Top 10 React Developer Skills To Get You Hired

There is no secret that the V part of MVC which is called View and is the keystone for developing new-edge apps. We all know how the V aspect is   known to take care of the aesthetic part of your business web apps. React comes as a popular name JavaScript choice to improve the front-end functionalities and view of the application. React comprises a set of incredible library functions for developers to simply put together all the customs information using custom functions and features. They can also develop innovative, secure and interactive web applications using best React.js security practices

React is a JavaScript library that is on demand and focuses on niche aspects of projects. The components of React help you develop aesthetically pleasing web apps using its reusable components. You can apply customization to your custom UI needs for tab bars, templates, popup models, or tables, or anything that can save time from reworking on the same aspect. In this blog, we can say that ReactJs can ramp up the overall functioning of the developed application and there are some of the most desirable skills that a React developer must know. Let’s explore them in depth

1. Prominent Skills for a ReactJS Developer

Prominent Skills for a ReactJS Developer

1.1 Core Fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

The first step in understanding React JS requires you to go back to the basics  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the building blocks for any web and each individual webpage.  If you have built any competent website, your team of React developers should be able to utilize the library functions effortlessly. React extends them to allow you to design web-based apps. 

One of the most obvious reasons for choosing React is because it is easy to learn.  React mixes fundamental HTML and JavaScript ideas with some useful enhancements. Still, like with other tools and frameworks, you must devote some effort to master the use of React library. Experience here matters if you have developed anything using HTML and CSS  or using 2 of them with JavaScript in the past, you might now know how it works. Using react, you might not do actual coding in HTML because for that you might require an extension. This extension is called JSX. Other tools in react also play a pivotal role in the development process.

1.2 JSX

Just like HTML and CSS, JSX is an extension of the ReactJS environment and is considered an important aspect of React. If you are a developer working with React JS, then you do not have to dig deeper into HTML. Instead, much of the interaction is done using JSX, ReactJS’s syntactic extension.

In technical terms, JSX is the abstract layer created on top of React.createElement() API. If there is something that makes JSX an essential component of the development is that it allows developers to design apps utilizing the react APIs, which would otherwise be challenging. For scalability reasons, JSX is used to make the process less ambiguous. With this extension in place, one can use React.createElement() to build out an entire application. This will make the development more efficient and smooth for developers. That’s why this is one of the important skills you must be looking for in a Reactjs software developer.

1.3 JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6

Javascript is an inseparable part of React and if you don’t know Javascript you don’t know React. It is as simple as that. Along with JavaScript, you should also have knowledge of  ES6 and get skilled with ES6. Hence choose a developer who is well-versed in both JavaScript Fundamentals + Es6 and can make the most of the framework. And it’s not only the principles of JavaScript that qualify as a competent resource for react development. The integration of eS6 enables a developer to work on web apps. Some of the most obvious skills in Top ES6 include:

1.4 Variables and Scoping 

It is a normal practice to use the ‘var’ keyword in the process of storing variables. But when you use react, the developer may take a step ahead. With the help of ES6 and select keywords such as ‘let’ and ‘const.’ This gives the notion that React developers may avoid using var when it is not required.

1.5 Array and Objects

 If you are using HTML then storing data and access- both at once can be a challenging aspect to resolve. In past years it was difficult but now, this is quite easy. Even if you have stored data in arrays with ease, accessing and modifying them is a bit challenging. If you are willing to experiment with array techniques, JavaScript can offer you some functions such as ‘.map’, ‘.filter’, and ‘.reduce’. This array pattern allows users to store data in objects that make it easy for users to interact with data. If you are a react developer, you must know how to change property values while mutating the object value.

1.6 Git

Git is a platform that is familiar to almost all types of developers, including prospective developers. As we know, Git is a distributed version control system that is a free, open-source platform catering to all development requirements. Small and large-scale initiatives will benefit from its speed and efficiency. Git allows developers to smooth control over changes of software, scripts, webpages, papers, and other material connected to software/application development. Professional developers are required to have a GitHub profile if they work in a team, as it helps in better project management.

