What can we do with Node JS?

In 2009, Ryan Dahl published the initial release of Node.js. Ever since, Node.js has established itself as the most dependable technology for developing the back end of the majority of applications. This post will discuss the many sorts of apps that can be built with Node.js. Additionally, we will discuss the most well-known Node.js applications for different objectives along with its advantages. Before you begin, you may also get your grip on Node js security best practices for a betterment of your any upcoming project.

1. What is Node.js

Node.js is a dynamic JavaScript runtime environment that is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It is a highly versatile, compact, and effective ecosystem. Node.js is the world’s biggest environment of open source libraries, including exceptional functionalities like an event-driven approach and a serverless design.

Node.js development trends can help you maximize the value of this framework. As a result, Node.js is the platform of choice for 98% of Fortune 500 firms. Not only that, but it also ranks first in terms of the most widely used frameworks and libraries.

2. What is Node JS Mainly Used For?

One of the biggest advantages of Node.js is that developers can seamlessly come up with high-end business solutions like never before.

2.1 Backend For Social Media Networking

It may quite interest you to know that LinkedIn and Medium are rebuilt on Node.js. Again, you may ask why? Due to its blazing-fast routing, V8 engine along, Nodejs leaves nothing behind. It also offers secure authentication. Since Node has gained fame in regards to Scalability. It is pretty obvious for social media platforms to use Node. 

2.2 Single-Page Applications

Much like single-page websites, the tech is pretty much used in building a single-page app, Now what exactly is this single pages app. It is said where the entire app can be allocated on a page. And you know what’s the best part here? It gives the best look and feels pretty much similar to the desktop application., When to use Node.js? Whether you want to develop social media websites or any other online space that is robust, dynamic in nature, always choose Node.js the asynchronous data flow quality on the backend web servers acts like icing on the cake in the Node.js realm.

2.3 Chat Applications

Node js development is highly recommended for developing real-time chatbots. Wondering why? Well, it offers a plethora of features including multi-user capability, capability to manage heavy data, etc. . Also, executing push notifications and server-side event loops are mainly used to create real-time apps.

2.4 Data Streaming

Several giants like Netflix serve among 190 countries and 100+ million hours of streaming across 120 million users and counting. Why has Node js a competitive edge? it is super-fast in regards to speed, feather-light encodes, and uploads.

2.5 IoT Applications

 Are you looking to build public and private IoT solution systems? By combining Node.js with IoT applications you get the ability to process seamlessly even when concurrent requests are released by trillions of devices on its network. 

3. Why Use Node.js For The Development Process?

You must be wondering why so many web apps are built with Node.js? Well, it lives up to the expectation to fulfill the technical glitches of other frameworks. Some even claim that it can replace Java for good reasons.

Let’s see how this framework works wonders for you by explaining its pros, use cases, and business advantages while developing web applications. Every developer craves creating an application that enables the user to make the most of the app. 

Right from creating highly scalable apps to enabling multiple requests at once, Node.js provides developers can cover it all. 

Some of the crucial features offered by Node js are:

  • It’s a Javascript framework  
  • The server-side is based on Google Chrome’s V8 Engine
  • Rich library of modules available for developers
  • Non-blocking, I/O
  • Lightweight
  • Converts JavaScript code into machine code quickly
  • Jam-packed module ecosystem containing the entire necessary database you need
  • Utilizes npm package manager
  • Asynchronous processing and event-driven nature
  • Full-stack development language (It can generate back-end code that runs on a web server).

4. Node JS Advantages

  1. Node js web development framework makes it extremely fast to build real-time, high-traffic mobile apps (eg. chats or gaming) 
  2. Now developing code in Javascript is possible for both client-side as well as  server-side
  3. the server-side web application becomes more efficient in regards to the development process. All the gaps between frontend and backend development are filled (more on this later),
  4. You can use some of the most useful NPM modules (Node Package Manager) tools and modules which can be used to create the best outcomes.
  5. Code executes faster than in any other language as one can write code for Front-end and Back-end in the same programing language.
  6. Node JS has proven its potential even though while being stand-alone, too.

5. Further Speaking of Node JS

The only thing about developing enterprise web applications is that their complex way of creating applications makes Node.js stand apart from other technologies.

5.1 Performance and Scalability

Built upon  Google Chrome’s V8 runtime—written in C++, Node.js isn’t limited to any single operating system, it works significantly on each one available. Both V8 and Node are known for boosting performance, enhancing a plethora of features/functionalities, and updating security patches. There is no need to translate JSON data—the most common data interchange format 

The single-threaded, event-driven architecture makes it very easy for handling multiple connections. An additional thread is created with each new request with Most of the popular programming languages but with Node that’s not the case.  

6. Conclusion

In regards to technicality, Node.js is the best option around. : To sum it up, it’s fast, lightweight, efficient, fast REST Api, data-intensive and offers multiple packages. And what more could you ask for developing mobile apps and web apps using Node technology stack.

So, after reading this blog on What can we do with Node JS, you might be thinking of getting your application developed using NodeJS. If that’s the case Tatvasoft is a reliable software development company that can help you in getting your job done, contact us today!

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