Top Companies using Vue js for their Upcoming Web Development Project

If you are a keen follower of the web development space, I am sure you must have met Vue.js  now it’s time to say hello! Named as one of the  “big 3” JavaScript frameworks (Vue / React / Angular) chosen by enterprises and companies all around the world.

Earlier it was assumed that this technology (Vue) is perfect for bigger companies but not anymore. Today, Vue is not just known but acknowledged by all kinds of companies irrespective of size. Using Vue.js encapsulated with a wide range of components and features is pure bliss and it’s definitely not going to stop anytime soon.

The following post emphasizes What is Vue.js, why developers are found using Vue.js more for their upcoming web development project, some of the top companies using Vue.js. Fortunately, you will come across several posts exploring Vue best practices.  Vue.js has already earned popularity as a javascript framework Now it’s time to unveil why.

1. Introducing Vue.js

Since its inception in 2013, Vue.js has been gaining popularity like none other technology out there. According to the 2020 Developers Survey, Vue was one of the most popular frameworks. And till now it has remained intact in its position with more and more developers jumping in this lucrative field and the existing developers are found sharpening their axe. 

In 2014, Evan (former employee of Google) created a lightweight framework named Vue.js. Vue js has 292 contributors on Github (a place where developers collaborate while developing software), making it a popular and reliable Tech stake in the eyes of front-end developers. No wonder, Vue js is the second most popular Javascript framework after React.js.

It is used to build simple projects as well as sophisticated mobile apps and websites. Beyond that, some other solid reasons in favor of Vuejs are it is a perfect tech stack for responsive web application development will be further discussed in the post.

If you ask me one-liner about vue.js, the javascript framework is meant to enhance the view layer by offering a plethora of functionalities. Also, this is used to build single-page web applications. Some basic yet crucial factors worth considering:

  • High-speed run-time performance
  • Vue.js uses virtual DOM
  • Vue.js provides responsive visual components.

Hence proved, if you want to develop single-page applications (SPA), look no further than Vue.

2. Why use Vue.js for your Next Web Development Project?

Not so long ago, brands and developers were mesmerized by different emerging technologies. Mainly introduced to give a one-stop-shop experience to its end-user but unfortunately, they failed almost all the time.

You see after this it was realized that they were missing a core element, i.e, app design. Often UI/UX design is overlooked while building apps which shouldn’t be the case here. Now, coming back to the present, almost every business wants to showcase their creative work by creating an intuitive UI design for their website. 

Further below I would like to mention certain or advantages to using Vue.js for your upcoming web development project.

2.1 Small App Size

The first and foremost reason to use Vue.js for their application needs is that it is of 18-21Kb in size. However, despite being a small size, Vue surprisingly offers high speed.

Whether it’s for both small and large-scale app projects, Vue turns out to be a perfect choice.

2.2 Easy to Understand and code

The framework is easy to understand. This means adding Vue.Js to the existing web project is no big deal.

Vue.js features a well-defined architecture. This is precisely useful when you believe in storing data via using custom methods. Also, not to mention that here you are bound to receive some intimidating features such as watchers, directives, and computed properties. App development thoroughly becomes a cakewalk. 

Another benefit of the Vue.Js framework is that building small and large-scale web applications or any software in the least amount of time is possible. 

2.3 Higher Performance

When speaking about Vue.js, high performance can be expected.  By using virtual DOM, developers can keep a hawk-eye in case of any mishaps or shortcomings. Not to mention that it also becomes manageable to maintain a high frame rate. As a result, you receive better performance in comparison to React or Angular. Moreover, you can optimize Vue’s performance to a great extent. 

  • Lazy loading
  • Splitting the code
  • Prefetch components
  • Optimizing images

2.4 Detailed Documentation & Vast Community

Vue.js owns an enormous progressive community. A complete guide and newbies can get back to it in the least time possible. The learning curve of Vue.Js is comparatively very convenient  All one requires is basic knowledge of HTML and Javascript. 

2.5 Two-way Communication

Generally speaking, communication is said to be effective when it’s two-ways! And similarly using Vue.js as your core tech enables you to establish successful two-way communication. Have you ever wondered why it has become possible? This is due to the MVVM architecture In this way, Vue.Js is very similar to Angular.Js, handling HTML blocks is no longer a headache. 

By using Vue.js, two-way binding turns out to be pretty straightforward. In simple words, if any changes are made will be passed to the data, and the data will be in the UI.

why Vue.Js is considered reactive because it has the potential to react. React in regards to all the kinds of changes made to the data or site. 

3. Top Companies using Vue.js

Top Companies using Vue

Since we have already covered why choose Vue.js to conduct web development or why do businesses these days emphasize showcasing their creative work by using Vue. It’s time to unveil some of the top companies considering Vue.js  as their key weapon in their arsenal.

From gaming companies to social media platforms, Vue.js is being spoken about everywhere. 

Here’s the list of websites and companies using Vue JS

companies using vue

3.1 Facebook

Facebook is one such reputable company that uses Vue.js as a part of its NewsFeed. And over all these years, it has proved that the js framework is more mature enough to be implemented for such a use case. Imagine one of the biggest platforms on the market putting their trust in Vue for their services. 

3.2 Netflix

The successful movie streamlining platform was built using Vuejs, no two ways about it! What makes this platform a cut above are its movie swipers and its smooth fluidness. And do you know which is the best part, these swipers can be implemented in any Vue application without much hassle. 

3.3 Nintendo

It is a well-known fact among the Vue community that is pretty much in talks among the Asian countries, especially India, Japan, Phillippines. Creators of Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong chose Vue for different parts of their online presence. They use Vue.js for some of their regional websites in Europe.

Also, don’t forget to find information on their reward system, My Nintendo? If you are a Nintendo pro, you should definitely check it out! And by the way, the Nintendo website was also created using Vue.

3.4 Adobe

Well, Adobe created a product named portfolio. You know what the platform does, it enables its end users to build a personalized-looking website in a quick span of time. The adobe company uses Vue.js to ensure exceptional user experience and performance. Behance (owned by Adobe) is a platform for showcasing creative work of all kinds also uses Vue js.

3.5 Alibaba

Another impressive name worth taking into account is Alibaba, a public company from China. it aims to deliver an excellent experience.

3.6 BMW

Imagine here the list comprises of a premium automobile company. BMW uses Vue.js in a Car Configurator.  What exactly this is, you get the power to ride your dream car. Everything is according to you, from color options to upholstery, etc.  It is an excellent example of what Vue.js is capable of doing, as it can help you visualize your car the way you want it to be in V.R. 

3.7 EuroNews

Euro News is not a website, it’s a channel that aims to cover the news all across Europe. Of course, you will find their headquarters located in Lyon, France, EuroNews was developed using Vue.js.

3.8 WizzAir

The budget Airline is said to have used Vue.js in building the fantastic user interface in its apps. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t revealed any details regarding whether they have used Vue or not. 

3.9 Upwork

I am pretty sure everyone knows here what upwork is. And those who don’t know Upwork is a freelancing website. A platform where you can easily conduct business. 

Having provided the highest quality to their users as their core objective, the company decided to use Vue for the important elements of their platform, such as the overview of freelancers.

3.10 Grammarly

Grammarly offers a signature user interface – all thanks to Vue.  This makes the website simultaneously simple and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Conclusion

So that’s all for now! I hope you are convinced (with the examples mentioned above) whether to use Vue.js or not for your upcoming web development project. After all, the aforementioned top companies are still using Vue.js so where are you?

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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