Offshore Software Development Myths

Offshore Software outsourcing comes with a remote working ecosystem and after the pandemic most businesses are inclined towards adopting this new regime of working. But do we even know who are the trendsetters of remote working? By now you might have guessed it is the Offshore development companies who have been doing this since years. They have created a reliability and resilient partnership which has led many businesses to build trust and outsource. But on the contrary, there are enterprises who don’t believe in offshore outsourcing. In this blog, we decide to shed light and enlighten businesses with the reality of Offshore software development. So, lets get started with the common offshore software development myths.

Enterprises belief says that businesses at the far-end are not authentic and often cheat with quality and money. This is just one myth, there could be many. Thus, you need to know more about offshore software development before outsourcing.

1. Low Quality

The first and foremost concern that bounds businesses from not opting for Offshore Software services is the Quality of the software developed. When it comes to software development, quality is of utmost priority. Customers are turned off by a terrible user interface, therefore it must be straightforward, intuitive, and efficient. Even today, the software development business need experienced engineers and designers – professionals who understand the value and necessity of developing good software and can distinguish between outstanding and superb.

There is a shortage of skilled developers in developing countries like the USA, Canada, Europe and other similar type of countries. And in addition, the cost of software development is scooping high and not every business can afford it, and so they find it difficulty in managing Offshore software team.

Now, when offshore gets associated with low-quality software engineers, they think their quality is hampered. But that is not true. There are outsourcing business in India who offer quality of software developed and easier cooperation and collaboration between their local and distant employees. This makes the work smooth, quality- topnotch and cost- in budget.

2. Pricing

One of the most important reasons why businesses use Offshore outsourcing for their business is because of Cost. While any project has the potential to go over budget, You should hire an offshore software development team or used staff augmentation service to receive benefits of experts. Price is one of the reasons why businesses choose outsourcing. Cost-cutting is one of the benefits of offshore software development. And for a fact we know, there are excellent and terrible corporations all throughout the world. Just as there are in the United States or Canada or India.

You may also be concerned about difficulties that occur during the procedure that result in unforeseen expenditures. While this is a possibility, you can keep the price of repairs low by performing quality testing along the route and holding update meetings as project milestones are reached.

When looking for offshore teams for your project, seek for ones who provide total transparency throughout the project and are eager to deliver the best results for your business. 

3. Communication

Aside from the potential language barrier that comes with communication when it comes to collaborating with an offshore development team. There are also different gestures, cultures, and behavioral standards that might throw communication off. However, this is just one of the offshore software development myths. Finding an offshore team that is proficient in English, familiar with a certain dialect, or capable of communicating through the appropriate channel is not difficult.

But we all are connected through one common language that is English. Communication is must and that’s what leads businesses to develop trust and outsource their services to third party business. You can also see an agile project management approach that can be used with different offshoring models to provide more openness among working partners.

Technology has moved faster than ever before and it has allowed  The notion that one cannot collaborate with people from various cultures is, at best, archaic, since email, video conferencing, and instant messaging allow people from all over the globe to connect more effectively than ever before.

4. Security Risks

Several businesses argue that storing data locally, in their proprietary data centers, is the safest option. One of the Offshore software development myths is outsourcing is revealing sensitive data from a firm to providers that may not manage data in a safe and secure manner, thus jeopardizing Intellectual Property Rights.

But with offshore this isn’t a concern. Not all companies are the same, some of them are trustworthy and will go to a greater extent. They take care of everything from data privacy and intellectual property violations that sounds like a problem for all sort of work being off shored. Unfortunately, these security threats can occur both on and off the premises. But with offshore they ensure that the right preventive measures are taken bu signing intelligent property rights and Contracts. It clearly specify who is responsible for what can help reduce risks and ensure that everyone is in compliance with security requirements.

Offshore outsourcing is completely safe and most business prefer it because it offers large benefits and lesser risks. Any outsourcing company will not stake their reputation in order to earn money for one time. They need to be in business, so even the smaller business makes sure they provide necessary security and ensure developed apps are protected.

5. Team Meetings are Worthless

Meeting is integral part of business communication and most of the business trust that when they offshore they couldn’t conduct meeting as per their convenience. Thus, as they are unable to conduct frequent meetings, to consider offshoring as worthless. But that’s not true. 

Meetings help the team communicate and inform the client about the progress on the project. A well-planned and conducted online meeting is as efficient and productive as any face-to-face communication. Today, the fast-forward technology enables you to use web conferencing tools such as Zoom to share the documents, track record, the progress, future requirements, and more between each member of the team as well as the client, all in one meeting.

Thus, we can say that in offshore software outsourcing, meetings can be easily conducted and it is not waste. But on contrary it is extremely useful and better than usual meetings because it provides real time monitoring and results. Thus, this was a biggest myth that needed a reality check.

6. Time Difference

Another common offshore software development myths is that physical distance and different time zones render teams unproductive – and with good cause. Offshore development originally gained popularity in the 1990s, when big businesses established teams in growing centers such as India.

The time difference is in fact one of the most advantageous factor for businesses.IT gives them an ability to work 24*7. Suppose you are a company located in the USA and you have outsourced your business to India, then you get an advantage of 12 hours time-difference and your business can function round the clock. This is an added benefit for all the businesses who outsource their services to India. 

When a company expands around the world and changes time zones, it creates a significant communication gap. During the waking hours of one country, another across the globe experiences nighttime. Because various time zones generate delays, this provides a challenge for businesses who place a premium on speed and customer service.Indian offshore development companies are trustworthy, and they allow you to take all the benefits of an offshore outsourcing services. 

7. Have no Ownership

One of the most common reasons is that businesses are worried about the security of the data you are giving. You as a third party might use it inappropriately and may cause business lose on their critical financial data or customer data or any similar concerns. There are businesses who believe that they might lose the ownership of their own application. This isn’t true at all. Why would a business take app ownership when they are paid for it. 

The sure short solution to this is the use of a Non-Disclosure Agreement and an Ownership Agreement. This will clear all the doubts and ambiguity in the minds of businesses about their data breach or any other data access or security concerns. In reality, there are NDAs and other ownership agreement which states that they can have access and control of their apps whenever they want.

8. Culture Difference

The cultural difference is one of the major myths that focus businesses not to outsource. Of course there are diversified cultures in the world and very few of them are similar to each other. Business find this frequently identified as one of the most significant hurdles to successful offshore projects. Most offshore partners now recognize the ramifications and repercussions of a cultural mismatch.

This make investments shaken and there is no guarantee of development. The major issue could be the language, holiday lists, perception and other factors. But in business it does not matter as long as the outsourcing company understands your line of business. Cultural difference is a thing that you can sort easily. Conducting cultural awareness seminars at the start of the association makes both parties aware of cultural customs. There could be a fine line that brings both the business culture together at one place . This could resolve their barriers with a common conduction of understanding. 

9. Conclusion

Finally, in this blog, we hope you found a reality check on how some facts pose as offshore software development myths and many companies believe it. The fact is it is far from the reality. Businesses get scams saying offshore software development companies are a chaos and can release your data for their benefit. But if you really want to get rescued from this, then doing your homework is the key to selecting a reliable firm. You may assess an offshore company’s trustworthiness and value by studying past projects they’ve done. You can also request a comprehensive proposal of how they intend to accomplish yours before signing an agreement. The choice is yours.

Itesh Sharma

Itesh Sharma is core member of Sales Department at TatvaSoft. He has got more than 6 years of experience in handling the task related to Customer Management and Project Management. Apart from his profession he also has keen interest in sharing the insight on different methodologies of software development.


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