Top 10 Companies That use React

It is a challenging task to select the best suitable tools or frameworks to develop a web and mobile application for your next business idea. There are so many options available in the market that creates a rift among developers to decide on which one to choose. The React framework is the first preference among people who want to take their idea online. React.js has been a universal choice for businesses that want a sustainable, high-performing, and reliable application. Following best React practices, many have made up to the top of the hill. There are many top companies using React in their development process, such companies like AirBnB, Instagram, Netflix, Walmart, and the list goes endless.

Keep reading because this blog can give you many insights and tricks that these companies have used while they use react for their business. We will see all the top companies that use React in this list and understand why they choose React tech stack for their business and how it iworks on React.js.

1. What is React Js?

Reactjs is a Javascript library for creating user interfaces. It’s considered to be one of the most modern front-end libraries and one of the most popular Javascripts, as well. Reactjs is not an MVC framework and you can reuse its components to develop smart User Interfaces.

Stack Overflow developer survey shows that Reactjs turns out to be one of the most popular libraries for new projects.

Many businesses are using it and have seen profitable business results from it. React JS is used by tech giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and others to improve customer satisfaction and retain brand equity. It’s now time for us to see what are the pros of using React and what makes businesses use Reactjs. Let’s start understanding each of the top companies that use React in detail.

2. Companies Using React

2.1 Dropbox


Dropbox’s mobile and web apps are built using React Native framework and React js respectively along with other JS and debugging tools.  Dropbox is a service provided by an American firm that aims to reduce people’s workload by offering cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and other services. It has been utilizing ReactJS for a long time. Dropbox switched to ReactJS because of its benefits.

  • Smaller file size
  • Fast reloading speed
  • Develop  applications that are user-friendly.
  • Good Look and feel of the app
  • Build rich user interfaces

It has also offered businesses an online backup solution and cloud-based storage, which has prompted several businesses to switch to DropBox.

2.2 Instagram


The second company on our list has been in the market for the past few years but it seems impossible to exist without React for this app. It has been the talk of the town every single day and it doesn’t need an introduction.

Instagram is one of the platforms that may be classified as a React app. Instagram is a photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking app for mobile phones. It allows users to take photos and videos to publish and share with multiple friends at a single time. Now that there are many advancements in the app, you can also use hashtags in the same way that you can on Twitter.

The history of Instagram says that it’s also one of the most well-known React JS apps. From the time since React’s open-sourcing in 2015, Instagram started using it. Because it saw a slew of new features added to improve the user interface. They ported push notifications in web app views, as well as a slew of other capabilities such as pop-out tags, Google Map APIs, and search engine precision.  So, the development team decided to use react developer tools for Instagram that offers easy to manage features like

  • Search engine accuracy
  • Hashtag monitoring, real-time updates and news
  • Declarative UI
  • Component-based Architecture

2.3 Airbnb


The third company on this list is the one which makes vacations easy. Airbnb is a USA-based firm that primarily operates in the market by offering vacation rentals, lodging options, homestay, and other hospitality and tourism services all across the world.

The purpose of ReactJS in a tourism offering company is to enrich the business with cross-platform applications that are advanced and sustainable. With react technology you can ensure the runtime performance of the app is up to date and works best in all operating environments

Airbnb employs React throughout its website to make the search function and communication easier. Airbnb is one of the most well-known and well-liked applications that use Reactjs to build its web application. In fact, Airbnb’s research team assigned around 60 engineers to work on and construct their React-based app. They repurposed React code in order to adjust it as needed.

2.4 Discord


Reactjs is an all-rounder in all terms. May it be hospitality apps, eCommerce websites or a social networking app- it has it all. Discord is a platform that allows gamers to connect with one another while playing a game by using photos, messages, or videos. All of this is made possible via the React application.

React has been a go-to framework for all business types. There were many members who moved to Discord, a free voice and chat program for gamers. It is compatible with both iOS and Android, which is the best example of cross-platform app development. They share 98 percent of the code in both these platforms and hence it is called cross-platform ability. To build native apps, react library offers myriads of facilities like

  • Multiple server support
  • Self-hosting facilities
  • Moderation tools to quickly change or upgrade
  • FaceBook ads manager
  • Rich user-experience

2.5 Walmart


Walmart is, without a doubt, the largest superstore that offers everything from pins to planes. You can locate one in practically every state, and depending on the locale, you can find anything from home goods to clothing to groceries. React Native allows cross-platform mobile app development for Android and iOS. They enjoy the fact that a single team of JavaScript developers may complete the project. On the Walmart app, you can buy everything which is available in the physical Walmart store.

The Walmart web and mobile apps now run considerably faster and more effectively thanks to React Js library and React Native framework. The use of ReactJs improved the user experience. Walmart settled on a hybrid strategy in which existing native code played a significant role. There are lots of benefits Walmart got by using the ReactJs library and React native framework.  The rate of development has doubled. The ability to share a codebase between iOS and Android has been enabled.  ReactJs has enabled business with

  • Unit code testability
  • Coverage, and a consistent automation framework
  • Software engineers capable of creating world-class UI in RN, iOS, and Android.
  • Mobility and advanced web development features using ReactJs 

2.6 Wix


Wix is a website-building platform that runs on the cloud. This is another application that is developed using react and has been behind many wonderful applications. It is simple for those who have no prior coding experience. Back in the year 2015, WIX decided to start its mobile journey with React Native. At the time, and now, the goal is scalability.

