Best React Project Ideas for Beginners

React is known as one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for creating impressive and intuitive applications. There are many interesting React projects in the market that are created by developers using React app development best practices like the use of database and API, authentication, React router, and more. Besides this, there are React apps in the market that can be integrated into one another. For instance, music apps, social media apps, e-Commerce apps, messaging apps, common productivity apps, and more. To know more about it and have a clear idea of how many types of applications can be developed using unique React project ideas, let’s go through this blog.

1. Why Choose React?/ Benefits of ReactJS for Frontend

React is an open-source JavaScript library for creating user interfaces with UI components that is available at no cost. It is supported by Facebook (now Meta) and a group of independent programmers and businesses. 

Creating streamlined, user-friendly SPAs is a breeze using React.js. We can think of Single-Page Applications as Client-Side Rendering since all web operations take place on the client’s end in a traditional Client-Server model architecture. React is the go-to platform for developing SPAs, and it’s relied on by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

There are three main reasons to choose React:

1.1 Dynamic

With React, developing dynamic user interfaces is a breeze. Create minimal views for each application state, and React will automatically refresh and re-render the correct elements whenever the underlying data changes. Your code will be more stable and less buggy thanks to declarative views. 

1.2 Component-Based Approach

Create modules that are stateless and may be used to form sophisticated user interfaces. You can easily transfer rich data through your app and keep state of the DOM when you write component functionality in JavaScript rather than using templates. 

1.3 Learn Once, Write Anywhere

React allows you to build new features without having to rewrite your old code because we don’t assume anything about your other technologies. Node may be used to render React on the server, while React Native can be used to power mobile apps. 

2. What can be Built using React?

Some of the most popular React projects that can be built using React are –

2.1 Social Media App

Social Media App

Social media apps are something everyone is familiar with. It is like an instant messaging app that can display messages immediately but, with an expanded number of users. The users of this application can interact with each other in many ways. They can add media like videos and images to share with other members, users can receive one another’s posts, and can interact with posts by commenting on them or liking them.

How to Build a Social Media App?

  • When it comes to creating social media web apps, the developer needs to create a front-end with React and a backend of the app using a Node API.
  • The expert must make sure that there is a proper use of social authentication with Facebook, Google, or Twitter and this can be done using a Passport or any other government-authorized document.
  • Using a database like MongoDB or Postgres, with an ORM is a must.
  • In the end, when it comes to deploying the backend Heroku must be used and Netlify for the frontend.

Real-world examples of social media applications: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

2.2 Realtime Chat/Messaging App

Nowadays, the usage of real-time chat apps has increased as they keep users connected to their friends, family, and co-workers. For this, there are mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp or Viber and for professional use, there are apps like Slack or Discord. These are the applications that can also be a part of a chat widget within a website. Besides this, these chat apps enable users to send messages or media to others in real-time.

How to Build a Real-Time Chat Application?

  • Services like GraphQL or Firebase are used to develop and get real-time messages from one user to another.
  • When it comes to developing mobile messaging apps, technologies like Next.js or React are used.
  • Developers also add reaction features to messages. This means that with the use of the NPN package emoji-mart, developers enable users to use different emojis to react to messages.
  • The deployment of the app is done with the use of Firebase Tools.

Real-world examples of real-time chat apps: Discord, Slack, Messenger, Crisp Chat

2.3 E-Commerce App

E-Commerce App

Another popular one among the React project ideas is the development of eCommerce apps, they are amazing solutions that enable users to purchase various products online and make their work easy. The users can add and remove items from a shopping cart, check the products in the cart, and checkout using a credit or a debit card. Besides, now eCommerce apps also give other payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Some of such massive digital retailers are Walmart and Amazon.

How to Build an eCommerce Application?

  • While creating an e Commerce app, use React or Next.js.
  • Software developers must build a Node API to control the web development sessions with Stripe.
  • Besides, adding the stripe NPM package can help easily handle the shopping cart to control the payment details.

Real-world examples of eCommerce apps: Shopify, Etsy

2.4 Productivity App

Since the work-from-home approach has been adopted by the majority of business organizations and IT firms, the use of productivity apps has increased to keep a check on the employees, their work, and their productivity level. Some of the most commonly used productivity apps are time management apps, task list apps, note-taking apps, and team management apps. These apps offer various features like learning schedules, daily schedules, and more.

