Top Vue JS Projects For Beginners

Vue, along with Angular and React is the leading JavaScript framework. It is intended to be modified on a gradual basis and to place special emphasis on the view layer.
To help you get some Vue.js projects for or app ideas to learn to code and develop a fantastic portfolio, we have compiled this article that enlists Top Vue JS Projects For Beginners to look at before you hire any VueJs development services.

1. What is Vue?

Vue is a framework written in JavaScript and used in building user interfaces. It extends HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to offer you a coherent and component-based programming approach that streamlines the creation of basic or sophisticated user interfaces. 

Its architecture is intended to be highly  customizable, which is what sets Vue  apart from other JavaScript web development frameworks. Web developers adore the frontend framework because of how rapidly and easily they can create applications.

Developers adore Vue due to the framework’s adaptability and small footprint. A proper understanding of the term “progressive” reveals that this framework may be implemented in stages. Vue.js is a developer friendly framework which is fast and reliable. Vue.js takes its cues from both Angular and React js, incorporating the finest parts of both while leaving behind the flaws.

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2. Vue JS Project Ideas

Vue JS Project Ideas

One of the best ways to master a tool is by putting it to use on a real-world construction project. The same holds true for mastering Vue.js. While getting started with Vue  is easy but becoming proficient with this fantastic front-end framework’s fundamentals and inner workings will take time.

Learning the ins and outs of a tool is essential if you want to master it. Several excellent Vue.js related projects have been compiled for your learning in this post. Anyways, With Vue we are able to develop a lot of applications like game applications, music apps and many more.

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This section talks about many highly scalable Vue.js project applications that can be considered when talking about incorporating Vue.

2.1 Chat Application

A chat program can be quite helpful. These days, we spend a great deal of time on the internet, and when we do contact one another, it’s often through instant messaging services. Building such an app can help you learn the ins and outs of a subject quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, the chat application will demonstrate how web sockets and related technologies facilitate effortless communication between its users.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • All major operating systems (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows) are supported.
  • Dissemination of written, visual, auditory, and aural communications;
  • Sharing images captured using the device’s integrated camera;
  • End-to-end encryption (E2EE). 

Take a look at this tweet from one of the many web developers who has found Vue to be a versatile tool.

2.2 Forum Application

This software functions similarly to discussion forums and online learning management systems. In addition to the fundamentals of Vue.js, you will gain exposure to its many features and components.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Fundamentals
  • Vue Permissions, protected routes, and vue router administration via the Vue CLI Authenticity Verification Through a Third Party
  • Streaming Data and Capabilities in the Cloud
  • Deployment
  • Architecture and best practices for applications

Advanced topics:

  • Constructing Add-Ons for Vue
  • Subdivided Code for Older Browsers
  • Optimization for search engines and early rendering for faster Vue.js apps

2.3 Blogging website

A portfolio is an excellent medium for showcasing your work and gaining exposure. These days, a solid portfolio serves a similar purpose to a traditional CV. Developing your portfolio may be a rewarding educational experience.

In addition to your portfolio, you may create a blog area. You may create stunning portfolios with the aid of the numerous excellent Vue.js tools available. Vue Press, Gridsome, and Nuxt-content are just a few of the fantastic Vue.js tools available from NuxtJS that can be used to supercharge your weblogs.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Constructing from the User Interface and User Experience
  • Transient response
  • Create a name for yourself in the programming world

What can you include:

  • Call to action (hire me, get a quote)
  • Achievements/awards/recognition.
  • A blog sections
  • Embedding your social media links

Here’s a tweet from a developer who believes in learning first to get hands with the tools more easily. It’s a good example to follow as a beginner.