Wix has benefited from the React development features. It is believed that there was a logical step to use React front-end developers to work on the Wix web app in ReactJs. The reason can be because they had previously worked with React or have seen companies making wonders with react. Despite these difficulties, Wix developers find the security of React to be more reliable hence deciding to develop a mobile application as well as web apps with immediate response and higher user satisfaction.

2.7 Pinterest


The next company that runs one of the leading social media applications is Pinterest.  Though it also has a web-based platform, it is more inclined towards mobile apps. You will be surprised to hear that the Pinterest web app is also made using ReactJs. Users can use collections called pinboards to upload, store, organize, and manage images and videos known as pins. Pinterest is a personalized media platform that allows users to view other people’s material in their feed.

Pinterest is a social media platform, however, it is not widely utilized for communication. Instead, people share and pin ideas about a wide range of topics, that covers everything, and anything like interior design and recipes being the most popular. Like many other organizations that utilize ReactJs, their decision was based on the library or framework’s ability to share code between platforms. React offers a broad spectrum of amazing features that is compatible with both Android devices as well as ios platforms.

2.8 Skype


Skype has gained so much popularity as a business communication platform. It is a voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) application in which video chat is the primary mode of communication. Other than that Skype allows you to make and receive phone calls as well as instant messages. It is a Microsoft creation.

To beat peer competition, Skype also transferred its app to react platform. After years of utilizing React Native for the Skype mobile app, Microsoft has recently switched to Electron. It has no relation to the performance of the application. They used React native because it is great for mobile apps and all other types of applications. Microsoft wanted the Skype app to look and feel exactly like the desktop version. The brand appearance must not vary. Many people were dissatisfied with the redesign but then later liked it because of its easy and simple desk management. There was an option of replying from notifications and synchronizing with Outlook. It was an inexpensive alternative.

2.9 Gyroscope


This web application has ReactJs as an integral part of its web development process. Gyroscope is an innovative application that tracks and supports its users to achieve their health-related goals, such as weight loss, improved overall health, restful sleep, increased productivity, and so on. This is basically a fitness-related application, The tech stacks here are common and that is React.

React has a platform that covers the front-end development of the application quite seamlessly. This app also recommends further courses of action, such as nutrition regimens, training regimes, rest schedules, and so on. The credit for all of this goes to ReactJs. Developing applications with ease and without any UI differences is easily done using React. These web applications ensure smooth interaction with third-party apps like HealthKit to track steps, heart rate, meditation exercises, and other metrics. React helps with multi-framework and seamless data integration that allows the report generation process to be done easily. A detailed report is available that displays relevant data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, with a faster development speed and increased developer productivity. Various software and hardware integrations are available.

2.10 Myntra


The leading name in e-commerce in India has a large customer base of 13.5 million users who shop from the platform almost daily. The popularity of the app is a game-changer in the fashion and apparel industry and allows all new-edge technologies to be a part of it. The entire design system is created with the most unique and wanted web frameworks and key elements that manage to load immediately and effectively. Myntra is using ReactJs in showcasing a gorgeous catalog of products, placing orders, exhibiting profiles, an appealing user experience, and design among other things.

iOS and Android apps use React as well. Since React Native offers bulk scaling, Myntra has been using react native  to revamp its android and iOS mobile apps.

3. Advantages of React

When you are looking for a React, you must know what are the benefits it offers as a development technology. 

3.1 Code with Multiple Purposes

One of the most significant and unrivaled advantages of React is the ability to reuse authoring components (codes) over and over. Yes, with React, you have the ability to reuse codes. These components can be reused in the same project as well as in any third-party solution, with only the links to other existing components changing. Software development firms can substantially shorten the time it takes the development team to complete a project by employing React.js.  The reusability is applicable to every software that is compatible with the React.js library.

3.2 Rapid Results

ReactJS outperforms in every way possible and is a competing framework that changes the whole virtual document object model/paradigm. This leads to improvement in React’s performance.

3.3 Convenience

When it comes to convenience, React is also popular due to its extensive set of developer tools. There are Chrome and Firefox extensions that allow you to study the hierarchies of react components in the virtual DOM.

3.4 SEO Friendliness

React can easily tackle the issue of search engines and the complications of reading large JavaScript apps, making it easier for developers to traverse between different search engines.

4. Final Thoughts on Growth of React Components

In this insightful blog, we saw a few tips and tricks on how React.js works for any business. We also saw some of the common advantages which encourage businesses to take up react for their businesses. We also saw some of the pioneering names of React.js which will help companies rely on React. Using React.js, planning to create your own digital product is very easy. Software development companies like TatvaSoft have a team of adept React developers that have successfully launched dozens of React.js-based projects, and we can pave the way to your company’s success as well.

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