Must-Have SharePoint Development Skills

Sourcing, tracking, collaborating, and managing documents- all at once for an individual often demands a lot of investment in terms of money, effort, and time. To save on each of these has a simple solution, it starts with Microsoft powered SharePoint platform which is a one-shot solution for all your business challenges. SharePoint can help you manage, track, organize and share documents in clicks. This requires businesses to migrate their initial documents to SharePoint. The demand for experienced SharePoint administrators and developers will rise as more businesses move to SharePoint. Businesses must guarantee that their IT teams are capable of managing and customizing the highly technical SharePoint platform.

Here are some of the most desirable SharePoint skills that will help you advance your career and assist you in developing SharePoint solutions effectively.

1. Top 8 SharePoint Developer Skills

Top 8 SharePoint Developer Skills

1.1 Knowledge of Various Programming Languages – 

Wondering what it takes to be the best SharePoint development service provider? One of the leading skills required is having a deeper understanding of all programming languages such as .Net, C#, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, and jQuery. Do you think the job is done here? Probably not! You must possess associated technical knowledge of admin and servers as well.    

 If you are hiring a SharePoint developer, then they will be faster in all types of programming languages and tools. There are numerous programming languages and their frameworks that will immediately determine a SharePoint developer’s competency. Ideally, the prospective employer you decide to hire should have a sufficient academic qualification (degree in computer science) and must have hands-on responsibility in a programming language. However, having relevant professional experience can never be overlooked. There is also a possibility that the developers with less than 6 months of experience outperform and have in-depth knowledge about all and as many programming languages.

1.2 Get Access to Out-of-the-Box Tools – 

When you choose a SharePoint developer, other than the normal skills, he/she should be excellent with out-of-box tools. If you hire someone for custom development of SharePoint sites, look at the odd skills that they possess. These skills will work in your favor but no real understanding of SharePoint will bring failures for your project. All you need to do is see whether your selected choice is capable of doing the following acts.

Find someone who has an interest in sharing knowledge about Microsoft SharePoint and demonstrate knowledge with the following Windows-based tools:

They need to be upskilled with out-of-the-box tools for building different types of web-based applications. They need to create a variety of content starting from web pages, forms, processes, and other contents are essential. 

The hired developers should be able to work with all types of Business Connectivity Services, master pages, Page Layouts, User Store, Web Parts, Windows Workflow Foundation, and other Microsoft technologies. In extra skills, they must also know about SharePoint Designer (used to create custom workflows), Visio, SharePoint Object Model (OM), Microsoft Visual Studio, and PowerShell.

1.3 Document and Dashboard Expertise-

When looking to hire a SharePoint developer, keep in mind that they should know how to deal with data, document management, and dashboard showing these data.

SharePoint developers should at least have a basic understanding of databases, not only because of the hype surrounding big data and machine learning but also because application data is still stored in databases.

Additionally, document files and data must be properly stored at the end of the project cycle. It is critical that they are properly classified and prepared for easy retrieval when needed.

At the very least, the SharePoint developer should understand how databases operate. How is data queried, inserted, updated, or deleted? How are data sets combined and documented? It is critical to be aware of all of these things.

1.4 Able to Develop Web-Parts 

This unique skill expected from SharePoint developers is to create web parts to meet the requirements of end users. In fact, there are web elements that are originally part of SharePoint web libraries and also plays important role in SharePoint Web Pages.

As a user, you can easily create, edit, and even modify web pages using all the fundamental features of SharePoint. As a result, mastery of. Net programming skills are required to construct unique web parts that tackle a specific end-user problem.

1.5 Web Designing Skills

These are some additional requirements expected but then the developers do not need to get trained in these aspects. Some of these requirements come as a part of their job role. Just like web designing skills, SharePoint developers may also be used to create both corporate intranets and extranet portals. The goal is to provide a centralized platform where internal and external stakeholders may efficiently interact and collaborate. As a result, a solid understanding of web design can go a long way for developers along with establishing a SharePoint Site. SharePoint developers must be able to develop SharePoint websites easily.

1.6 Knowledge of Industry

This goes unsaid that SharePoint developers must have equal knowledge about industries and how they function. SharePoint’s goal is to increase employee productivity by providing collaborative solutions that can assist them to become more efficient in managing their day-to-day tasks. While SharePoint is also commonly known as a “Collaboration Platform,” This indicates that if you are a SharePoint developer, you must understand how its capabilities may assist end users in managing their work efficiently is also critical.

1.7 Excellent Communication Skills

The aforementioned technical skills are not enough, to survive and more important succeed as a professional, one must possess excellent communication skills. No matter how obvious this might sound, such obvious skills are often dropped out. Especially when a SharePoint expert is working in some offshore countries such as India, Ukraine, Philippines, etc. for that matter. Make sure that as a SharePoint developer you have proper communication skills to understand complex business requirements.

1.8 Have Patience

Another interesting development skill is having an immense amount of patience. Since the Sharepoint professional requires to develop an app right from the scratch, chances are pretty high of redoing things again and again resulting in frustration and quitting. In simple words, you have to be patient on your part. You might walk away or get frustrated a few times more but that’s all part and parcel of growing as a SharePoint developer. So yes, this one does count as a crucial skill in the development space. 

2. It’s Time For You to be an Ideal Developer

Finally, after this long discussion on what a SharePoint developer must have, you must have known what skills matter and what doesn’t. Now, as a developer, it’s your time to ramp up your game and improve your SharePoint skills! We also hope that you found insights from this post. In case you have any queries regarding the topic, feel free to ask in the comment section below.   

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