest you to know that Uber was one of the first 3 companies to use Node js development tools and several other programming languages in their development process. The main reason behind making such a choice was asynchrony, their ability to process large amounts of data almost instantly, clean code,continuous development, and the cost to implement it. So what happened after that was, the app automatically began improving in regards to performance. Right from processing the key information on a quick basis to enhancing the operational speed, the choice of technology stack changed every aspect. And from the developer’s advantage, the errors could be resolved right away. In addition to the above mention reasons, Uber also wanted to run advanced analytics on their stored data. These all reason together led Uber to adopt Node.  One right step changed everything around. Often known for their ride-hailing taxi app, Uber did succeed in making a huge transformation across the globe. 

2.5 GoDaddy

Go Daddy is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. So what role does Node.js play here, you may ask? Well, it takes care of the entire backend Although, GoDaddy did not favor Node.js right from the beginning as it used C# and SQL Server something clicked and Node.js came into the picture.

By migrating and implementing Node, several objectives can be achieved at once. For example, with 10 times fewer servers, a customer’s website can be hosted hassle-freely, write tests and well-integrating them is possible and several new features can be deployed at once, even the website builder platform of GoDaddy is built using Node JS. 

2.6 Medium

The medium platform is based on a service-oriented architecture. One of the most interesting aspects here is that all the main app servers are written with the help of Node.js. Due to this code sharing between the server and the client has become way easier.  One of the core reasons for choosing Node.js for Medium is the high-end performance. Before Node, it was found that big data management aspect was missing and even the event loop was blocked. 

In any case, Node.js is the best solution when looking for a backend technology. Today Medium is considered as one of the most powerful platforms, especially for blogging purposes. It is also one of the few companies using Node.js and AWS from the very beginning. 

2.7 NASA – Node.js Helps Even in Space

NASA is also one of those companies that use Node.JS. The word space itself is comprehensive. Every system used behind it must offer an ample amount of security. According to the Node.js Foundation case study, NASA decided to migrate to Node.js  and as a result, we found:

What happens is the data is successfully moved from 3 different legacy databases to a single cloud database. Why was this important, because moving data could easily shorten the access timelines, Almost by 300% along with this there was reduction in resource utilization rate. 

Apart from this, a dangerous mishap took place due to unreliable data hosted on several spots and one of their astronauts nearly lost his/her life.

2.8 LinkedIn & NodeJS

Why did Linkedin choose to use Node.JS? Their reason was performance. In other words, around 8% of their users were found using the app via mobile. As a result, developers started looking for different options. Rails/Eventmachine, Python/Twisted, Node Js are the best options Linkedin developers could think of. For their mobile server piece they found Node to be the perfect option Some of the crucial benefits offered by Node js are: 

  • The new mobile app is twenty times faster at startup time than Rails in some cases.
  • It only uses three servers instead of thirty and the traffic capacity of the app works  3-10 times faster.
  • Both server side and client side came under Javascript, both together they facilitate easier interaction.

Node showed the developers that it could offer huge performance gains compared to what they were using before. Also, the mobile app needed to talk to the Medium Platform API and database, this requirement was also taken into account by the use of Node.js.

2.9 Mozilla & NodeJS

Mozilla Firefox, who doesn’t know about it! Also, this goes without saying that Node.js is way easier in terms of use. Mozilla is using node.js for reducing the memory footprint and for supporting its half a million users along with this it also makes use of Node JS for developing web apps. It was not easy, but in the end, they could get everything under a single JavaScript repository.

2.10 Walmart

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, desired an e-commerce website that was tailored for productivity while remaining nimble enough to support scattered staff. For scattered teams, a monolithic JAVA web application proved inconvenient to operate with. They required the application to be modularized.

The pre-Node Javascript front-end made use of SEO-unfriendly Javascript libraries, decreasing the search engine visibility of items in the perspective of the Web Browser. Walmart’s mobile eCommerce apps also experienced efficiency difficulties as a result of the JAVA configuration. Walmart was able to create a search engine-friendly HTML website and also boost website efficiency with the use of a Node.js application.

Walmart’s front-end was built using a combination of React JS and Node.js, which improved the website’s speed. They noted an improvement in client interaction and a drop in user response time. Walmart Checkout Cart conversions rose. The development teams were releasing upgrades at a rate faster than ever before, significantly reducing development work and time.

Now, Walmart’s e-commerce website and mobile app get approximately 80 million monthly visitors, necessitating the development of a system capable of handling such a high volume of requests. Their critical objectives were quicker loading times, an HTML-based front-end, and a move to a microservices architecture, which their existing Java program was incapable of providing.

2.11 eBay

Day after day, eBay gets a million customer inquiries, making it one of the busiest platforms in the industry and one of the leading node.js users. It had previously used a Java-based design before migrating to Node.js.

eBay, like PayPal and Netflix, was experiencing platform challenges with JAVA and desired a lightweight runtime that would be compatible with the front-end. The disconnect between the front-end and back-end programming caused the website to load slowly for users.