How To Build A Productivity App?

  • While building  React projects for increasing the business employee’s productivity, developers must create a successful app that offers a detailed introduction to the process.
  • The features of the applications must be robust and for that, the developers must create React app packages.
  • React-markdown NPM package and react-codemirror2 NPM package must be used for displaying markdown and writing code in the app.

Real-world examples of productivity apps: Hive, Google Docs, and ToDoList

2.5 Entertainment App

Entertainment App

Entertainment apps are the most expensive as they focus on all types of media content, from podcasts to music to movies. The entertainment apps also share a very close relationship with social media applications. For instance, TikTok. Besides this, when a developer is creating an entertainment app, they make sure to add robust features to make a mutual interactive platform for the users.

How To Build an Entertainment Application?

  • When it comes to creating React App for entertainment purposes, developers prefer to use Gatsby, Next.js or React.
  • Developers use the react-player NPM package for making the app play media.
  • Here, to search developers use the Algolia media.
  • Firebase/Cloudinary storage is used to upload multimedia content.

Real-world examples of entertainment apps: Netflix, Amazon Music, and Hotstar.

2.6 Personal or Professional Blogs

Blogging apps are used to create a portfolio for writers or professional experts to help them showcase their skills. It also enables the developers to show off what they can do by offering unique features. The app development companies who create these apps with tools like Next.js or Gatsby can offer solutions that are robust, user-friendly, and unique.

How to Build a Blogging Application?

  • The developers can use markdown for blog posts with the help of plugins like remark.
  • The web app development process of creating professional blogging sites can be carried out with the help of Gatsby or Next.js.
  • For the deployment of the solution, Netlify or Vercel can be used.

Real-world examples of Professional Blogs:, Medium, and HashNode.

2.7 Music Streaming App

Music Streaming App

React apps are best for serving music content as they can offer both unique and basic features at once. These apps are just like video-sharing apps and enable the users to listen to music, upload them, or download it. Basically, these applications also enable users to share their favourite music with others.

How to Build a Music Streaming Application?

  • Developers can create the app’s frontend with React and backend Node/Express.
  • Experts can use databases like MongoDB or Postgres.
  • Cloudinary can also be used for video and image uploads to the Cloudinary API.
  • For deployment, the use of Heroku and Netlify is a must.

Real-world examples of music streaming apps: are Soundcloud, Spotify, and Pandora.

2.8 Forum App

A forum application is a place where developers and programmers like to get together to share their knowledge. Developers also answer the coding question and answer for others. Forums are a combination of the elements that are included in social media apps and chat applications with the features like comments, reactions, and posts.

How to Build a Forum Application?

  • When it comes to the database of the Forum app, a proficient React developer uses MongoDB or Postgres while for the actual creation of the application React and Node API is used.
  • For social authentication, Twitter, Facebook, or Google is used.
  • Deployment of the Forum app is done using Heroku and Netlify.

Real-world examples of Forum apps: are Reddit, FreeCodeCamp Forum, and StackOverflow.

2.9 Weather App

Weather App

Weather applications are known as the perfect React project ideas for beginners. These types of applications are created to help users find out about the weather forecast. It includes features and functionalities like current weather icons, city names, temperatures, wind speeds, humidity, and more. Besides this, the applications created for weather forecasts must display the recording of low and high temperatures with their images.

How to Build a Weather Application?

  • For creating a weather app, add React Router to the application (must).
  • The best options for such applications are Bower and Node.js.
  • If the developer wants to make the application fancier after adding all the basic functions, they can as the designing team add a graphics library like vx.
  • Erik Flowers can be used for icons of the application.
  • Developers can also use SASS CSS pre-processor and Gulp Task Runner.

3. Conclusion

As seen in this blog on react project ideas, React is one of the most robust libraries for creating project ideas that are unique for all types of organizations. It comes with excellent advanced features, functionalities, and approaches that can add uniqueness to any project. Besides this, the developers can make use of this technology to create web and mobile platforms which have impressive user interactions or animations. This is why React is used for creating instant messaging apps, media streaming apps, calculator apps, and more. Basically, it enables the experts to create solutions to help their clients achieve long-term business goals.

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