Why use Nodejs with React for Web Development

In a world where the tech world changes every day, IT firms need to continuously evolve themselves. The IT experts have to be on their toes if they want to keep their clients engaged for a longer period. And currently, the hot topic in the IT market is how to use React with Node Js. Many leading companies and experts are considering it as a combination for their web app development projects and the results are terrific. To know more about it and see why one must use NodeJs with React for web app development, let’s go through this blog.

1. What is NodeJs?

Node.js is a very popular open-source and cross-platform runtime environment that is used for creating networking and server-side apps. The applications of Node.js are created using JavaScript and developers can run them within the Node.js runtime on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and OS X. This environment offers a rich library of different JavaScript modules that have the capability to simplify the web app development process.

2. What is React?

React is an efficient, flexible, and declarative JavaScript library that is used by developers to develop user interfaces. It is known as the ‘V’ in MVC. It is a component-based open-source front-end library that is used for the view layer of the app. React is maintained by Facebook. It offers amazing services to the developers with efficient use of react project best practices.

3. Top Reasons to Use NodeJs with React

Top Reasons to Use NodeJs with React for Web Development

The combination of both React and NodeJs in web development helps in enhancing efficiency and also saves a lot of time. This amalgamation also allows the CTOs to concentrate on the important aspects of their businesses. Therefore, it is the most preferred combination. And to prove it, we will go through some points that show that the use of NodeJs with React in web app development is a perfect choice.

3.1 Single Page Applications

In today’s time, Single Page Applications (SPA) are in trend. These types of applications have minimal loading time and this is what attracts users the most. Creating single-page applications by using both React and NodeJS is the best choice as it helps in synchronizing the entire app development process. Here, the SPA can be created using React and NodeJS will help in developing lightweight backend models for asynchronous data.

3.2 MERN Stack

MERN Stack means a combination of MongoDB, Express, ReactJs, and NodeJS. Here, the developers can use NodeJS with React and this will help in offering a completely new dimension to the client’s business site. In the same way, the amalgamation of other frameworks along with React and NodeJs can create a unique website.

3.3 High Web Server Load

High Web Server Load

When the prime object of any development team is to create a website that comes with multiple facets, combining the two best technologies, React and NodeJs makes sense. Having multiple facets results in a higher level of server load and this increases the chances of the website getting crashed. And this is why it becomes essential for any web app development company to create a website that has the capability to maintain the server load balance no matter what.

The combination of React and NodeJs has made it easier for the developers to create a website that can handle multiple requests and responses at a time. Besides, the JavaScript library also plays an important role in enhancing customer engagement.

3.4 More Streamlined Process

More Streamlined Process

Techies nowadays don’t focus on the debate of NodeJs Vs React, instead, they try to combine these two powerful technologies and make the right use of this amalgamation. With the help of React and NodeJs, the developers can create a more streamlined process. The React DOM helps experts to cut lines and create an app development process that is easy to understand and rapid. Besides, the components of React DOM work perfectly fine with NodeJs. And this combination helps in streamlining server-side rendering.

3.5 Real-time Data

It is clear that the web applications that show real-time data are more attractive to the clients. But to make this possible, the IT companies require an efficient server connection. And for this, working on NodeJs for the website can boost the performance and make it faster. NodeJs come with terrific server connections and because of this, even if the website heavily relies on real-time data, NodeJs can easily offer the best service. Therefore, if any business owner wants to have a website with real-time data streaming, the best thing you being a development firm can do is integrate NodeJs into the system for better results.

3.6 Keeping Pace with the Unyielding Demand

In today’s time, the environment in businesses is all about growth and evolution. There is a continual increase in the demand for few technologies. The two highly in-demand technologies are React and NodeJs. They are continuously rising and their combination has even surpassed Java. And because of this reason, these two frameworks are widely used in the market. And they are helping the IT firm owners to keep pace with thriving demands.

Both React and NodeJs are technologies that are expanding rapidly and this is why every development company is either hiring experts in these technologies or are training their in-house developers about NodeJs and React.

3.7 Extensive use of JavaScript

With the increasing use of React and NodeJS in web development, the richness of JavaScript has increased. JavaScript is easier to learn and work with. Therefore, developers prefer it more than any other coding language. But as ReactJs is taking over the market, working with JavaScript has become even simpler. So, with the help of an easier learning curve, the programmers can easily create a wonderful web application with ReactJs and NodeJs.

In addition to this, the combination of React and Node offers simplicity and power to the web development process. And the inclusion of JavaScript helps in boosting the website’s performance.

4. Conclusion

As seen in this blog, the combination of NodeJs and Reactjs can offer the best services to web development. And this is why the new-age businesses don’t debate over React vs NodeJs. Instead, they use these two technologies together to scale up the performance of the website. Besides, the use of NodeJs in companies like Netflix and PayPal has made the IT businesses realize that this technology has a lot to offer and it can help dramatically improve the site’s performance. Utilizing Node.JS in your development process also offers the advantage of using NPM. What is NPM?, it its a package manager of Node that makes publishing and sharing of Node.JS source code libraries easier. Therefore, if the client’s business site has the requirements that these two technologies can together fulfill, there is no better option than that for any development company.

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