Strategic Examples of IT outsourcing boosting Sales

Businesses around the world have been constantly juggling to develop applications that work in favor to provide trailblazing software and improves business productivity and sales. Who doesn’t like to have software the monitors, tracks, and displays all the results needed for businesses in order to streamline and accelerate sales? In the pursuit of becoming one of the leading businesses, every business needs to have a robust, scalable, and trustworthy IT infrastructure and services. In this blog post, we have highlighted few examples of IT outsourcing.

While we retrospect to old times, Outsourcing for any business was considered as a cost-effective method to do businesses at a much economical rate and get a higher return on investment. The ideology has completely changed nowadays, we as a business need to cope up with other businesses and constantly get business in the wake of uncertain business scenarios. IT Outsourcing has been implemented as a strategic game-changer for a variety of businesses irrespective of the industry they belong to, the domain they are or type, size, or scale of business. In this blog, we will be discussing all the aspects that contribute towards a successful and sound software-rich company.

Table of Content

  1. Defining the Need to Outsource IT
  2. Top 5 Business Domains and Their IT Outsourcing Strategies
  3. Final thoughts

1. Defining the Need to Outsource IT

As we started, Most of the enterprises around the globe have been considering IT outsourcing services as one of the profitable methods of doing business. There are plentiful reasons behind it that need to be considered before we decide to outsource. Outsourcing is not a methodology but it has now been converted to a need. Every business inevitably needs IT outsourcing for your business growth. There is a thin line difference between software outsourcing and IT outsourcing. Mostly all types of companies get confused between the two.

So if we were to differentiate between the two then we would differentiate them with the needs of Software outsourcing and IT Outsourcing.

IT outsourcing is the practice of using third-party service providers to deliver IT-enabled business processes, application resources, and technology services in order to run a successful business. There are other aspects as well that we can include in IT outsourcing. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), utility systems, and cloud-based services are all examples of IT outsourcing services. Several types of industry-specific software development are also included in IT outsourcing such as application development, mobile, and web app development, and more.

While if we talk about Software Outsourcing then it is a process of outsourcing all types of software development services that involve building software complex or simple. Web development, mobile app, integration, or any other way of developing application. There are multiple advantages that businesses receive while using IT Outsourcing.

Advantages of IT Outsourcing

Some of the reasons why businesses and developers from all the domain want to adapt outsourcing  certain aspects of their operations.

  • Expertise: An offshore vendor/business may have specialized facilities and/or technological expertise, rendering them superior to workers within the outsourcing company at a given mission.
  • Reduced costs: Lower labor costs, operations, and even supplies are some of the most compelling reasons to outsource jobs to another country.
  • Scale-up and Down resources: Outsourcing enables operations with seasonal or pays on-demand to buy in additional resources when they’re needed and release them when they’re no longer needed.”

Different industries use different types of IT outsourcing services, and every business needs IT and software outsourcing for their businesses. Here in this blog, we will be discussing all types of software development needs that an ideal business from any domain may need.

2. Top 5 Business Domains and Their IT outsourcing Strategies

1. Manufacturing

Many industries including manufacturing are seeing an increase in automation and robotics. Some restaurants are also using machines to transport food and provide consumers with self-ordering kiosks. There is an innumerable number of software development made in favor of businesses to promote the transparent, rapid, and highly efficient operational process. We have been seeing a sophisticated growth of services within the manufacturing business.

According to industry estimates, automation results in an average labor cost savings of 16 percent in industrialized nations.

Not just automation, there are a plethora of technologies that have clearly disrupted the manufacturing sector. All you need is unique and innovative software to handle things pretty seamlessly. Technologies like

  • Robotics
  • 3D printing
  • IOT
  • AI/ML
  • Blockchain
  • Custom Software App development
  • Predictive analytics

Developing custom software for the manufacturing industry can create wonders and can help businesses draw unique business insights for themselves. Their process path is precise, effective, and efficient.

Many that prefer to outsource critical IT operations are pleased with the outcome. To effectively incorporate outsourced IT into dedicated hybrid teams, businesses can use more cloud services and grow in-house roles rather than phase them out. Your development process will offer quick code performance and effectiveness.

2. Accounting and Finance Software

When you think of Accounting and finance, do you think any business will be ready to outsource their accounting services? Well, this is the most misinterpreted aspect when you are asked to outsource. Because when it comes to accounting and finance, you need to have the most trusted and reliable team of accountants and finance managers. Here in IT outsourcing the software developers or the software development team will be dealing with critical and crucial data and information so better to sign NDA while outsourcing IT services.