Due to the lengthy launch times and sluggish website performance of eBay’s historical JAVA application, eBay desired to make its software as real-time as feasible. The backend of Ebay required links to a variety of ecosystems, including iOS, Android, and the web-based system. A component-based architecture was necessary to do this, as the present approach was not designed for microservice deployment.

The front-end technical crew was unable to accelerate production and improve on code more quickly. eBay adopted the open-source paradigm for Node.js applications, merging open-source libraries to create the ideal developer environment. They were capable of offering a huge proportion of eBay-specific solutions in real time leveraging Node.js without putting the system under strain.

The front-end was also migrated to Node.js, utilizing APIs that the team had been pursuing for a long period of time. Since then, it utilizes the Node.js web layer to provide its data across several platforms freely and rapidly.

2.12 Citibank

Citibank is a market leader on a worldwide scale, with almost 2.5 thousand operations in 19 countries. It was already a component of the community of Javascript-based technologies. Nevertheless, they just included Hapi.js, a Node.js framework. This decision was made in response to Walmart’s performance with Hapi.js and Node, and the truth that it fit with their current technology stack.

Citibank’s migration to cloud computing necessitated the use of anything that was compatible with contemporary massively scaled computing technologies such as docker, virtual machines, frameworks in applications and clouds, and so on.

Citibank required a robust backend service, and Node.js fit the bill well. Node.js is well-known for its utility with mobile technologies such as texting, webs, and many integrations.

Citibank’s crew was capable of constructing several plugins for their online applications by integrating Node.js. They were capable of making verification strong and easy by utilizing Node.js’s NTLM authentication. Citibank obtained a 50% reduction in performance by employing Nginx direct delivery of Nodejs.

3. Advantages of Node js

Advantages of Node js

3.1 Easy to use

Unlike other frameworks, building web apps with Node js is quite a seamless ride. It’s easy to learn. Though it is imperative for anyone to consider a team of skilled professional Nodejs developers who aren’t just knowledgeable but well-experienced in enhancing your business. But here accessibility acts as a deal-breaker. 

3.2 Simple

Node.js is quite obsessed with the ‘JavaScript code everywhere’ concept Unlike other frameworks, one no longer has to go back and forth between back-end (server side)  and front-end (client side) simultaneously.  The good news here is unlike other technologies, there is no need to switch back and forth between back-end and front-end development. 

Technically speaking, a wise programmer whether he is conducting front-end development, backend development, or any other aspect, will always consider including 2-5 different technology stacks featuring programming libraries, languages, and frameworks. And with Node, technology integrating other platforms becomes quite simple and straightforward.

3.3 Fast

Most projects built using Node.js hit the market at a faster rate than otherwise. In a nutshell, programming in a Node js environment is way faster and easier. Ultimately, the development time automatically decreases and one can speed up to reach the market. It is also one of the reasons why software developers are found using node.js.

Businesses most of the time prefer using tech or platforms that assist them in releasing the product at a faster pace.  The reason being is pretty simple to receive immediate feedback and take adequate actions regarding the same. According to a Stack Overflow report, Node.js is the absolute leader in the technology world with 50.4% so what makes it so popular? It provides a 68% increase in Developer productivity and reduces the average response time by 35%.This is how companies using node JS have an added advantage.

3.4 Scalability

Another advantage of using Node.js as your development platform is scalability. Companies that use Node.js are the ones that are in desperate need of scalable software just to enhance their financial growth in no time. 

Node js as a development platform has the potential to handle several concurrent connections. Apart from that, load balancing is one such astounding feature of Node.js tech which must be taken into account. Here all the tasks are equally distributed well among the resources.

3.5 Large Community

Again speaking of accessibility, whether you are a techie or a non-techie, you will automatically know that by using Node js one can create the most accessible software. Also, its vast and active open source community cannot be underestimated. No matter where you get stuck you will always find some helping hand. Also as we know that Node.JS is open source code so it is available to virtually any developer no matter what their preferred operating system might be. Also this large community is a huge helping hand to all those Javascript developers/ Node.js developers working in companies using Node.js in their development project.

4. Summary

Some other companies using Node.JS for their mobile app are Twitter Lite, PayPal, Citi bank (makes use of node for mobile services), Walmart (for handling concurrent requests), Yahoo (Yahoo started using it after Node’s initial release in 2009, at the beginning it used Node for performing simple backend tasks like file upload, Yahoo products are SPA’s or site using Node.js and Yahoo’s blog confirmed that 75% of their Web Applications are node-powered) they use it with the purpose of sustaining/ maintaining live connections with servers, all these features and other benefits that are offered by Node js are offered by very few other languages. Along with all these benefits you can even make use of NPM (Node Package Manager)- the official package ecosystem of Node which is largest online database of public and paid-for private packages. Our Node js developers at Tatvasoft have been working on bespoke software development /Application development for years. Contact us in case of any inquiries or assistance.

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