Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Businesses

Remote working has been normalized since the time the pandemic hit the globe. Until then no one knew remote working would even be a success or not. However, believe it or not, we all were prepared for it. We have tools, technologies, and platforms ready to serve remote working. We were globally connected to potential talent without any geographical limitations. This is no new yet normalized now. The discoveries for remote working did not demand attention because businesses were already prepared for it. Applications such as Microsoft teams made this hassle easy. This usual blog will specify some important aspects on benefits of Microsoft teams for your business.

Everyone knows what Microsoft Teams is, since most of you are using it in your day to day life at the office and during remote working.  The IT infrastructure support and other business aspects are supported by Microsoft teams. We will not be discussing something new in the beginning because most of you might have an idea about what Microsoft teams are and how it functions. Microsoft powered some apps also have specialized professionals like for SharePoint we have SharePoint developers, and for Microsoft teams you need experienced programmers.

1. What are Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a workspace included with Microsoft 365, which was previously known as Office 365.It is compatible with all Microsoft applications, including Outlook and other Microsoft Office products. If we were to define it then Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration software. It includes features such as secure document sharing, online meeting rooms, and more. It’s a useful tool for maintaining business communications while working online.

Online communication is significantly easier when you use shared workspace software like Teams.It is already in use by almost all industry types which include hundreds of businesses, organisations, schools, colleges, and universities. It’s particularly useful for teams in very large firms, companies with a significant number of remote workers, or teams with a large number of team members.

Teams is designed for customers who use Office 365 on a regular basis. O if you are a company or organisation using Google G Suite (Google Apps),  Microsoft Teams will offer you some extra benefits. And we know that Microsoft teams are beneficial to businesses of all sizes.

We’ll now move on to the purpose of why businesses use Microsoft teams.

2. Purpose of Microsoft Teams

In-Office 365, Microsoft Teams is your center for teamwork. All of your team’s communications, files, meetings, and apps are stored in a single shared workspace that you can access from any device. Teams can help you do more, whether you’re rushing to meet a deadline or discussing your next great idea or can be meeting hardware or software preferences.”

The purpose of Microsoft teams is simple, they want a collaborative platform that allows businesses to seamlessly coordinate with each other without any interruptions. Microsoft Teams is a one-shot solution for businesses and their employees to get everything easily available in a single place. You can easily organize collaboration between teams using Microsoft teams and this will enable a smooth personal and virtual experience of the workplace.

The agenda of Microsoft teams is very simple to get everything from one place. And it is worth it because everyone can use one platform, and they don’t have to spend on different infrastructure architecture, integrations, and other special communication or security apps. Access Microsoft teams and there is a single platform for everything. You would get a plethora of benefits that Microsoft teams can offer to businesses. We must know the advantages to understand what businesses are missing out on if they don’t opt for Microsoft teams. It is important to know why you must choose one when you have so many products lined up like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft teams and SharePoint.

3. Top 9 Benefits of Microsoft Teams

3.1 Microsoft Integration

Microsoft Teams is fully connected with Microsoft 365 and integrates chat, meetings, notes, and attachments, allowing organisations to collaborate smoothly from anywhere. This tool is a one-shot solution because it contains all essential assets such as calendars, files, and email may also be shared.

In Microsoft, you will find everything from Word, Excel, Skype for Business, and PowerPoint. Microsoft SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI,  Planner, and Microsoft Graph are among the latest technologies which are also included in Microsoft Teams. This technology is continuously upgrading and becoming up to date and offering  scalability to its users, and it is simple to add people in the community as your company grows.

One of the primary advantages that distinguish Teams from its competitor is the integration capability. Microsoft Teams is fully in connection with Microsoft 365 and integrates chat, meetings, notes, and attachments, allowing organizations to collaborate smoothly from anywhere. You are free to share assets such as calendars, files, and emails.

3.2 Digital Transformation

When you are moving all your needs to digital platforms, you are ideally moving online. This means you are digitally transforming and there are newer technologies that will contribute now, in making your application better and improved. We are living in a tech-savvy world where we see technologies making a difference for businesses. Thus, your business needs to upgrade them by adapting digital solutions for their company. 

When you use Microsoft teams, you are ultimately transforming your business and taking complete leverage of digital applications. This is definitely a benefit of Microsoft teams as you don’t have to find a partner for multiple tasks. They will provide everything from tip to toe like data storage locations on the cloud, email services, data access information services, and access to the latest tools for your ease of marketing team and other team members. This means you are on a digital transformational journey and can work from anywhere anytime remotely using Microsoft teams.

3.3 Enhanced Communication

Communication is the primary aspect for any business to pave its success path. This goes the same for Microsoft teams, This platform offers wide-ranging benefits but the most visible difference is the way it enables communication across devices and platforms using one single software development service. Microsoft Teams app is all about better communication and business benefits.

For businesses, this cloud-based platform with integrated Microsoft products is a game-changer. Microsoft Teams is a business communication platform that eliminates the waste associated with traditional office collaboration. This communication is limitless and not just to your desktop apps. But mobile devices is also an inevitable part of it and contribute effectively to smoother communication.