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2.4 Weather Tracking App

In such tasks, you’ll use Vue to build a weather-tracking app. Such projects will show you how to use an external API (in this example, an open weather map API) to retrieve the current weather conditions using a restful API. You may use this project to learn about the Vue JS API, conditionals, and methods, as well as the JavaScript fetch API.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • API, Vue CLI, JavaScript
  • Variety of Code Segments Development

2.5 Checkout Form

The notion of a shopping cart checkout form is the first on the list of possible Vue JS Projects. In the early stages of development, the Vue.js project will serve more as a component for the store’s checkout process than as the entire program. Here, a simple landing page with a more complex form to collect user info, delivery address, and payment method would suffice; there’s no need to build up a whole e-commerce app. One of the simpler examples in the collection of Vue js open source projects on GitHub is Checkoutform development.

Consider expanding it into a fully-fledged online store, or reusing it in your next project, in the future. The primary benefit of such an example project is training in Vue.js skills like form generation and state management. To save information in the state, you could also try integrating it with Vuex. Such a project is perfect for building experience and an amazing portfolio.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • how to generate forms
  • handle data changes in Vue

2.6 E-commerce Website

There has been a shift in how e-commerce operates, and companies are now investigating the online market. For online purchases, it is customary to provide customers with a shopping cart where they may add and delete items as needed.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Authentication/authorization
  • Integrated Bill Pay
  • State management

Learning the inner workings of Vue.js and the complexities associated with it helps immensely while developing the aforementioned applications.

2.7 Recipes App

A recipe app is another option for organizing your culinary endeavors. If you’ve ever tried to learn a new recipe from scratch, you know how difficult it is to keep track of every little detail. A possible answer is the recipes app.

There should be a listing of all recipes, an input field for creating a new one, and a comprehensive view of the currently chosen one.

You can use the Vue Router to show the recipes based on their identifiers and get some practice at doing so here.

There are a ton of examples of recipe apps that you may look at online to obtain ideas for your own design.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Vue Cli App Bootstrapping
  • Scalable Folder Structure
  • Axios Api Call Integration
  • Api Data Consuming in Vue Component
  • Vue Router
  • Progress Bar Implementation using Axios Interceptors

2.8 Math Quiz App

The next exercise has you creating a Math quiz app in Vue. The software presents its users with a set of arithmetic problems, each of which has five possible solutions. Throughout the course of the project, you will get experience writing modular pieces of code that can be adapted to your needs and used in a wide range of contexts.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Experience with modular writing
  • Variety of Code Segments Development

2.9 Url Shortener

The primary components of this application/website are the input field for the link you wish to reduce and the output field for the resulting URL. The reduced URL might also be copied with a single click. External API calls, such as API, which is both free and well-documented, should be used to carry out the operation.

This project doesn’t have to be limited to only displaying API data in a boring format. If you’re looking for a way to improve your VueJS abilities, it is highly recommended trying this out.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Make POST requests to API
  • Render returned Data
  • Data Binding

2.10 News Website

Another suggestion for the Vue.js development and the external API could be a News website. Such an application ‘s homepage view, in which the most recent news is shown in a grid or list, may be created once and then used for several categories.

The NewsAPI would be a good fit for this project due to its accessibility, extensive documentation, and large data set. When the visitors press on the news card, he or she is going to be transported to the source website.

One other viable option for monetizing such a venture is to upload it on the web, convert it into a website, and start directing traffic there.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create dynamic pages for each section of your application
  • How to load, store, display, filter, and style the data

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3. Conclusion

Here you discovered over ten ideas of potential projects with Vue Js. Making one of these applications is a great way of practicing your own code writing  skills and adding to your resume. You may use any of the examples on GitHub as a jumping-off point, and you should experiment with the code to learn what functions and what doesn’t.

Each example project offers inspiration that may be used to kick off your new venture with confidence. If you’re just starting out, remember this: the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

In addition, many web developers advocate for the utilization of UI kits during the Vue project development of any web apps, as they prove to be quite useful in the production of visually beautiful online applications. Also, the available free UI kits are an option.

Making some of the suggestions for projects listed above is a great way to learn Vue.js and add to your profile, so we hope you find this tutorial helpful in that regard.

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