For react developers, Git boosts the process of coding by efficiently writing codes using libraries for Reactjs-based web applications. If you are a Full Stack Developer who wants to track the smallest change made within the application codebase, Git can help you do that. You must have a good understanding of fundamental Git commands and examples. If react developers use Git, they also have a chance to explore new opportunities with security, productivity, and management. React Developers with peculiar familiarity using Git and react library functions can better interact and cooperate with their fellow developers/programmers on the same project on the same platform.

1.7 DOM and Event Handling Facility

Manipulation with the real DOM elements is uncommon when you use React. The native event object returned by typical DOM manipulation in React is wrapped up in a SyntheticEvent. You can connect several sorts of events to HTML elements, using ‘on clicks,’ ‘onchange,”mouseenter,’ and so on. Also, the extension JSX is always available to use, in case you want to use any other feature.

1.8 Node + npm 

Many people will not expect Node here in Reactjs needs. Why would you need to know how to use Node to be a React developer? It is because React is used in both client-side scripting and server-side scripting. While you may include React in any HTML page, there will be many more packages available to let you enhance the React framework. Therefore, it is a necessity for you to know what Nodejs is and how it will be used in React js development.

Speaking of NPM, React developers must have a firm grasp of the npm registry. It may seem amusing, but that is exactly what npm is used for. It is a cloud storage service for packages known as dependencies. NPM enables developers to download and install software packages from the NPM registry, which serves as a dependency cloud storage. Thus knowing NPM packages will help React developers to get the whole development using React.

1.9 Redux

If you have a question about who manages the library function, the answer is redux manages the state library function. Most of the developers have been learning to manage the asynchronous state updates using Redux. Redux was created, for this reason, it helps you manage the scalability of React. Redux is a state management library that does a lot more than managing React. It is not a framework, but rather an opinionated approach to dealing with data. Redux’s ideas are similar to functional programming and immutability. Redux does not follow a one-size-fits-all solution. Prior to getting into Redux, it’s critical to understand the fundamentals of React programming.

1.10 Soft Skills

Choosing one quality in your potential React developer or a React development team is not easy. On the contrary, one might not possess all the above-mentioned skills. But soft skills are something that you don’t need to teach to your developers, it’s an inbuilt quality. All you need to do is find out whether they have it or not. Soft skills are a major part of the interview process as many organizations consider developers to have them. This can include assertive communication, a non-typical approach to problems, and many other factors that we would see below.

Yes, if you are looking for a full-stack developer then soft skills are mandatory. The developers need to be convenient and willing to perform various roles from communicator, tester, leader, or any other required software development roles. Also, many of us would not be sure of what interviewers are looking for in soft skills then here is a list of a few attributes that good organizations may consider

  • Good and effective communication
  • Analytical capabilities
  • Good time management skills
  • Learning Ability
  • Attention to detail
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Creativity
  • Good with deadlines
  • Problem-solving ability

2. What Makes ReactJs One of The Most Preferable Javascript Libraries?

What makes ReactJs one of the most preferable javascript libraries?

Often mixed as a programming language, React is a comprehensive library that helps developers to build user interfaces using its unique React components. It is an open-source, front-end library function that works component-based exclusively responsible for the view of the application. As we know that the view layer is the one in charge of how the program appears and feels in MVC- Model View Controller architecture. The reason that React’s popularity surpassed all other front-end development frameworks is because of many reasons such as the unique Javascript library and reusable codes are the highlighted ones. The build-up of components is a combination of HTML and Javascripts which has the ability to record the logic within the decided User interface. React is considerably simpler to use and easier to learn than any other front-end framework.

If you are using React, you can render the whole look and feel of the website using some minimal commands and by nesting the react components. This brings us to a point where we can save a lot of productivity hours by using React for our web app development. This scrutinizes the selection process and thus you need to screen out the best resources with the right React developer skills. After going through this blog, you will get a comprehensive idea of what all things should be considered before deciding on the right or future potential candidates. 

3. Conclusion

From this blog, you must have learnt that your React developers  have as good expertise in the technicalities of Reactjs, Javascript, and Node NPM registry that will make the path of selection easier. Years of experience will be an added advantage. These are just some of the barometers we can use to measure all react developer skills, and apart from that you also need to see if your potential developers have soft skills or not. Because they may require to play different roles which should be mastered in order to get selected. The right team of react.js developers will have an exact idea of what is expected from them and how to deliver.

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