3.4 Increased Productivity

Another advantage of Microsoft Teams in the office is its reliable connectivity. Employees can respond to client messages and interact on essential business topics without having to wait. They can send or receive emails, decreasing the time lag between team members who may not have access to their emails. There are important files, apps, meetings, and more that can have accessibility from a single shared workspace, resulting in a more streamlined and simplified end-user experience.

Additionally, it also saves time for moving in tandem from one app to another and sometimes being clueless about how each one functions differently. From within the platform, employees can quickly reference a previous chat, download a document, ask a quick inquiry, and much more. The virtual meetings are now easier with ms teams. This definitely accelerates productivity and the way they work which will ultimately improve turnaround time, user experience and overall result in profitability.

3.5 Meeting and Scheduling Tools

It is bizarre to manage regular meetings, schedule invites, given special access and othering Microsoft Teams syncs with your calendar and pulls in all of your existing appointments, as well as suggesting times when all of the other attendees in each dedicated Team are available.

You may also pick whether the meeting is private or open to the public in Microsoft Teams, which is very beneficial if you’re doing volunteer training or brainstorming. Also, You don’t have to worry to schedule meetings now.

You and the attendees can both post about the meeting in a separate chat thread, set agendas, and submit pertinent papers after you’ve made it. When you use Microsoft teams, you are using Skype for business to arrange and join meetings in an HD video, or it can be VOIP, and additional dial-in audio options, for connection. MS teams calling boosts the process of scheduling and project management.

3.6 Quick Question

What if you want to communicate with your coworker or friend about an event that’s outside the office. It can be anything related to the office as well. WIll you drop an email for everything? No right. Chat is the quickest and easiest way to connect to your coworker and ask questions without tapping or diving deep into your inbox looking for an answer.

This enables businesses to easily communicate internally. You can even have conversations names, create group chats, teams chat, and search for files in these conversations.

Categorized communication is the way of the wise, and you’re in luck since you have Microsoft Teams. It is free for communication. So, you are free to use GIFs, share images, and other media that can be used to personalize your communication.

3.7 Video Calling

It’s simple to use Microsoft Teams as a voice calling alternative to traditional telephony. Just because it is easier and simple so many businesses have already signed up for it. They are reaping advanced benefits from its upgrades.

Microsoft Teams allows up to 250 employees to make high-quality voice calls. It can ring on both a desktop and a mobile device at the same time. The call manager/voicemail and call groups feature in Microsoft Teams are comprehensive. For the calls to external numbers, you can simply route through Microsoft Teams through SIP or VPN networks. You can utilize a headset or the built-in audio on your desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. You can save on costly handsets if you use Teams as your main corporate communications platform.

The implications of using Ms teams are limitless.  In fact with the help of Microsoft Teams, you have the ability to screen-share and collaborate on documents while in the conference call. Microsoft Teams makes video conferencing an easy affair. To avoid this, you can also share a specific window within your conference call.

You can delegate control to another meeting participant if you need assistance presenting or demonstrating anything. You can also record the conversation to listen to it in future. This means you’ll both have control over the screen sharing, and you’ll be able to regain control at any time.

3.8 User Enablement Through Bots

Now that we have almost reached the end, you must believe Microsoft is a master of all these professional tools. This company addresses the minute needs of the business with its services and is no less a blessing for business. Some of you might know and others might get a shock by knowing that Microsoft has created a set of 20 helpful Bots also known as virtual chat agents. These assist Microsoft Teams users with completing a variety of tasks in the most effective manner.

These bots are empowered with Artificial Intelligence in which each one has their own knowledge banks. Each bot has a specific job role like there is T-Bot that answers frequently asked user questions about Teams. There is another Bot that can assist with voting/polling with coworkers. One of the bots can assist with travel arrangements if you need to get to a meeting or fly internationally. Some Bots can generate scheduled reports from a variety of platforms that are Microsoft’s or external as well.

3.9 Security

Microsoft Teams offers many of the same security advantages as the rest of the Office 365 package. Multi-factor authentication and Active Directory single-sign-on are two examples. This not only keeps it secure, but it also decreases the amount of work for your IT team. It also reduces the amount of complexity your users have to deal with. This clearly implies that you’ll be subjected to the same robust compliance and security standards as it needs to.

4. Conclusion

In the end, it would be right to say that Microsoft is Jack of all Trades. Microsoft is a company that understands business requirements and meticulously addresses them. There is everything that a team member wants, Microsoft offers from communication via email or chat. It can be through Outlook or SharePoint too. It could be anything from chat-based collaboration, document sharing, free chat communication, secure online meeting rooms, or an AI-powered bot to perform scheduled tasks. Microsoft has it all. In case, you doubt the capability of Microsoft, don’t subscribe to their products directly. Take help from third-party software development companies for assistance. They will help you with all facilities from infrastructure, resources, guidance,and outcomes.

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