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Safely consume an Azure Function through Microsoft Flow

Aug 12, 2019

Azure Functions Azure Functions is a server less, event-driven compute service that allows you to easily run code or script written in language of your choice in response to various events while scaling on demand and paying only for the duration your code runs. Using Azure Functions, you are not required to worry about provisioning whole application or managing infrastructure. It makes developers more productive by allowing them to use their preferred language such as...

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Securely trigger an Azure WebJob through Microsoft Flow

Jul 26, 2019

Azure WebJobs WebJobs is an Azure App Service feature that provides an easy way for users to run code or script as a background process in the same context as an app service web app, API app or mobile app. WebJobs support C#, PowerShell, JavaScript, PHP, TypeScript, Bash, Python, Bash, .bat, .cmd and more which means that a WebJob can run any code or script that can execute in App Service sandbox. It supports NPM and NuGet. There is no extra cost to use WebJobs. Note: WebJobs...

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Power BI + Google Analytics = Power Analytics

Jul 15, 2019

One of the best online marketing tools to track website performance used by organizations worldwide is Google Analytics. It helps achieving online marketing goals seamlessly. It facilitates digital marketing teams to determine audience’s navigation behavior and the ways audience interact with the website content. It also help the firms to discover which search terms were used to visit their site, which pages and artifacts attracted the most audience, and what percentage...

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Introduction of Site Design and Site Script in SharePoint Online

Jun 24, 2019

Site Templates creation is one of the best feature provided by Microsoft in SharePoint sites to create new sites with similar structure for a better SharePoint development. However, it was not quite useful when you want to apply the same custom look and feel on multiple sites. For On-premise versions, there is a Feature Stapling which helps you to create same structure in site along with customized look and feel, and many other things. These site templates are not quite...

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Sync Azure AD extension attribute with User Profile service custom property in Office 365

Jun 7, 2019

Office 365 is a line of subscription services launched by Microsoft in year 2011. Microsoft has provided so much new services and features in this cloud-based subscription. Many organizations have moved their business in cloud-based subscription and remove On-premise servers to reduce the maintenance cost. These organizations have local AD server which they require to sync with Azure AD for further use and Server Administrators are responsible to set sync process from local...

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