There is a huge technology advancement seen in the account and finance sector as well. We have been seeing technology trends like automated computing power, blockchain to store useful and encrypted data in your accounts AI, and IoT smart devices that protect data from leakage.

To streamline your company, you outsource financial services to better-qualified accountants. Offshore workers carry expertise and tend to have access to the most up-to-date equipment and technologies. They can not only manage your accounts effectively, but they can also provide you with financial tips and recommendations. They will assist you in running your business more profitably and at higher margins.

3. Human Resources

You might have heard of HRM- Human resource management tools, how does this works, or how can a team create human resource management software. It is not just a management software in human resource development areas, there are various other factors as well that are interlinked in the HR department. Networking tools, analytics tools that work with cognitive computing and helps businesses track, monitor, and analyze the performance of existing employees. 

Outsourcing It services to other countries or companies is a wise choice for businesses to make and break their organizational foundation, HR department is an integral department and brings new resources within the company. Hence, it is very important for businesses to choose the right software that brings outright results for them. Investing a lot in software by developing it in-house with a fear that the information does not get leaked. So ideally partnering with a software development company with an indigenous team of software developers is an ideal choice for a resilient and highly efficient software development ecosystem.

4. Marketing

In the wake of uncertain times when you are immobile and cannot move from one place to another. All your business can function is through online services. Marketing can be done in both ways- Online as well as offline. Nowadays online marketing is at its peak, you can hear it, here there everywhere. Online marketing or Social media marketing or brand promotion- there are multiple names to this. As a whole, enhancing business presence online is called online marketing.

Social media user numbers increased by more than 13 percent over the past year, with nearly half a billion new users taking the global user total to almost 4.2 billion by the start of 2021-.Jan 2021 annual Digital Growth

In order to make a successful business environment, your business needs to take steps in the right direction. Also, not every business knows why to outsource their IT services to an offshore or onshore software development company and what advantages IT outsourcing offers. Here are some of the advantages that IT offers for Marketing companies.

  • Your company can save time by outsourcing.
  • You can hire social media professionals through outsourcing.
  • You will use an agency’s technology stack if you outsource.
  • Outsourcing will help the company save money.
  • Most agencies may assist with other marketing-related issues.

5. Information Technology Outsourcing Management and Services

IT sourcing in the IT sector is making a boom in the business sector allowing many businesses to take benefits of new-edge technology, competition, and operational aspects. This offers benefits to not just one domain but to multiple domains and industries. IT sector has gained too much attention when it comes to transforming business. It is not just cost that makes IT outsourcing more viable and preferable. There are many reasons why businesses choose IT outsourcing in spite of being from the same technical environment. 

With outsourced IT services responsible for such a large portion of the industry, it’s obvious that there are certain factors at play. Outsourcing has advantages in a variety of sectors, but it is particularly beneficial in the technology sector. Four of the key reasons why technology companies or start-ups might want to outsource are as follows:

  • Enhances Team Strength
  • Boosts Lack of In-House Expertise
  • The in-house team is now more focused flexible
  • Meet Difficult Deadlines
  • Delegate Tasks
  • Reduces  the pain of Hiring and Vetting International Talent
  • Faster talent Acquisition and Quick team Upscaling

Multi-vendor outsourcing is also a term used in the IT sector to describe outsourcing various facets of one’s IT services to different businesses. It simply means outsourcing your business to multiple vendors. It would be similar to obtaining IT architecture, microservices, cloud services, AI, ML services, and all other production or design services from various firms in order to accomplish the best of everything. We will also be discussing the generic examples of IT outsourcing types.

What are the generic Examples of IT outsourcing Types?

  1. Web application development
  2. Hosting
  3. Software development
  4. Tech support
  5. Database management & development
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Telecommunications
  8. Website maintenance
  9. Network & Communications
  10. Disaster recovery
  11. Email security
  12. Data Centre management
  13. Threat protection
  14. Cybersecurity

3. Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have seen how businesses around the world from various domains can gain benefits from IT outsourcing. IT Outsourcing companies have specialized skills, resources, and experience that you wouldn’t be able to afford on your own. Such certificates or accreditation that the work necessitates and comes as a responsibility of the outsourcer. IT Outsourcing companies keep up with market shifts and developments, practice new strategies, and develop their skills by working on their area of expertise. We don’t think you should wait any moment, because Time wasted is never regained.

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