Shital Patel

Shital Patel is VP at TatvaSoft with a high-level of proficiency and technical precision in SharePoint Development. His experience of the last two decades has helped businesses to solve complex challenges resulting in growth and performance of Startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Nintex Forms: How to Create Form in Office 365?

26 February 2021

his becomes possible with the help of Nintex Forms. It provides a wide range of designing options, advanced functions, better...

Nintex Workflow Automation: How to Create a Workflow using Nintex for Office 365?

15 February 2021

Workflows can be used to automate tasks that consist of Approvals, Notifications, Status Updates, etc. which are highly repetitive...

SharePoint Farm Topology in 2016 & 2019 servers

4 February 2021

We are aware of how SharePoint 2010 and 2013 are role agnostic farms i.e. any service can run on any server in the farm....

How to implement CRUD Operations on SQL Table Using External Content Type in SharePoint?

13 September 2021

Businesses face complications when they want to display their organizational needs in some external content with the help...

What is Power BI?

3 September 2021

In the data-driven world, every action you perform creates a record, and modern business is overwhelmed with data. Thinking...

Introduction to SharePoint Framework (SPFX) and its Best Practices

19 October 2021

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is the latest development model for SharePoint developers enabling them to use the features for...

Power Apps – Portals (Part 3)

19 October 2021

The Portals are created based on the Environment i.e. SharePoint Developers need to create an Environment and in that Portals...

Power Apps – Model Driven Apps (Part 2)

1 December 2020

Model driven apps are newly added to Power Apps focusing on building apps with responsive UI which runs in any browser and...

Power Apps – Canvas Apps (Part 1)

25 January 2021

After a bunch of wonderful announcements in recent Ignite 2019, Microsoft provides rigorous innovations and update releases...

Search Experience in SharePoint Online

4 February 2021

Search experience is the most importance features for any organization as it helps users to access and find the content from...